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  1. damonxd

    Thread Is there anyway to backup FBE encryption master key without root

    Just found that my new Samsung S20 FE running Android 11 turned on FBE encryption by default and there is no way to disable it (unless factory reset + wipe all data + root). Once the device is physically damaged, there is no way to recover the data. I think it should offer some methods to...
  2. damonxd

    Thread Does "install from storage" under "Realme UI Recovery" (Official) keep user data?

    Hi. After booting into the official "Realme UI Recovery", select language, we got 5 options Install from storage Online update (keep data) Wipe data Reboot Power off For option 1, since it does not mention if data will be wiped, may I confirm if user data will be kept or wiped? Thanks...
  3. damonxd

    Thread Flicking Lock Screen after update to latest Android 11 OTA update

    I just saw an update notification that Android 11 had been released. Since my phone was running Android 10, I proceeded the update without hesitation (and without backup). The phone is running stock rom without root (I guess I did unlock the bootloader but couldn't confirm since this new rom...