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    Thread Question Rear display

    In the leaked videos, the user was able to show the homescreen with icons on the rear display. Was that any early MIUI version option only?
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    Thread Unlocking the bootloader (Possible 3 months after phone announcement)

    I used Google Translate on "http://www.aiyanqing.com/daddefdadbbbv.html," which provided some clarification (and hope) of unlocking the Chinese variant Find X2 Pro. The website's information is pasted below: "According to the official website announcement, all the following conditions must be...
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    Thread Microphone doesn't work during calls

    I have been having the issue where my microphone does not work initially during a phone call. The temporary solution is to switch to the speaker and then back to the mic in order for it to work again. Does anyone know of a permanent solution to this problem?
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    Thread Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

    PSA: The OnePlus 8 Pro's screen protectors fit the Oppo Find X2 Pro perfectly.
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    Thread Diminished Digitizer Input

    I never had this problem with any of my previous devices where I lose touch sensitivity after installing a tempered glass screen protector. The issue appears to come from a misaligned tempered glass. When I look at each curved side of the tempered glass, I noticed the glass slightly (very...
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    Thread Halium 7.1 (Bacon edition) / Plasma Mobile

    *****UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE******* (See Below) Several month back I attempted and miserably failed at making a stripped down version of CyanogenMod for making use of Plasma Mobile. As of 17Oct17, I successfully compiled Halium 7.1 for the OnePlus One. Goto the links provided below for testing out...
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    Thread [port request]

    Any one have the skills to port SFOS for the LG G2 (D800)?
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    Thread Sailfish utilities

    Can someone post an installable version of "Sailfish Utilities" to this thread?