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    Thread [APP][4.4+] n Reader, for technology and programming news

    As a developer we go through a journey, from newbie to pro. In my Android Journey I went through various phases. Learned android my self and then became a professional developer. Released apps like Messaging 7 and Unity launcher, never thought of making fortune by any one of these(and never...
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    Thread Need help, I have SM-930A, I want to flash a SM-930F firmware, is it possible?

    Hello There, I have purchased a Samsung S7 on ebay, they sent Sm-930A instead of SM-930F, I am stuck with this phone now and I can not use any of ATT services as I am outside USA. I want to change my phone to global version. Is there any possibility I can do it?? Please help and let me know how?
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    Thread [App][2.2+]Unity Launcher, Ubuntu Phone Launcher for Android, 2.2+ support added

    Liked Ubuntu Phone? Have you seen Ubuntu Phone Edge Launcher? Now test Ubuntu Apps switch Launcher on your Android phone even before Ubuntu launch ;) Here it is Unity Launcher. A true MultiTasker's Launcher Features: 1. Launch Applications from any where. 2. Select apps to pin into launcher. 3...
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    Thread [App][2.1+] Messaging 7 Alpha V6 with MMS...

    Hi Devs, Check Messaging 7 on google play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.np.wp7msg New Feature MMS added. Features: 1) All Basic MMS App features like Read/reply/delete/forward SMS and MMS.: Done 2) Voice Commands (Just like WP7 Messaging app...
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    Thread [APP] POPUP 7 A Concept Notification Center for Andorid, WP7 themed(Updated V3.1)

    Attached some ScreenShots... HI there, Introducing POPUP 7 A application which shows sms with sender photo and sms contents without disturbing any of your works. It comes from background and disappears. Do not halt/pause your Games, any other work. Amazingly you can access your work even when...
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    Thread Do not get disturbed while playing games and getting sms popup,use Advanced Sms Toast

    Hi guys, I got bored of the sms popup as when i was playing games popups were pausing my game and I was loosing the game momentum.. :-) SO I tried to develop a app which will show sms toast message but on background.. This Advanced Sms Toast is app which shows sms toast when you get a new sms...