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  1. nightwolf

    Post Anyone selling their Universal or Variants of it?

    Selling I am interested in selling mine, make me an offer, boxed and unlocked to any network, in as new condition coz i like to look after my gadgets, just got a works fone and no need to carry two just using it at the minute for satnav (which i'll be keeping, sorry)
  2. nightwolf

    Post Active Sync Can not Connect

    Active sync problems all worked fine now thanks for the help guys was thinking of trading in for an Iphone as they have dropped in price to 169 quid ! anyone think this would be a bad idea ?
  3. nightwolf

    Post Screen savers

    god, has it really been 2 years, i have progressed to the XDA II since this was posted thanks to all the help on my post as well as this site. this has to be the best site for this type of phone anywhere on the net... cheers everyone
  4. nightwolf

    Post Steps in upgrading 1.72WWE (Special Thanks to WAXX)

    Ok, downloaded the ROM How do i backup MY rom incase anything goes wrong ? will the upgrade work with a XDA II for O2 UK Network ??? cheers
  5. nightwolf

    Post today screen question

    the .TSK files can be anywhere on your device and the today part will pick them up. even if they are on an SD card. what you need is the theme generator to create them. I'm using one that i had when i had the XDA device just will not update the XDAII so i have to save to HDD first then copy...
  6. nightwolf

    Post xda3 confirmed

    XDA II S review check this link out, may be the answer your looking for. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/09/09/o2_xda_update/ looks good, but i'll stick with the standard XDA II device
  7. nightwolf

    Post Help with SELECT COUNTRY from O2 Active

    What link you after ???? cruisin-thru, you suggestion didn't work i also flashed the ROM from the O2UK web site and it still selects Germany any one got any other ideas? or does it even make a difference ? I also get a problem with Pocket TV and my Camera after playing MPG files...
  8. nightwolf

    Post Where to download IIWPO: Theft protection in ROM

    Being new to all this XDA Stuff, will these files work on XDA II device ? and most importantly, what will they do for the device ? cheers
  9. nightwolf


    it's easier to covert a franky vaugh DVD and install to SD card. watch the full movie ! i think Handango.co.uk have something along those lines, not sure if it's what your after cheers
  10. nightwolf

    Thread POCKET TV - Problems with Camera

    Can anyone help me out ? installed Pocket TV to play MPG files on my XDA II and after playing an MPG file, i get an error in the camera Error message is UNABLE TO SAVE THE CAPTURED IMAGE 36001:500:10 UNABLE TO GET DATA FROM CAMERA DEVICE. this results in a soft reset and then it works fine...
  11. nightwolf

    Post Help with SELECT COUNTRY from O2 Active

    thanks for the warning it just so happens i clicked on the upgrade rom before going on the net and got error unable to locate device ! so i stopped and checked the net and found your message anyone have any idea what is the best rom to upgrade to from mine. getting a problem with the camera...
  12. nightwolf

    Post Help with SELECT COUNTRY from O2 Active

    thanks for the reply i've managed to change it to Ireland and it stayed like that for a while thinking of putting the XDA Developers special rom on and flashing the thing ! cheers anyway
  13. nightwolf


    just checked the software and about button and it comes up with http://www.airscanner.com/mobile/ check it out for yourselves ! hope it helps guys cheers
  14. nightwolf


    Guys I noticed my XDA II device was playing up and things started slowing down and everything checked around and found that there was a PDA Virus released on the net if your XDA or XDAII device connects to a PC while your on the net, then you WILL catch the VIRUS it doesn't seem to be...
  15. nightwolf

    Post No Sound, No Camera - Is is bluetooth.cab fault?

    i get a similar problem after palying an MPEG file via pocket TV get the following message : UNABLE TO SAVE THE CAPTURED IMAGE. 36001:500:10 UNABLE TO GET DATA FROM CAMERA DEVICE i need to know if this is a problem with pocket TV so i can report to them or is it something on the device? also...
  16. nightwolf

    Post Problems with movies

    I transfer movie files from pc to PPC via active sync and have had no bother ! best program to use is DVD to PPC ! find it very easy to use and never failed me yet ! anyone got anything interesting to watch on XDAII then ? cheers
  17. nightwolf

    Thread Help with SELECT COUNTRY from O2 Active

    Guys i have an XDA II and it starts with o2 active. if i go to My XDA and select connections, select country is set to Germany (I need to get this to UK and make it stay on UK) when i change this to UK, device then resets and boots back up. go to check it and it's back to Germany. Do i need...
  18. nightwolf

    Post Extended Ring and Vibration

    Thanks for that, will give it a go. now be able to play with all the REG now. cheers
  19. nightwolf

    Post Extended Ring and Vibration

    will this regedit work on xda II ?? cheers
  20. nightwolf

    Thread Rolph Harris xylophone

    HI all can anyone remember (or is old enough) Rolph Harris xylophone!?? would be great if someone could emulate this for the pocket PC. I still have one in the loft and although the sound is not great, you can get some good tunes going just for the blast from the past can anyone develop this...
  21. nightwolf


    Hi Guys may be a stupid question, but does anyone or has anyone made templates for the XDA II device either the camera part or the caller ID part. these are great and i have collected a few, but would like to have the PIT Creation utility. does this utility exsist? has anyone got a link to it...
  22. nightwolf

    Post Muffled sound on XDAII

    Sounds Rubbish Hi guys i noticed the sound isn't as good as the XDA I when playing mP3's or MPG files on it. does anyone know if there is anything that can be done to correct this ?? other than buying a set of speakers to go with it, doesn't seem much else ! ;(
  23. nightwolf

    Post personalized ring tones

    Personal ringtones is there a way of having different ring tones for different groups of people ringing ???? i want the death march for the mother - in - law when she rings !!! but not when the wife rings or is near the phone. photo contact id allows different pics for different groups of...
  24. nightwolf

    Post Pocket DVD

    not sure about pocket DVD, but i just got the templates for TMPGEN (Freeware) and it converts VCD's down to files small enough to play on pocket PC. i bought MovieJack and convert DVD down to MPG, then run through TMPGEN with the template and there is no loss of pic quality. so DVD (around 4gig)...
  25. nightwolf

    Thread CallerID PIT Tool for creating templates????

    I have just bought an unlocked XDA II and as you may know i am like a dog with two tails. what a fantastic device. this is also is the best site for PDA/Pocket PC Info there has ever been on the NET. :D anyway i have just found some templates for the callerID part of the phone, and it goes on...
  26. nightwolf

    Post Screen savers

    thanks for the help, so where can i get some PC Type games/utils/apps for the XDA FREE??? is there anything out there worth playing around with ? cheers
  27. nightwolf

    Post My XDA got STOLEN!!

    this is all good and well, but there will be always someone out there that says this is a privacy thing and they do not want people knowing where they are using their XDA What should be developed is a Rom that once the owner name has changed, the XDA will then send a message to a server(if the...
  28. nightwolf

    Thread Screen savers

    Hi All i am thinking of getting an XDA (Cheap as well) i assume that they are worth getting then due to the amount of people in here!!! can you use PC screensavers on the XDA ???? cheers in advance for the advise :)