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  1. nm8

    Thread Note 3 Battery charger/extra battery for trade

    Hi all I have returned my Note 3 because it is a little big for my hands and jeans pocket. I went on a buying spree when I had it so I have some items I want to trade for a Galaxy S4 accessory. I would like an original battery/charger for the galaxy S4 in exchange for my Note 3 extra...
  2. nm8

    Thread EFS backup - UPDATE ?

    Hi guys, when my S4 was running 4.2.2 I have backed up the EFS. Now I have upgraded to 4.4, do I need to backup the EFS again, or the old EFS backup can be used?
  3. nm8

    Thread [Q] Flashing stock 4.4.2 (Mobile ODIN)

    Hi all, I have not touched my S4 (i9505) for a while and still running stock rooted 4.2.2 with (wanam) Adam kernel 1.6 Now I want to flash stock 4.4.2, can I use mobile Odin? Will my phone be REGION LOCKED ? I don't care about Knox. Thanks
  4. nm8

    Thread ignore

    please ignore
  5. nm8

    Thread Better Audio chip

    I still have the S3 international, S4 LTE, amd used to have a Note 2. But I want to buy a Note 3 and want to ask which version has the better audio chip?
  6. nm8

    Thread Bluetooth problem

    Is anyone else having crap bluetooth connection with GS4? Signal is crap in that it easily cuts out, on my Note 2 and S3, they are strong and fantastic. I am using x2 types of bluetooth speakers with similar results.
  7. nm8

    Thread Nexus 7 bricked ??? please help

    Please help me... I have a Nexus 7 wifi edition (old version). I installed wugfresh toolkit and tried to install factory 4.4 After about 15 minutes nothing was happening so I tried to reboot my Nexus 7. Now it is stuck in bootloader mode. It does not want to start. I tried reflashing stock...
  8. nm8

    Thread [Q] kernel and Modem question S4 Tmobile

    HI all I have an international i9505, and I will be moving to USA soon. I want to use Tmobile sim card. Is it safe to just flash a Tmobile S4 kernel on top of my current rooted stock TW rom? I want to know because of the frequency Tmob uses is 1700/2100 and my current phone does not support...
  9. nm8

    Thread [Q] Modem vs Modem #2

    What's the difference between the two? Why are there two modems on this phone? Cheers
  10. nm8

    Thread [Q] Fast Dormancy on S4 ... persitent wakelock

    I have been trying to flash different TW firmwares from samfirmware and tried to disable fastdormancy using gokhanmoral's app from play store. Everytime I disable FD on my phone, the app confirms it is disabed.. but after rebooting the phone and using mobile data, I use BBS app ti check for...
  11. nm8

    Thread secret menu --- HELP please

    Hi Can someone please help me out. I could not activate the secret menu by pressing *#197328640# and *#0# as well as *#0011# . Thanks
  12. nm8

    Thread moving to Arizona.. please advice

    Hello all... I'll be moving to Arizona before Christmas... I want to use my S3 and S4 (both International versions) . I will need some prepaid sim card with internet etc... which network is good and will work with my phones... please help... thank you
  13. nm8

    Thread NO LTE on my i9505

    I have a GS4 i9505 and I only see Auto mode, GSM only, and WCDMA only in network options... why is there no LTE option? is this normal because I am using a sim card that is not LTE? cheers
  14. nm8

    Thread pls help me find MDM_BTu

    Hi guys I want to flash back mdm_btu on my phone as I want to return and swap it with a new one. I checked samfirmware and couldnt find it. Is there anywhere else I can download it from? Thanks
  15. nm8

    Thread Top half of screen is dark

    Hi all I just bought a S4, and I noticed I had the purple smearing issue. I have now updated to the latest BMF8 rom which really solved the problem. But now I notice one issue, when I display a pure white background or a Grey background, I notice the top half of the screen is darker (pink tint)...
  16. nm8

    Thread Water/Dust Resistant S4

    So I just read about the new S4 version which is apparently water and dust resistant... looks like Samsung's answer to the Sony Xperia... http://www.sammobile.com/2013/05/13/samsung-galaxy-s4-active-appears-in-bluetooth-certification-uaprof/
  17. nm8

    Thread RU going to upgrade to S4?

    Are you going to upgrade to the new S4? I'm thinking of doing it.... but is it worth it?
  18. nm8

    Thread [Q] Q to USA users ...

    I want to buy a navigation app for use in USA, and thinking of getting co-pilot USA... Question to USA users, what offline navigation app do you use on your phones and why did you choose it against others? thank you
  19. nm8

    Thread Media Scanner wakelock - solution

    Hi guys here is a solution to stop media scanner wakelock from draining your battery. Download and install an app called DisableService from play. Under System apps tab, click media storage and deselect MediaScannerService. That's it! So far I have not encounter any problem when taking...
  20. nm8

    Thread [Q] OEM extended battery with OEM flip case

    I have read that the Samsung OEM flip case is a little thicker than the original S3 back cover. Has anyone tried to use the Samsung OEM flip case with Samsung OEM extended battery for our beloved S3 ? Does it fit? Thanks
  21. nm8

    Thread [Q] Returning N4 to google

    Hi all, I just need peoples' experience with google (UK) after returning their Nexus devices. I returned mine within the 15-day period and google has received the unit on Feb 28. I tried ringning the 855 number but it does not work. Also tried ringning 020 number based in London but it only...
  22. nm8

    Thread [Q] [Help] Back and Menu buttons don't respond

    Hi all I have just received my s3 mini and have rooted and installed TWRP. There seems to be a problem with the back and menu buttons. Sometimes they stop responding. Only solution is to reboot. Has anyone experienced this, is my unit faulty? This has never happened to my Note 2, S3, and S2.
  23. nm8

    Thread [Q] Free apps/games worth £45 from Samsung play

    Hi all I have just been to my local Samsung Kiosk and I was told there is a promo from Samsung, read ot here : http://www.samsung.com/uk/contenttermsandconditions/ I immediatley fired Samsung apps on my phone and searched for AVG AV Pro... but it doesn't show up. The other free version is...
  24. nm8

    Thread i dislike my n4 and my thread got closed

    For what reason, i don't know... am I not entitled to my own opinion? Someone said i was provocative but I wasn't I was just stating facts. It only comes to show how close minded people are. To those people whom I've hurt their ego.... I apologize.... lol
  25. nm8

    Thread N4 is boring

    I bought a Nexus 4 just to play with a GOOGLE phone.. I find it quite boring. I prefer the Touchwiz of the S3 and Note 2 which I have. Is there a mod or rom that uses ported touchwiz for the N4? cheers
  26. nm8

    Thread Note 2 Powermat Wireless Charging mod

    Hi peeps.....after the success of my Origami Wireless Charging mod for Note 2 : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1986016 which was based on Ryan_G's original Palm Touchstone Mod, I was quite unhappy because I was limited to Bumper and very thin cases due to the limitation of the...
  27. nm8

    Thread [MOD] S3 Wireless Charging Palm Touchstone (Origami technique)

    HI all, following the success of my Note 2 Origami Wireless charging mod here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1986016 I now present to you the Origami Wireless Charging mod for the Galaxy S3 The technique is very simple and you only need a Palm Pre wireless receiver and...
  28. nm8

    Thread [MOD] Note 2 Wireless Charging [Origami style][No Solder]

    Powermat wireless charging is now available to view here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2158978 ====================================================================================================================== First let me say big thanks to Ryan_G for creating the Note 2...
  29. nm8

    Thread [Q] N7105 (Note 2 LTE) Variants ?

    Hi all This question is not about specific N7105 variants. I was looking at widgetcity.com.ph and they list the N7105 LTE as 4G - LTE 700 MHz Class 17 / 2100 - N7105 webiste here: http://www.widgetcity.com.ph/product/mobile-phone/samsung/samsung-note-ii-lte-version-n7105 however... Negri...
  30. nm8

    Thread [Q] International Version ???

    Sorry for such a noob question, but I bought my phone on its own from amazon UK. Does that mean it is the International version? How do I check ??? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-Galaxy-Note-16GB-Smartphone/dp/B0098HNSJ6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1351295587&sr=8-2 thank you
  31. nm8

    Thread Lock/Password protection

    Hi all, is there a way to lock the icons on the screen and to lock or password protect the "App - Settings" ? I am now getting tired of moving icons and widgets to the main screen and reinstralling apps. My children keep uninstalling apps and moving widgets everywhere... I know you can lock...
  32. nm8

    Thread Please help....Reset flash counter to 0

    HI all, I need to return my device hence I want to reset the flash counter to zero, I have tried everything, I have used Chainfire'e triangle away, and also flashed the stock rom did not reset the counter to zero either. What am I doing wrong ??? thank you
  33. nm8

    Thread [Q] only 10.36 GB ???

    Hi all, just noticed my 16GB Note 2 has only 10.36gb available. Should it be more than that ?
  34. nm8

    Thread [Q] USB port FAULTY ???

    Hi all, just received my Galaxy Note today. Its one hell of a massive screen and it dwarfed my Desire HD. However, there seems to be something wrong with the USB port.When I try to push in the charger on the Note 2, it does not clickand does not feel locked on, and if I wobble it, it it can...
  35. nm8

    Thread LTE compatibility

    HI all, I am in UK and really want to buy the NOTE 2 now. Problem is, amazon UK only sell the non LTE version. I'm sure there will be an LTE version coming out as TMobile is launching theirs next week here - soon everyone will follow, and I'm willing to wait a few months. But here is the...
  36. nm8

    Thread Music via Bluetooth skipping

    Just noticed when playing music via bluetooth, my music skips a few times for every song. This does not happen to my other devices, 3 computers, 2 Nexus 7, Wildfire S, and a ferw friends' phones. I have tried installing and reinstalling ROM and Radio but still have the same problem. My...
  37. nm8

    Thread which version has LTe

    I want to buy one for my birthday but want to know which version has lte. I am in UK and want to buy handset only from amazon, but amazon does not give info about it. please help an old noob. cheers
  38. nm8

    Thread E-Cell Luxury Protective Leather Case [BAD Magnet]

    Well after a good review by another user here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1892017 I decided to buy the brown one last week, I had it this morning and tried it immediately. The case looks professional and feels nice to the touch. I thought the only complain I have is that...
  39. nm8

    Thread Freebies (everyday)

    Hi all just to let people know (those who dont know yet) that there's a free android video converter at http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ I get all my freebies from that website without any problem or catch.
  40. nm8

    Thread Asphalt 7 Heat

    Hi all Really love this game on my Nexus 7! Question, how do I backup my progress before I wipe everything on my device. I'm looking to try out different roms. Thank you
  41. nm8

    Thread testing overclocking stability

    Is there an app that can stress test overclocking stability for our Nexus? On the computer side, there are programs like Intel Burn test, Prime95 etc... so what do you use to test stability when overclocking/undervolting your Nexus 7 ? cheers
  42. nm8

    Thread video file for our Nexus 7

    I tried converting a DVD to mp4 format using uRex DVD ripper (I got for free) and the file was 1.63gb. I use MX Player on the Nexus and it plays really well. I just wonder if there is a way to reduce the file size without reducing the video quality that much. cheers
  43. nm8

    Thread Matte or Clear ???

    Hey guys just want to know what you prefer to use, matte or clear screen protector? I use 1 of each on my two Nexus 7's, and cant really decide what to settle for. thanks
  44. nm8

    Thread What's wrong with Nexus 7 ???

    Packaging that is !!! I have two of them and they are fantastic!!! But my question is why did Asus/google choose a box that does not protect the front of the unit. Imean c'mon, it is boxed, and has two layers of cardboard, but why not give a little space between the screen of the unit and the...
  45. nm8

    Thread N7 build numbers

    Hi all I have x2 Nexus 7 32gb versions. The old one came with build JRO03D and the new one came with JRN84D. When I updated the new N7 to Jellybean 4.1.1, the build became JRO03D, question is, which is the newer build number ? I thought it was the JRN84D as it was the new Nexus batch that...
  46. nm8

    Thread Light leaking

    Hi all, just noticed last night there is light leaking from one corner of my screen. The other 3 sides dont so I guess this might be afault. Do you guys have light leaking from the corners of you screen esecially at night.
  47. nm8

    Thread boot animation request

    Hi there An odd request here but can anyone make a boot animation with the green robot eating an apple (or maybe a few) then passing **** from the backside . Alternative ending: 1 **** looks like iphone 2 green robot looks at **** and laughs
  48. nm8

    Thread HTC hd7 battery 1930 mAh

    I read somewhere that the HD7 1930mAh battery can be used with the HTC Wildfire S. So if this is true, this is very good news to WS owners!!!! I myself am thinking of getting this phone as a backup eventhough I have a HTC Desire HD.
  49. nm8

    Thread widget hat records battery drain etc....

    I'm trying to remember the name of the widget that records battery drain and charging current..... Anyonw know it? Thanks
  50. nm8

    Thread 1.32 vs 1.72 rom

    Just wondering what's the difference with 1.32 and 1.72 rom. I'm currently on the stock 1.32 rom and wanted to upgrade but is it worth going through all the hassle? Is there any improvement in power consumption etc?