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  1. epicroot

    Thread Setup multiple aftvs quickly as possible

    So after having mine for a while now and showing it off I have had a few friends ask me if they purchased one could I set it up like mine for them. Also thinking about getting one for each of my brothers for Christmas this year. I will not be doing root just installing fire starter and aide...
  2. epicroot

    Thread Amazon App Store apk needed messed mine up

    So I was using apptoide to get some of my much needed -"free" apps that can not be found in the Amazon App Store. I clicked update all not paying attention and in the process installed a version of the App Store that is not compatible with the alexia search function Would anybody be so kind...
  3. epicroot

    Thread New play store apk w/link

    Heres the newest play store guys. Enjoy http://db.tt/k0qzZEYP Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda premium
  4. epicroot

    Thread Bounty:: mini tab ROM based of galaxy note 10.1

    Going to start a ROM bounty here. Plain and simple i love the idea of the ROM and would like to see a stable build for us. Bounty will be played upon dev completing a stable build with no major bugs (ie. cell/data/3g,late working/MMS,GPS etc) I know this can be done and would love to do it if...
  5. epicroot

    Thread [Q] Paying $100 usd for a custom rom made for photography

    My Wife has been a professional photographer for about 7 years now. her birthday is coming up within the next 2 weeks. I have purchased her an Htc Sensation for her birthday.. I would like to have a custom rom made for her with photography as a main theme and really the purpose of the phone...
  6. epicroot

    Thread Confirmed Root For hboot 2.10 radio 2.15 (3.70 update) newest ota

    Last night we successfully got multiple phones running 2.10 hboot and 2.15 radio permanently rooted here's is a link to the guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9922782&postcount=1829 The op hasn't been on yet today and So he hasn't been able to add my revised guide to his...
  7. epicroot

    Thread Question for devs

    I'm building a linux box this weekend and am looking to start developing for the evo my question is which version of linux do talk prefer to use and what are some programs/utilities I should install and where can I learn all that is needed to develop roms and kernels ie. Websites etc. Thanks...
  8. epicroot

    Thread Over clock widget

    Over clock widget Any one had any good or bad experiances.with.this.app Sent from my SPH-D700 using XDA App
  9. epicroot

    Thread samsung epic 4g e: signature can not be verified

    Hey guys so here's the problem I'm having 1st off let me say that I do not have a pc or access to a pc so I cannot run adb or use one click I've downloaded many different update.zip s from many diff websites and sources. Everytime I boot into recovery and select apply update from sd car I get...