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    Post Back to Stock Rom

    Link to RUU's is broken.
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    Post [IME/EXO][GUIDES/COLLECTION] HTC U12+/Exodus 1 – Factory Image/Firmware/Boot/OTA

    On Google Spreadsheet, LINK to firmware 1.15.617.4 is broken. You can manually search for the firmware from "Android file host" page using "Full_Stock_firmware_1.15.617.4_UHL_FullWipe_combined" in search bar.
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    Post [RECOVERY][IME][22.06.2020][OFFICIAL] TWRP 3.4.0-0 for HTC U12+ aka Imagine

    After executing command "adb reboot bootloader", wait for two full minutes before executing command "fastboot boot <filename of the twrp.img>". I have found that executing " fastboot boot <filename of the twrp.img>" command too soon results in hanging at "downloading". Close and restart...
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    Post Full Adhesive Screen Protector Note 8

    I used Loca 2500. I needed to remove the glass within an hour of installation due to smashing my phone between my office chair and desk which caused the corner of glass to pop up. The glass came off with equal difficulty of a standard full adhesive. The adhesive was easy to roll off of the...
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    Post Couple Questions Regarding G920V and 5.0.2-OF1 and 5.1.1-BOG9.

    I am also interested in the rooting topic, which is a bit hard to follow. I don't really care if it trips Knox or not, I just want to OWN the device I bought. I'd really like to disable/uninstall alot of crap apps which are stock on this phone and taking up space. I am just going to follow this...
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    Post [HOWTO] [REF] Get Download Mode without 3-button combo using homemade JIG

    Confirmed on SGH-T959V (T-Mobile) I have confirmed that the micro usb device WILL work on the SGH-T959V model of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G with a locked boot-loader. I am now running Gingerbread 2.3.3! Thanks