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    Thread Disable sounds on boot and charge

    Hello, Since the update on my mi 10 T pro in, I have a sound on boot and when I charge my device. Is it possible to disable this sound ?
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    Thread Tempered glass for Mi 10 T pro

    Hi, I'll buy this mobile and I'm searching for a tempered glass with full covered screen, and without finger problem on screen. Do you have any idea ?
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    Thread Question Call recorder in global ROM?

    Hello, I'll buy the Mi 11 and I would like to know if there is a call recorder installed. Thx for your answers.
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    Thread Aggregation 4G+ on Sim2 ?

    Hello, I have a Mate 20 since 18 month and 2 sim since one month. I've discovered that the aggregation of 4G+ is enabled only on sim 1. The place of sim2 is only 4G with no aggregation. Is it possible to enable aggregation on Sim2 when I use data on Sim2 ?
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    Thread Call recorder with Oreo?

    Hi, I was using a call recorder with nougat but since oréo, it's not working anymore. I've tried many others, but no success. Do you use one working call recorder?