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    Post Does Google spy on android?

    Google collects user information everywhere, your phone is not excluded.
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    Post How Autistic are you?

    I scored 16, so I guess I'm normal then. Too bad lol
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    Post Answer a question, then ask one!

    IBM In which country was Nicolas Tesla born?
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    Post [Q] Does anyone know the right term?

    What you are describing sounds much like a Moral Paradox " A situation in which moral imperatives clash without clear resolution." Might even be Morton's fork: Choosing between unpalatable alternatives. Here is a list of paradoxes wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_paradoxes
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    Post plz help me

    Have you tried leaving it in the charger for a while before turning it on? And you shouldn't use methods that are not made for your tablet since it might brick the device.
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    Post The "Welcome to XDA" Thread

    Greetings from Sweden! Anyway, my name is Max and I am currently studying math/physics to get to university. XDA have answered a lot of tech-questions over the years, so I figure it was time to register. Current phone: HTC Sensation XE, it's stock. ^^working on that.
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    Post What made you visit XDA for the first time?

    I found XDA when I was rooting my LG Optimus 2X. Brand new, the first thing it does after successful root and installing cyanogen mod, bootloops, heh, got me good there, quite scary when you do it for the first time. :) Times passes quickly, that was four years ago..