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    Thread how to change the korean firmware to the us firmware?

    i just got the v50 and its on V500N20w software verision. is it possible to change it? and when it boots down and loads up it shows SKT5g, what is that? and i cant stand the korean words in some areas and updates and their annoying apps you cant unistall.. thanks in advance
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    Thread Weak reception

    I seem to be getting bad reception in the building i work at, it gets 4g in some areas but 80% of the building i get 3g, and this never happened on my old samsung s8 or iphone 7. Does anyone know how to make the signal stronger?
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    Thread Wifi disconnecting and reconnecting

    My phone will disconnect from wifi here and there at home then reconnect itself but sometimes itll disconnect and stay off my itself and ill have to manually connect it. Why is it doing this?
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    Thread lg v30+ bad cell reception

    so ive had the v30 for a week and a half now and i noticed the reception on it is horrible especially when im at work i only get 2 bars, some spots 1 bar then other spots it drops to 3g at 1 bar.. is there a way to get better reception? ive already messed with the network settings its the same...
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    Thread Screen wont turn on in the dark and blacks out during calls

    I cant double tap to turn my screen on when its dark unless its bright in the room or im outside where its bright the screen turns on no problem, why is this? My old phone lg g5 turns on in the dark no problem when i double tap it. Also when i make or call or recieve a call the screen...
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    Thread how to update lg v30+ to oreo?

    hey i ordered a lg v30+ US998 unlocked online and its on 7.1.2 android version and i heard there is android 8, when i tried to update on the phone it says your phone is not registered yet?? how can i update?