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  1. eman2001

    Thread Any 5.1.1 for tab s2 T715

    hello am very desperate for the 5.1.1 update for my tab S2 T715 LTE version and i couldn't find that anywhere :(, does anyone know if the update is out and where i can get it from, any info would be very helpful thanks
  2. eman2001

    Thread Xperia play black screen

    Hello, I just bought GTA Vice city and when I launch the app all i see is a black screen but i can hear the app running in the background and the ,music playing, this really frustrates me as i cant see anything but the game is running. My xperia play is running on 2.3.7 firmware. All the other...
  3. eman2001

    Thread Apps to sd

    hello, Does anyone know any if the apps to sd mod that would work on the shield or any good app that will move my games data to the sd card, because normally i use foldermount apk but it doesnt work with the shield :( any feedback would be much appreciated :good: Edit: FolderMount seems to be...
  4. eman2001

    Thread Gameloft games not supported

    So I basically couldnt wait for the sheild to come out and I bought one only to find out that big gameloft titles like Modern combat 4, Nova 3 etc are not supported by the shiled controls :crying::( why nvidia why, I would have thought that nvidia would have some kind of on screen mapping...