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    Thread Microphone stopped working on calls

    Hi, I have a Redmi 4a with a custom android 11 ROM (tried a few). Since a few days the microphone is not working on calls. If I record a video the audio recording is ok, so the mic itself does not have problems. Hands-free calls work (loudspeaker), but still mic is muted or very low level...
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    Thread Earbuds defaulting to mono during calls. Can be avoided?

    Hi, I own some bluetooth headsets, which generally work ok in stereo mode wherever I listen to music/videos/Youtube. But during calls those with a physical & electrical connection between left and right ear still deliver the caller's voice to both ears, while the earbuds (separated objects for...
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    Thread Define APN during initial setup

    Hi, I have successfully flashed a new ROM (RROS 5.8, Android 7.1) on my P9 and I'm now at the inital Androd setup. I do not have any available WiFi, and the mobile data is not available yet, due to a missing APN definition for my provider, so the configurator is stuck at "Activating cellular...