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    Thread (Help) Unlocked carrier Google pixel 3a xl but with grey OEM

    So I purchased a Google pixel 3a xl from eBay and there is a locked version that has been locked to sprint, but I think this phone has been flashed with a stock google rom allowing it to use any carrier. The problem is when I try to unlock OEM in the settings it's greyed out with 'cannot unlock...
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    Thread (Help) Unlocked carrier phone with a greyed out OEM

    So I bought a unlocked google pixel 3a on ebay a few months ago and the OEM is greyed out. It says under the OEM that it can't be unlocked because it's carrier locked but I checked and it let me switch carriers. I'm not sure what's wrong with it and any help would be great.
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    Thread Help Google Pixel 3a Stuck In Fastboot

    So I was trying to install magisk using fastboot and it installed successfully however when I tried rebooting it it just kept booting into fastboot. I tried installing TWRP but I got an error = (FAILED (remote: Error verifying the received boot.img: Invalid Parameter) My bootloader is unlocked...