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  1. sa3ad

    Thread how to change tiles size and metro apps font size?

    I have installed w8 cp , it is fantastic , every thing is good and smooth ! But , today I have changed my monitor input from DVI to HDMI when booted the smaller size of tiles get very big and the font inside metro apps get bigger , I know there is 2 sizes for tiles , but I am talking about the...
  2. sa3ad

    Thread [Q] 3g problem !

    ok , i have unlocked my Omnia 7 mango device according to this thread HERE, problem after that is no 3g or 3.5g i tried all solutions mentioned in that post , non worked. no net , only way to get net is to toggle 3g ( Samsung tool ) OFF , to get G and E and phone calls . but if toggle 3g ON , no...
  3. sa3ad

    Thread [Q] how to unlock omnia 7 after nodo update ?

    i did unlock it with chevron7 ( software 7008 ) , and it stayed unlocked after nodo update , one day i tried some codes which one of them made my phone to hardrest it self , so phone was relocked. i tried to restore to 7008 and unlock it again but did'nt succeed , because at stage 2 of 5 of...
  4. sa3ad

    Thread how to save contact to sim on omnia 7 ?

    how to save contact to sim on omnia 7 , pls ?