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  1. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    Had a security update yesterday on my single sim Aussie Optus branded M20P.
  2. RobboW

    Post Endoscope camera with M20P?

    I have an endoscope camera and also found the apps were the main issue. The camera works, leds light up but most apps just didn't show a picture. Try some till you get one that will work.
  3. RobboW

    Post Connect Mate 20 pro to internet via ethernet cable

    Here you go. I added the screenshots off the phone with cellular data and wifi disabled and USB ethernet active. Enable developer options if not already, enter the settings for that and scroll down to "Select USB Configuration" and press that for the options. You're looking for the RNDIS (USB...
  4. RobboW

    Post Connect Mate 20 pro to internet via ethernet cable

    You can do it, working out how to add screenshots from phone.
  5. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    Got my 298 August minor update this morning. Optus Australia branded, although I use Aldi Mobile, not Optus. ---------- Post added at 08:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:19 AM ---------- Use the Huawei app gallery to update system apps that don't come through Google Play. Have a...
  6. RobboW

    Post No internet when using hotspot for cricket

    Sometimes there is a line missing in the build.prop too. Mostly it's just the APN. I had to fix a phone that wouldn't tether by an ADB operation. That was unusual but google searching did find me the solution. My providor here in Australia doesn't block tethering but that phone most certainly...
  7. RobboW

    Post Battery replacement

    Unless the new batteries are so low it can't boot, it sounds like there's something different about the new batteries that the phone doesn't like. Incompatability. I would be talking seriously with the battery supplier.
  8. RobboW

    Post WiFi strength, range, and throughput

    For a really crude, non quantifiable or scientific test I put my Mate 20 Pro side by side with my work S10e to see how 5GHz wifi and performance differs. Same connection etc. Both phones have 6Gb RAM. On small stuff for instance, the M20P updates apps way faster than the S10e from Google Play. I...
  9. RobboW

    Post Galaxy S10E Case

    No protection with that. Hard cases are only for styling. Mine is a work phone and must have a lifeproof case. Work orders.
  10. RobboW

    Post Definitive rescue of S10E battery drains

    I thought part of the point of buying flagship phones was so you can leave it as is and enjoy. Not strip out this and that, root it etc just to make it functional. I'm leaving mine alone, it's a work device. See how it goes over time. Even my own phone has had no modification, although it has...
  11. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    For all the people updating to 10.1 then saying this doesn't work, that doesn't work, there's issues here etc, do you have a Huawei ID and have the phone logged in? You should because if you use App Gallery there are updates for system apps, especially HMS Core. If that is up to date maybe the...
  12. RobboW

    Post Galaxy S10E Case

    I took that off mine. Hated it. Felt horrible, heavy, made the phone harder to handle, looks ugly. If I had another otter it would be the clear one. Current case is working for me though.
  13. RobboW

    Post again huawei?

    Depends if you need GAPPS. The later Huawei phones are all useless if you do. Such a shame. Awesome devices crippled by lack of services.
  14. RobboW

    Post Mate 20 Pro in 2020?

    I have an S10e for work and to be 100% honest I prefer EMUI 10.1 over One UI 2.1, although Samsung do pack in a lot of stuff that could be useful. I use both in dark mode but the Huawei feels a little more friendly than the Samsung. If given a choice of a Note 20 or a Mate/P 40, the lack of...
  15. RobboW

    Post Mate 20 Pro in 2020?

    I did! Fantastic phone. Camera is great. No complaints, it's fast and a sophisticated device. No regrets whatsoever.
  16. RobboW

    Post Deleting Google apps

    You could remove them via ADB. There are two ways, remove for current user (safer as reset brings many back) or can completely remove. Or wait till Android 11 update where the Trump war will have impacted things enough that it will lose GAPPS and only have Huawei App Gallery :eek::crying...
  17. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    Just had to play with USB settings as wasn't connecting to my laptop and now I have the option for RNDIS (USB Ethernet). It didn't have it before so that's a bonus. I could do it with my S10e. Already have a USB C to RJ45 ethernet adapter.
  18. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    Be patient, it will come. They can't allow it to roll out to every phone at once, imagine the server load. It's no different to use than 10 anyway. You're not missing anything amazing by waiting.
  19. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    Mine still has system update option in settings and support.
  20. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    Updated through HiSuite but the package isn't there anymore. Hope it runs ok.
  21. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    Got my full system update (4.7Gb) for 10.1 waiting to download finally. Before I do, can anyone tell me is it possible to capture the OTA before it installs? And how to do so. Edit: Been trying to find it using logcat but that's doing my head in. Endless searching through a humongous text...
  22. RobboW

    Post Apple AirPods Bluetooth Problem With Build

    Is media channel set as the default volume channel? Maybe try changing it away from what channel it's set to.
  23. RobboW

    Post Best looking AOD clock

    No idea what you meant by AOD so posted what I use. That's the problem with abbreviations, you know what you mean but not everyone else does :p
  24. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    Decided I will be patient and wait. My wife's Mate 20 still hasn't got 10.1 OTA in Aus yet either and it's not even a branded ROM. That is on Obviously a HMA though.
  25. RobboW

    Post LYA-L09 emui 10... firmware

    It's likely a carrier branded phone like mine. Same issue. Cannot get a 10.1 update the normal ways. Mine is LYA-L09 running (C34E8R1P5) which is an Optus Australia version.
  26. RobboW

    Post Best looking AOD clock

    I use this clock widget. Best I've ever found. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonyericsson.digitalclockwidget2&hl=en
  27. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    That only works if there is an update for your exact ROM. Mine is an Optus branded phone in Australia and there is nothing later than and eRecovery just wants to download the same ROM. I've been looking to see if I can download and apply a global unbranded ROM so I can at least...
  28. RobboW

    Post Options - Worth it to buy S10e Exynos SM-G970F/DS?

    S10e is not going to be great for good battery life. A kernel can only help so much when it has a little 3100mAh battery. I got fed up with battery life anxiety of my Axon 7 (3250mAh) although it's still a good phone to use. Got myself a great deal on Mate 20 Pro. I don't care about rooting it...
  29. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    Try clearing cache first before resorting to a reset.
  30. RobboW

    Post Best Mate 20 Pro cases?

    I currently have this case on my M20P. It works quite well. The inbuilt screen protector is a dry fit plastic but it feels good to use and works at the edge. The case itself isn't slippery and has raised sides so it's not hard to hold. Fingerprint is pretty good. The ebay listing is Australia...
  31. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    It's on the list for EMUI 11 but I won't take that for granted. Also Mate 20/pro will be toward the back of the line for the update compared to newer models...
  32. RobboW

    Post System updates thread

    Just got a Mate 20 Pro on the weekend. It's an Australia Optus branded one (LYA-L09) but not carrier locked. Running it on Aldi Mobile. It's had 4 or 5 OTA updates and now on with security patch 1st of May 2020 and wondering if you can easily install a non carrier branded ROM instead...
  33. RobboW

    Post What are the alternatives for buying a brand new ZTE Axon 7?

    Oh well, my decision has come. I stumbled upon a great deal on Huawei Mate 20 Pro today. New, unopened in box from store. Lovely phone. Been doing the updates up to Android 10. Don't care about rooting etc so no bootloader unlock is of zero concern. My Axon 7 has never been unlocked. Edit: My...
  34. RobboW

    Post What are the alternatives for buying a brand new ZTE Axon 7?

    Whatever I get after the Axon 7 will have stereo speakers so that cuts down options quite drastically but I certainly wouldn't get another Axon just to keep the speakers. I would mainly want to do it for a big battery but would welcome a bit more processing power, RAM and storage with newer OS...
  35. RobboW

    Post What are the alternatives for buying a brand new ZTE Axon 7?

    Slim pickings finding unsold new stock out there. You will have to search around and not be fussy on colour.
  36. RobboW

    Post What are the alternatives for buying a brand new ZTE Axon 7?

    As much as I like my Axon 7, things have moved on and I wouldn't buy another. If you want to do online banking etc, just get something good stock and don't fiddle. Keep it as secure as possible and leave it locked. I'm contemplating replacing my A7 as I need better battery life. Facebook is...
  37. RobboW

    Post No Mobile Data 3G/4G (only 2G)

    2 possibilities with software that are common. a) You need to ensure the APN is correct for your carrier. b) The phone could be running the wrong ROM making the modem software incompatible. There are three versions of the Axon 7. Could have a hardware issue but I think it will be software.
  38. RobboW

    Post Root - May 2020 Security Patch

    Don't update to this ROM if you want to possibly mod your S10e any time because once you go to May 2020 you cannot regress to an earlier ROM. Mine is a work device so I have updated but there was a warning in the notes that this is a feature. I guess this is the point where Samsung start...
  39. RobboW

    Post Bootloader Unlocking on older Qualcomm ZTE Devices, /Devinfo partition modification

    I'm assuming this also won't work on devices that shipped with older OS and were officially updated to Oreo? I have an Axon 7 on Oreo and the normal thing is to regress them to unlock bootloader.
  40. RobboW

    Post Black Spot in main rear camera - SM-G9700

    Looks almost like a little bit of debris fallen from somewhere else inside the phone after manaufacture. Samsung seal up their phones pretty well. Glue together job. Pity you can't just send the phone back....
  41. RobboW

    Post Finger print scanner/home key

    Maybe worth wiping cache partition from stock recovery? Hold in vol up and bixby buttons then press power button. Keep the vol up and bixby pressed in till it vibrates and shows a different screen.
  42. RobboW

    Post Stock S10e Snapdragon VS rooted S10e Exynos (which would you choose?)

    I wouldn't have rooted it in the first place. Viper is a system wide processor app and will drain the battery. S10e sounds great stock. Why stuff with it and ruin the chance of using apps that don't like unlocked bootloaders, root etc? As to SD versus Exynos, do you game much? If not, who...
  43. RobboW

    Post Toggle reduced animation

    Look under *Accessibility*, then *Visibility Enhancements* and scroll down to see if *Remove Animations* is checked. If so, turn that off.
  44. RobboW

    Post Mess between -XDA Login- and -Disqus- profiles (Help)

    I'm sick of it. Decided to not change anything and just not bother commenting :rolleyes: Some will say hooray, lol :p I just get sick of jumping through hoops for things :mad:
  45. RobboW

    Post Is the Galaxy S10e Exynos version battery THAT bad?

    I really couldn't tell you. I just go by the ease of getting my day out of it and it used to do fine but just after the last update it nosedived and now I look at settings, uninstalls etc. Even went back to stock launcher in case that was the issue. Next is backup, reset and set up again but...
  46. RobboW

    Post Is the Galaxy S10e Exynos version battery THAT bad?

    I guess you would have to be able to accept the Xiaomi software. I avoid them because of that. The S10e has a lot of good business grade stuff but a bigger battery would be nice. Mine was fine, had surprisingly good battery life even after updating into Android 10 but the latest security...
  47. RobboW

    Post Did people notice worst battery SOT after android 10?

    Mine was fine after updating to 10 but since the last security update to 10 it has been behaving differently, really chewing the battery too.
  48. RobboW

    Post Faulty moisture detection

    I charged it on a wall plug which didn't cause the issue, same cable too. Maybe something with the powerbank current delivery. I call a software bug to do with the charging data at this point but just stuck it on charge again. See what happens. It's on the wall plug. If it doesn't trip the...
  49. RobboW

    Post Faulty moisture detection

    Amazingly, my S10e has now started to do this. Only since the latest update. Had it plugged into a powerbank and charging and all of a sudden it threw a notification. Once it started it kept doing it till I unplugged.
  50. RobboW

    Post Any way to extract data from phone that won't turn on?

    I reckon as far as that kind of data with no access to it running and encryption enabled, you're out of luck. No help to you now, but I like to manually backup my logs and messages with SMS backup and restore now and then. That way you can transfer them to any Android, not just the brand of...