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    Thread Custom rom on my Intel head unit?

    Hello, So I got this head unit - ZOYOSKII Android 9.0 10.4 inch IPS vertical https://a.aliexpress.com/3Lp78iBm ANY chance installing custom rom on it? Also, if anyone knows about buying or fixing the can box I’ll be glad to receive some help.. If connected, steering wheel buttons work unnatural...
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    Thread need help with my Mi TV BOX Enhanced 3

    Hello, I have a few issues with my mi box, im on 1.5.2v (MDZ-18-aa) and after rooting my machin (so i can use link2sd) every time i use Kodi or even Youtube, after 5-10min the box tries to go to screen saver (which i disabled). can someone please explain me what should i do? i tried to go to...
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    Thread help building MIUI rom for our n920c and such

    hello friends! i know that no one yet started to "build" a MIUI rom, me as a MIUI fan i really want to see that rom on our GREAT phone. it can be done, i think. it did on the NOTE 4 and his brothers. yesterday i almost bought a xiaomi mi note pro just beacuase i wanted the rom but its too...
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    Thread Low antutu score?.. Help

    Hello XDA! As I searched the XDA forums I saw that people get something like 22k and 24k. Even more. I did the Antutu several times, and the resault is 15k and the highest score Is 17,500. Tried on Venom team Rom and Batteryslim Rom. Is this normal? .. Thanx Sent from my HTC6435LVW using XDA...
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    Thread Tegra 3 games help

    Hey. . How can we play the tegra 3 games is it possible? I want the real boxing real bad help Thanx Sent from my LG-E970 using XDA Premium HD app
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    Thread Q and hope for A :)

    hey XDA ! i wanted to know if the MIUI rom will ever be released to our best phone ever LGE970 i love the idea and rom of MIUI hoped to fined one for us is there any chance ? thank you!
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    Thread cant unlock my OG

    damn i did the ROOT than the freegee reset and phone wont turn on need to use LGNPST to get back to stock why is that happening tried 10 times
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    Thread Update to Jellybean 4.1.2 help

    hello XDA! please help me, since i'm from Israel i cant get the AT&T jellybean update! i'm on E97011C just installed it waited 3/4 hours but no update i think i cant get the update cuz i'm not at AT&T area.. please help me with this maybe external download for the Update?
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    Thread help with n4 conversion

    hello XDA world! first of all i wanna thank you all! good job and good work for everything you make! that thing about lg optimus g converting to nexus 4 is a huge thing never seen anything like it! ok now to the point. i did everything studied it all about the n4 conversion one thing that i...