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  1. tommykole96

    Thread Huawei P7 Software (P7-L12, Android 5.1.1 EMUI 3.1, C900B856, Venezuela - Channel, 05

  2. tommykole96

    Thread Huawei P7 music bug

    So, i have strange problem, on kitkat i did the same thing and it worked, i downloaded black player and downloaded album art for all music, and everything showed on lockscreen, but for some reason, now on lollipop, when i do the same thing, default music player is not recognized 99 of album...
  3. tommykole96

    Thread Status bar Lollipop

    So, since huawei p7 lollipop doesnt have status bar icons like lollipop, is there any way i could replace old one and put new ones? Like this:
  4. tommykole96

    Thread Huawei P7 DOWNGRADE !

    I recently flashed B839 update, lollipop over my kit kat 4,4,2, so my question is, can I downgrade to first version, and that is 4,4,2(B132), didn't root the phone.
  5. tommykole96

    Thread Huawei P7: Update Without Factory Reset?

    Updating Huawei P7 Hello everyone, so i have this version: P7- L10V100R001C150B132 I had one small update, around 150 mb and thats all. Can I update without factory reset, just to update on 5.1.1? or I need to wait until they roll out for this version lollipop? Can someone explain me how to do...