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    Thread Stock AT&T rom

    I searched but was not able to find what I was looking for so sorry if this is a double post. I bought my s9+ straight from samsung and would like to install the latest AT&T rom would someone be able to point me in the right direction to get the latest stock AT&T rom? TIA
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    Post [GUIDE] Samsung Galaxy S7 Active (G891A) FRP Bypass Method Using Odin

    I got the first 4 steps but when I try to actually flash the rom I get FAIL!(Auth) and on the phone it says "SW REV check fail: [aboot]Fused 3 > binary 2" Is there anyway to fix this? TIA
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    Thread Loading a rom on my phone

    I have tried several different roms and all of them are giving me the same issue. When I try to load the rom via Odin I get Auth(fail!). I believe I have bootloader V3 but I even tried an oreo rom with no luck. Is there anyone that can provide me help on this? TIA
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    Post S Health, Google Fit and Virgin Pulse?

    I have the same issue and its annoying as hell. This worked fine on my nexus 6p but on the galaxy s8 it made me sync with shealth and now won't sync the steps with my watch. FML
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    Post [Q] Pairs, but no sound in BT headphones

    I am having the same issue. I can connect no problem but I just can't hear anything. I have tried rebooting the watch and when I select google play it asks me if I want to play it on the phone or the device, I select device and click play but nothing happens. I have also tried to pause then play...
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    Post NFL Game Pass

    Is anyone able to post the latest version of game pass https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...gamepass&hl=en ---------- Post added at 05:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:05 PM ---------- So I searched a little harder and found it :) http://www.apk20.com/apk/125245/start
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    Post NFL Game Pass

    Does anyone have the latest version of gamp pass they can post? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neulion.android.nfl.gamepass&hl=en
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    Thread Google play music

    I have the sony smartwatch 3 and I was trying to sync play music from my phone to my watch but everything time I tap the "Turn on music sync" button its says "Google play services needs updating" I have checked and I am on the latest version already. Someone also suggested uninstalling play...
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    Post Using wifi with no phone

    bumb :)
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    Thread Using wifi with no phone

    So I have wifi enabled and its connected but whenever I try to load any app that requires internet it has the cloud with a line through it but it doesn't have that symbol when your on the clock screen (main screen) unless I turn off wifi. Does anyone know how to actually get apps to load data...
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    Thread Sending a text using "OK Google"

    If I say "Ok Google.. Send text to bob... blah blah blah" it will send it using my carrier number not my google voice number but if I go into hangouts and send a text it sends it using my google voice number. Is there anyway to fix that? Also the default sms app in settings is hangouts and I am...
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    Post USB C MicroSD Card Adapter, with Full Size USB A also!

    Can anyone confirm that you can also write to this from your phone. on the site it says its a reader so not sure if you can also write to it from android phone????
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    Post Unable to set Screen lock to none.

    Talk about a bug... That worked perfectly for me. Thanks :)
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    Thread splash screen only

    Sorry if this has already been posted but I put the battery in my phone and it automatically starts but only goes to the first splash screen then stop. I made a video of whaty phone does http://youtu.be/s5RWoP2gapk any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Post NFL Game Pass

    Does anyone have the latest version of nfl game pass they can post on here? TIA :)
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    Thread Location App

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knew of a good app to track the number of times I have been to a certain location. Preferably I would be able to look at say last month or the month before and say I went to the gym 9 times that month or something like that. TIA
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    Post 4.4.2 wtf

    So I just got the update as well and here is my experience I am rooted with twrp. I clicked on reboot & install after getting the message. The phone booted into twrp and automatically installed the update. upon boot it said "Android is upgrading". After the phone booted up I went to settings...
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    Post 4.4.2 wtf

    So I just got the update as well and here is my experience I am rooted with twrp. I clicked on reboot & install after getting the message. The phone booted into twrp and automatically installed the update. upon boot it said "Android is upgrading". After the phone booted up I went to settings...
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    Post [Toolkit] Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.4 [Updated 01/16/16]: Nexus 5 Thread

    Can anyone confirm that root will work after updating to 4.4.1? Thanks In Advance
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    Post 4.4.1 KOT49E OTA Link

    Does anyone know if you loose root after installing the OTA update?
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    Thread sms app for Google Voice

    Does anyone know of an sms app that can use google voice correctly as in it does not show a random number when I get a text from someone in my contact list? TIA
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    Post 10000Mah QI Wireless charger

    Has anyone bought this yet? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FRDNLD8/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If so how does it work? How long does it take it to charge the phone wirelessly vs usb cable?
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    Post stock 4.3

    Sorry, I just bought an at&t phone :P I meant verizon
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    Thread stock 4.3

    Can someone point me to the 100% at&t stock rom without root?
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    Thread default sms app

    I know in settings you can pick the default sms app as something other than hangouts but there is no option to use google voice as the default. Does anyone know how to use just google voice?
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    Thread meenova

    I tried this on my galaxy S4 and it worked perfectly without any extra software but I can't get it to work on my nexus 5 with stock rom and rooted. Has anyone got this working? Thanks in advance.
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    Post Call recording !!!!!

    Yeah that's what I am experiencing also :/
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    Post Activity Trackers?

    I thought google now was supposed to keep track and give you a report at the beginning of every month???
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    Post Call recording !!!!!

    Is this working for anyone else?
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    Post Call recording !!!!!

    to be honest I don't think its actually working it just that you have the volume on high. The way you can tell if it records via line and not mic is to turn down the volume and see if it still records. In my case it did not even though I picked "phone line" for audio source.
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    Post Call recording !!!!!

    this app only records through the mic like all the others :/
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    Thread record phone calls

    Does anyone know of a phone call recording app that will record both sides of the conversation without a custom kernel? TIA
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    Post Getting the LED Notification Light to Work?

    This worked for me, Thanks :)
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    Thread facebook notification

    Does anyone else have issues getting Facebook or Facebook messenger notifications? They were all working fine on my galaxy S4 but I don't get either on the Facebook app or Facebook messenger app. TIA
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    Post cyanogenmod options

    actually the default quick settings would be fine I just want to be able to edit what goes in there also Is there a way to edit the buttons so a long press on home does something different
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    Post cyanogenmod options

    I would perfer to keep the stock rom, I just want the extra menus and options like that.
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    Thread cyanogenmod options

    Is there a way to get cyanogenmod options like having the extra settings options or swiping in the right corner to bring up quick settings screen instead of notifications without installing the cyanogenmod rom?
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    Post [ROM][4.4] BeanStalk 4.4.215 jfltevzw (01-12-14)

    Does the latest version of this rom have photosphere? If so does it work well?
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    Post [ROM][4.4] BeanStalk 4.4.215 jfltevzw (01-12-14)

    I had this issue a few times as well but I did not need to wipe anything. I just pulled the battery and then powered it on and it worked find. Also I should note that I only had this issue when I powered off my device but did not switch batteries or anything.
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    Post [ROM][4.4] BeanStalk 4.4.215 jfltevzw (01-12-14)

    I have this rom install but the gapps I installed for 4.3 does not include photo sphere. will it mess things up if I just install a different 4.3 gapps ?
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    Post [ROM][4.4] BeanStalk 4.4.215 jfltevzw (01-12-14)

    Sorry if this has already been asked but when I search for photo sphere in this thread, nothing comes up. I just installed the 4.3 version of this rom and I downloaded the Gapps for 4.3 but I don't get photo sphere. Any work around for this? TIA
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    Post [ROM][DEODEX/ODEX]][ROOTED] Google Edition 4.2.2 - v1.3

    Sorry for asking again but I still have not figured this out. Google music is storing all files under /data/data/com.Google.android.music and not under /sdcard/android/data/com.Google.android.music does anyone know how to fix this? I'm trying to get the directory to bind to my /extSdCard but it...
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    Post [ROM][DEODEX/ODEX]][ROOTED] Google Edition 4.2.2 - v1.3

    Sorry for asking this question in a different way but I am trying to get Google music to store all offline music on my external SD card .how can I do this where Google music will recognize the offline music in the external SD card as the same song? Basically I don't want the song listed twice. I...
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    Post [ROM][DEODEX/ODEX]][ROOTED] Google Edition 4.2.2 - v1.3

    After I move it how do I get google music to recognize the new folder I put the files in?
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    Post [ROM][DEODEX/ODEX]][ROOTED] Google Edition 4.2.2 - v1.3

    Google Music I have installed v1.3 of this rom and I noticed that whenever I pin music to listen to offline it gets stored under /data/data/com.google.android.music/files/music. I would like to get all the music to be stored on my external sd card as that has 64GB storage. Does anyone know of a...
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    Post [Q&A][MF3] All MF3 Rom Questions Here Please!

    Does anyone know how to get the interface options in settings to show up. On my HTC Rezound 4.1.2 I have 3 sub options under settings > interface > (lock screen, themes, system) not sure how to get it on the google play version of galaxy s4 rom. Thanks in Advance for the help.
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    Post [ROM][DEODEX/ODEX]][ROOTED] Google Edition 4.2.2 - v1.3

    Does anyone know how to re-enable the interface set of options in settings menu? I remember there was an app that would give extra settings for the google keyboard but I am unable to find it. Does anyone know where that might be? Thanks in Advance.
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    Post [ROM][DEODEX/ODEX]][ROOTED] Google Edition 4.2.2 - v1.3

    I just installed v1.3 and I am getting a lot of force closed error messages on boot and I am unable to use the phone because they keep repeating, any thoughts on how to fix that?