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  1. agentmikeyd

    Thread Regedit to impersonate 950XL

    What is the regedit to impersonate a Lumia 640XL into a 950XL? Thanks!
  2. agentmikeyd

    Thread tap to pay on 640XL

    how do I spoof the 640xl so w10m thinks it's a 950xl? So I then can enable tap to pay... I believe it's a regedit? Thanks
  3. agentmikeyd

    Thread touchpad hanging on wall.

    I have my touchpad hanging with 3M hangers, as media and insteon controller. The one thing I want is a screen saver type clock that doesn't show the buttons, battery etc on the bottom "tray". Also, I want one that doesn't actually light the whole screen, but only lights the time, and preferably...
  4. agentmikeyd

    Thread minecraft pe files?

    I had to hard reset my 950xl. Couldn't figure out to save my Minecraft PE game, so I moved the app to SD card before hard reset. After hard reset, using Files app or Storage I can't find the app on sd card. (no apps show up at all) Is there a way to find it so I can move it to the phone?
  5. agentmikeyd

    Thread in call volume

    I am using energy rom 6.5 on my sprint diamond . I would like to set my default in call volume to the max level. currently , I have to adjust the volume manually during every phone call . I am sure there must be a registry setting for this .. thanks !
  6. agentmikeyd

    Thread simple logging program

    i am trying to find a program to log 3 types of events: 3 buttons on screen that, when pushed, log the date and time. so if i push button A, it marks an event at that time and date. output in any format .rtf .xls .... i f possible i would like for two of the buttons to allow for a start and...
  7. agentmikeyd

    Thread Droid

    anyone got android working on CDMA Diamond????
  8. agentmikeyd

    Thread NFSFan ROM

    Is there an WM 6.5 NFSFan ROM for CDMA Diamond? I used one on a Sprint Vogue and it was excellent.... Thanks
  9. agentmikeyd

    Thread windows mobile 6.5

    anyone running this OS on their Diamond? If so, please link to download, and provide details on if it works well, smoothly, bugs, etc. I have searched but do not find a hardspl for my cdma diamond. my understanding is I need to: 1. download 6.5 hardspl for Sprint cdma diamond 2. update...
  10. agentmikeyd

    Thread How to delete from /Windows/ ?

    I am trying to save storage memory on my diamond. I want to delete the /Windows/ files Album Sample 01.jpg thru Album Sample 13.jpg which will free up several meg. tried unsuccessfully with Total Commander... any one help? thanks
  11. agentmikeyd

    Thread online games

    anyone recommend any "live" online games that work on the diamond? something like World of warcraft or even Send SecondLife ... thanks
  12. agentmikeyd

    Thread [simple App request]: baby log

    can any create this for WM? or perhaps port from iPhone? http://www.pocketpicks.co.uk/latest/index.php/2008/08/28/iphone-app-of-the-day-9-baby-log/ thank you
  13. agentmikeyd

    Thread Data Call Failure 67 and #777

    I have searched high and low with no success - please help! I only use wifi on my Diamond and disabled the data plan with Sprint. However, my Diamond keeps giving the notifications: 1. Data Call Failure Error Code 67 2. Cant Connect #777 Error I would like to disable these notifications as...
  14. agentmikeyd

    Thread using WAD

    anyone using WAD 2 on their Diamond? if so , are you having crashes ? please post your theme, build # and details .
  15. agentmikeyd

    Thread fm radio

    is there a built in fm radio in diamond ?
  16. agentmikeyd

    Thread how do I add appt ..

    how do I add more than just one appointment to the tflo3d today screen ?
  17. agentmikeyd

    Thread blank screen on phone connection

    can someone show me a hack or a program to blank my Vogue's screen on phone call connection? I know s2u2 can do this but I need this to be a stand alone ... thanks !
  18. agentmikeyd

    Thread dialpad?

    anyone recommend a good CDMA dialpad for our Vogues? I like the diamond dialpad for example. recommendations ?
  19. agentmikeyd

    Thread replace camera

    has anyone replaced the camera hardware in their Touch/Vogue ? I would like to replace it with a better than 2 meg camera..,
  20. agentmikeyd

    Thread dialer with earth in background

    about a month ago I found and installed a cab for a dialer that had the earth in the background. it worked well and looked great on my Vogue. now I can't find it via search. please help me find that .cab. thanks
  21. agentmikeyd

    Thread Manilla 2D and TF3D

    I am currently using WAD2.0 and very happy with it... Just wondering what is Manilla 2D and what is TF3D - these are apparently "all the rage" and just wondering what I am missing?? can someone explain in basics what each of these are? are they just skins to appear like the Diamond? Thanks!
  22. agentmikeyd

    Thread .net

    has anyone tried .net 3.5 ob their Vogue ?
  23. agentmikeyd

    Thread youtube?

    has anyone been able to get the HTC youtube player to work ? when it tries to play a video on my vogue it just freezes ...
  24. agentmikeyd

    Thread Barcorama

    Anyone got this to actually successfully read a barcode on our Vogue? Mine always come back "No Barcode" http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=2999741
  25. agentmikeyd

    Thread Dialpads

    Is anyone using a non-stock dialpad with success? if so, please link to your .cab file. Thanks
  26. agentmikeyd

    Thread best locking program

    i have tried all versions of s2u2 but its too buggy - particularly with incoming phonce calls; i am back to the stock Lock. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  27. agentmikeyd

    Thread 2 desired Apps

    I am looking for "s2 style" apps for Contacts and Calendar for use on my Sprint Vogue. For example, I would like t scroll thru Contacts like s2 does with music CD covers. Also, by the way, I have tried Thumbcal and its ok. I hope AC is working on something like these, or if someone can point...
  28. agentmikeyd

    Thread How t black out screen on call receipt

    I would like to know how to just get my phone to "black out" the screen when I receive and "Accept" a phone call, like one of the s2u2 settings. That one feature would be great because I can't get s2u2 working consistently on my phone (HTC Sprint Vogue). Thanks!
  29. agentmikeyd

    Thread help with program paths

    can anyone tell me the launch program "paths" for : Programs Settings - formerly HTCsettings.exe Lock - the stock one - I can only find it as a plugin for example , I use \Windows\Start Menu\Phone.lnk for my phone button. I have a Sprint Vogue. Thanks!
  30. agentmikeyd

    Thread SPB Watcher

    hi, I recently updated my Sprint Vogue's ROM to the new Official Sprint ROM - SPB Watcher worked on the old WM6.0 ROM, but no more. does anyone know if there is a version of SPB Watcher that will work with WM6.1? thanks
  31. agentmikeyd

    Thread Wisbar vs SPB Mobile Shell

    I have been using Torx's iphone theme via WAD3 and WAD. I am fooling around with SPB Mobile Shell, but have not figured out how to customize it as easily as I can with Wisbar stuff via Author mode. Just curious of opinion on who thinks which one is better and why? Thanks!
  32. agentmikeyd

    Thread disable cube

    I have tried a few suggestions but have not been able to totally disable my Vogues cube. fYi I use torxs iphone theme so I don't need the cube and it just eats memory and pops up annoyingly. help !
  33. agentmikeyd

    Thread end button

    does anyone know the reg edit for the delay on the stock dial pad End button ? I am constantly hitting it accidentally and want to increase the delay thanks
  34. agentmikeyd

    Thread pocket rar cab

    anyone have one? i have searched with no success... thanks
  35. agentmikeyd

    Thread Like PCM -- Is there a registry fix for...

    the End button in the dialer? For example, I often accidentally hit the End button on the touch screen with my ear, etc... Pocket CM includes a delayed reaction on the Send button for SMS - can this same idea be applied to the dialpad's End button. Thanks!
  36. agentmikeyd

    Thread Help removing dialpad

    I am running Torx's theme with the Narg dialpad. I have tried removing the Narg Dialpad and get back to the stock dialer. When I do remove Narg, I get a dialpad with a white screen with many un-usable buttons :confused: How do I revert back to the stock dialer? Thanksa!
  37. agentmikeyd

    Thread Annoying size of X button

    My X (close) button must be sized wrong. When I try to click a button that is just below the X (for example the green arrow refresh button in PIE) the X button activates...arrgh :mad: I am definitely CLICKING well below the X button. I am trying to find a Registry Entry or something to make...
  38. agentmikeyd

    Thread Disable WM6 Startup Sound

    I auto-soft reset my Touch at 2 am. When the title screen for WM comes up that music wakes me up...:( How do I disable the WM6 Startup Sound? Thanks!
  39. agentmikeyd

    Thread Vibration feedback 4 Iphone Buttons

    I am happily using Torx's iphone theme. Is there a way to get vibration feedback when pressing a shortcut? For example in this thread you get that feedback when dialing a number See Post33: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=367756&page=4 Thanksa!!
  40. agentmikeyd

    Thread Help with Dialpad for Torx iphone theme

    Torx's iphone theme is excellent on my Touch (Vogue) except for the dialer. I tried switching from Narg to the other iphone-ish dialpads but they all lock up my Touch when switching from Keypad to Status. I also tried Polen's Vista Dialer but it does not work correctly with your theme. The Stock...
  41. agentmikeyd

    Thread Dialpad

    I am using Torx Iphone theme - love it! Except for the dialpad - Narg and other dialpads lock up my Vogue... Anyone know of a good dialpad? Thanks!!
  42. agentmikeyd

    Thread makephonecall.exe

    Hello, I am using Torx's Iphone theme on my Touch (Vogue). I am trying to setup a speeddial-type page with Contacts (kind of like the Cube's QuickDial Page). I do not know how/what do add to the Shortcut's properties using Wisbar - or possibly something else. I think the way to go is to use...
  43. agentmikeyd

    Thread Voicemail Alert - Repeat Greyed Out

    hello all, i am looking for the registry entry (or any fix) to enable the Repeat checkbox for Voicemail Notification Alerts. I am aware of phonealarm, but do not want to use it... Why in the world is this option greyed out anyway!! Thanks
  44. agentmikeyd

    Thread dialing side of the HTC cube

    hello all, What is the path to the executable file for the dialing side of the HTC cube (on the Sprint Vogue for example)? I am hoping to set an icon with that path, so when its clicked it brings up the 9 icon dialing side of the cube... thanks
  45. agentmikeyd

    Thread Iphone Dialer - very nice

    can anyone fix this to work on our Vogue? i have been using it an minus a few bugs its sweet. http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread...iphone+dialer Thanks!
  46. agentmikeyd

    Thread Icon help and Goosync in Cube

    Hello, I use Goosync to sync my Touch Calendar with Google Calendar. I have a "generic" icon for Goosync in my cube but it only takes me to the Goosync program, and then i have to press another button to start the sync. Is there a registry file or Parameter that I can select which will actually...