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  1. crazy4jack

    Thread MOTO G8 Power screen retention, persistence or bleeding

    Hi im on moto g7 and i have freaking screnn persistence -after using some white app even 2-3 minutes, i have still when i launch another app, i have still white buttons etc on my screen - on dark theme this shows massive:( is this problem is on Moto G8 Power to? cuz on mot g8 plus ifound some...
  2. crazy4jack

    Thread moto g7 screen retention, ghost, burn

    so i bought this phone 1 day ago, was usuing 2 years, and notice just today on dark screen i have some old images from some app, visible only on dark screeen, on reedit r people to who has the same porblem with not only g7, any real solution?
  3. crazy4jack

    Thread Lineage vs google password manager

    So im using LOS 15.1 for Moto Z play, and after flashing Nano Gapps i dotn see to google password manager working, anyone know what to do? or what gapps i have to flash?
  4. crazy4jack

    Thread Is this normal?

    Hi i have moto Z play about 3 weeks, i have sto ck oreo, i did 2 times full reset cuz - when i add fingerprint and i wanna unlock my phone and i put not that finger i have vibration an ofc nothing is unlocking, but whaen i put proper finger nothing is happened, so wtf wahy i cant unlock phone...
  5. crazy4jack

    Thread XT1562 Problem with charging, plz help

    So i have unusual problem with charging, after my battery go to 0% i now cant charge phone in normal way, charging is only in fastboot and only in this mode is working, can anyone havd similiar problem, any suggestion? i dont wanna sell this phone for few bucks
  6. crazy4jack

    Thread Moto camera Sony IMX230

    Hi, so i just wanna ask why on this phone we have a nice camera from Sony, model IMX230 and is capable og that on paper: - 21Mpix rsolution - video rec in 4k and 30 fps - video rec in 1080p in 60fps - slow mortion rec 120fps in 720p - photos up to 4k res with HDR So why we dont have that on our...