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    Post Nexus 5x Battery Life Thread

    I had my sim in my other phone today, so this is only with WiFi on. Did some browsing, kindle app reading, and a bit of podcast listening. - ambient display off - high location accuracy - screen brightness almost at lowest - Bluetooth and NFC off
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    Post Nexus 5x Canada Thread

    Thanks... I just called for the replacement. First time I order from Google; glad to know about this practice of receiving the replacement first, before sending back the original.
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    Post Nexus 5x Canada Thread

    jeez... i just received mine, but there's a dead pixel. first time i've seen this on a phone. deciding whether to bother returning it. but on the plus side, everything else looks good. - 32GB device, 24.9GB free - fingerprint sensor is very fast, noticeably better than my iPhone 5S
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    Post Nexus 5x Canada Thread

    I just got my shipping notice. Canada Post alleges it'll be delivered today. Finally a reason to be thankful for having moved to the GTA.
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    Post Why did you chose the 5x over the 6p?

    While I prefer smaller phones, I might have gone for the 6P if the price was a bit more attractive (in Canada). I would have liked 64GB.
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    Post Nexus 5x Canada Thread

    My carbon 32GB (ordered Oct 7) was processing this afternoon, and shipped in the last half hour or so. Any clue where they're shipping from? Sure would be nice to receive it before the weekend...
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    Post What are you upgrading from and looking forward to on the 5x?

    I'm currently running an iPhone 5S, but want to somewhat get back to Android. I've been waiting for a Nexus device that has a fingerprint sensor, and here it is... Ordered the black 32GB.
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    Post Moved to S5 from which device & why

    I considered waiting for the S5, but I see nothing in it of value (for me) beyond what the Note 3 offers. Plus I can get the Note 3 now, and not wait 2 months.
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    Post Moto G..Root it already.

    I guess I automatically associate rooting with flashing a different rom. But yes, it's different.
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    Post Moto G..Root it already.

    I've rooted previous phones, and I thought I'd root this one too... but it's so close to what I want, and I don't want to screw it up (especially battery life).
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    Post this got the dell venue 8 pro

    I was tempted to get the Surface Pro 2, but was nervous about getting something so large (because I partially want to use it as a Kindle replacement). The Venue 8 Pro has been great...
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    Post Moto G: A durable little thing

    I haven't really dropped mine, but it got a tiny little scratch on the screen from having been in my bag. First time I've had a scratch on a phone screen, though I don't care since I can't see it without deliberately looking for it.
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    Post Did somebody get update in Canada?

    Thanks... so anyone in this thread mind describing where you bought your phone, and what the update is?
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    Post [Q] SIM unlock possibilites for the Moto G

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2564696 I used this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motorola-Unlock-Code-Moto-G-XT389-Motorola-MotoSmart-MotoLuxe-/221326995328?
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    Post Did somebody get update in Canada?

    I bought mine from Telus when it first came out, then unlocked it and went to Koodo. Would I have trouble getting updates on that basis?
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    Post Dell Venue 8 Pro Case & Screen protector

    I looked around locally for a third-party case, but ultimately went with the Dell folio case for it. I'm really pleased how well it fits, and how slim it is.
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    Post Post your battery

    I'll give it another go:
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    Post Can we store photos only on google drive? **guide pending**

    I'm not currently running my Moto G, but this sounds like something that might be achieved with FolderSync. It's possible to set up one-way sync, then just delete the local copy.
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    Post Can't Unlock my Moto G? Help!

    This was successful for my Telus Moto G as well
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    Post From Which Phone to the Moto G?

    I'm coming from an iPhone 5 (which is still my main phone). The Moto G is my Android plaything, and I suppose my backup phone.
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    Post Camera vs older 8mp phones?

    Alright then... All I know is I had more "keeper" photos with the GNex than I do with this.
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    Post Camera vs older 8mp phones?

    I think the camera is terrible. Granted, I'm coming from an iPhone 5, but still. I'm pretty sure it's also worse than the Galaxy Nexus, which was no gem either.
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    Post The Moto G "rattle"

    I've heard a tiny rattle from all of my recent phones (incl. HTC 8X, and iPhone 5). This Moto G doesn't sound any different to me.
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    Post No charger, no problem?

    So you really have zero USB charger adapters at the moment? I'm using the one from an iPhone, and it's working totally fine. It should work with almost literally any USB charger.
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    Post Post your battery

    25% charge left, but I need to charge it before bed. Not going to push it into tomorrow. The flat spot in the middle is due to me putting it in airplane mode for the night. Also, my usage is mostly listening to podcasts with the screen off, instead of solely using it with the screen on.
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    Post [Q] Canadian Moto G (Telus) - Is it carrier locked?

    I bought one today. It's locked (tested with a Rogers sim)
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    Post Poll: Spigen Slim Armor vs. Speck Candyshell vs. Otterbox Commuter

    I had a Candyshell on my first-gen Note, and a Commuter on the GNex and HTC 8X. I preferred the Candyshell. It just felt like a more sleek and cohesive design.
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    Post [Q] Update notification today APR 14 2013?

    This is what I received this morning on my c625a (unlocked):
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    Post Model: HTC C625a

    I also have an 8X on Bell, tethering works, and have reached as fast as 18 down / 14 up, with 67ms ping in central Vancouver.
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    Post Disappointed in S4

    I'm actually really pleased by what they've done with the S4, but I'm waiting to see what happens with the Note 3. Fingers crossed that they'll put the Snapdragon 800 in the NA version.
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    Post Forgot how smooth stock is.

    i've played with a bunch, but now only use one of the following: -stock + Nova Launcher Prime -CM10.1 nightlies For the sake of getting rid of the search bar, and getting the toggles in the notification bar.
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    Post 8X reboot survey

    I've got this one too. The only unintentional reboot I've had is when I flipped the Bluetooth on/off too quickly.
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    Post Bugs on our device thread

    My rear speaker only intermittently works. It worked for the first two days, then has been intermittent since. Returning it tomorrow for another.
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    Post HTC 8X, after 4 days of use.

    Thanks for sharing. My only complaint after the first few days is the rear speaker is intermittent. Worked for a day, then not the next, and so on. This one's going back... hope the next one is better.
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    Post Home Screen Tile Layouts? -- Whats Your's?

    I like to keep mine fairly simple.
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    Post [POLL] Fellow gnex owners: buying N4?

    I'm open to the possibility of coming back, but my needs currently look to be better met by WP8 (even without the breadth of third-party apps and customization options).
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    Post [POLL] Fellow gnex owners: buying N4?

    Definitely not buying it, because my next phone is a WP8... Samsung ATIV S. Getting bored with Android. It was a good year with the GNote and GNex, but time to move on.
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    Post Poll: Which of the five WP8 handsets will you buy?

    The ATIV S is the only viable option for me, due to the exchangeable battery. Never again buying a phone without that.
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    Post Non removable battery

    The lack of easily removable battery is the single thing that's causing me doubt to upgrade. Would have happily jumped on it otherwise. Well actually, I've considered getting it anyway and keeping my GNex as backup, but they use different size SIM cards. Oh man...
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    Post Do you have an unscathed screen?

    Mine has no scratches, but there is some burn-in
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    Post [Q] OTA update hesitant

    Maybe he rooted your phone too, and didn't want the update to break root.
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    Post What ever happened to the backlight?

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    Post What ever happened to the backlight?

    welcome to nine minutes prior to your post
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    Post What ever happened to the backlight?

    I don't know about the other things, but there is in fact the ability to have the screen not lock immediately after it turns off. Set the timer in the Security menu.
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    Post Android 4.1.2 released to AOSP

    Are you red-o-philes still going on about this?
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    Post The Dangers of Tool Kits and One Click Root Methods + Mini Rant

    Then how about you wait to rag on that thread, and stfu in the meanwhile? And read the thread ffs. That post was already mentioned.
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    Post The Dangers of Tool Kits and One Click Root Methods + Mini Rant

    The point is, by advocating that people use adb, it is largely advocating that people follow the methods that someone else already discovered. How is that greatly better than using a toolkit? I think some of you guys won't be happy until we have to prove our credibility as a dev before even...
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    Post The Dangers of Tool Kits and One Click Root Methods + Mini Rant

    I'm glad my conclusion was found worthy of copying, but too bad you didn't seek out the road less traveled, and do it your own way. One thing that troubles me about this thread is that if this forum so highly values research and the most educational path, why bother talk about it with others...
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    Post The Dangers of Tool Kits and One Click Root Methods + Mini Rant

    It's not that I don't get it... in fact, I've seen that post several times already (probably in threads similar to this one, as well as in a few people's sigs), and rather enjoy reading about the achievements and progress that devs here have made. If the day comes when I want another project...