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  1. BHD@RN

    Thread HELP!!! [ How to build or port kernal for android kitakt ]

    Hhi, idk if this is right forum but ya this is my question and please answer me. so, i have my old mtk6582 phone based on jelly bean. (also it is my first ever phone i got) always since childhood i am trying to have it upgraded to al least android 4.4.4 (kitkat) but i also know it is not...
  2. BHD@RN

    Thread (opinion) Pop Os va Ubuntu on a Laptop

    Hello, the opinion should be made on these points:- 1) performance ( relative both are same but according to you which feel fast on laptop) 2) battery life (optimization) 3) experience (look and feel) 4) satisfaction (do you enjoy using it on your laptop) (tell why?) 5) is it good for android...
  3. BHD@RN

    Thread A word about why? Linux

    Hello and welcome to the world of Linux. are you new to Linux? confused what to do? just want a distro that just works? what is desktop environment and what is effect of it on performance? well no more, You will get answer to most Linux questions in your mind But first why i hate windows...
  4. BHD@RN

    Thread [dev] camera fix for nougat custom rom.

    hello, i have ported a custom rom for j1 4g 2016 {exynos3475 android 5.1.1} {ROM here} the custom rom is from galaxy on5pro {exynos3475 android 7.1.1} i was able to boot because of kernel source for lineage os 7.1.1 for j1 4g. i ported it to boot image. but my main question is that will it be...
  5. BHD@RN

    Thread [not in development] [ROM][PORT] eXnos ROM [7.1.1] J1 2016 {sm-120g/f/ds } Touchwiz port

    { not in development } WELCOME This is my first thread so, pardon me for any error in writing style. { i will try my best } Proudly, Presenting before you a port of on5pro originally ported by @comrade79 for j2 2015. Kernel, from This ROM by @cıyanogen. NOTE :- Credit for porting ROM...