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  1. rakeshbro

    Thread Rip my Nexus S

    Last year all of a sudden my phone just died I guess. It turned off and neven turned on after that. When I put it on charge it starts heating up and so sign of life. :(
  2. rakeshbro

    Post Battery Life & SOT

    Rip my u ultra battery life, draining like potato from few days.
  3. rakeshbro

    Post Bootloop HTC U Ultra (no modification)

    What you guys actually did to the phone? like did you flash a ROM or downgraded from oreo to nougat or something else that caused this problem?
  4. rakeshbro

    Post charging issue

    There's a button for that. ;)
  5. rakeshbro

    Post charging issue

    Copy boot.emmc.win to fastboot or adb directory then use this command! Fastboot flash boot boot.emmc.win
  6. rakeshbro

    Post charging issue

    Yes, Flash the stock boot.img using adb.
  7. rakeshbro

    Post charging issue

    Did you flash stock boot.img after restoring stock twrp backup? If you didn't, then maybe that's causing bootloop ;)
  8. rakeshbro

    Post Did you get Oreo update already?

    Ppl were crying for oreo update, now they are worrying about future updates. It's android not ios that you can't update/install to latest version of android, if device manufacture decide to stop support for official update. We have xda so just chill and be patience. ;)
  9. rakeshbro

    Post Android oreo

    Just be patience. Device is already running smooth on Nougat. Fast updates always comes with bugs. Let the dev make a good one till then wait :D
  10. rakeshbro

    Post U Ultra was bootloop and can't open download mode and recovery

    That's sad. Can you tell me how did it happened? Did you tried to flash your phone with a custom rom and device got bricked something like that?
  11. rakeshbro

    Post Stop working problems after 4 days!

    Sounds like during update installation it got interrupted. You have to download stock rom(RUU) and flash it tho a computer.
  12. rakeshbro

    Post Is HTC forgotten U Ultra ?

    Just be patience most of the device didn't even get android n update XD. Better wait and let the dev make an optimized/healty update. :D
  13. rakeshbro

    Post U Ultra was bootloop and can't open download mode and recovery

    crap, how did it happened and how old is your device?
  14. rakeshbro

    Post HTC U ULTRA 64GB for 275€ in amazon... worth it?

    Just received mine. Paid $272 for it. What a beautiful mobile it is, also smooth as butter. I'm in love with it :D :D :D
  15. rakeshbro

    Post sony z2 in 2018.

    My z2 got stolen last month. Just bought hTc U Ultra few days ago...
  16. rakeshbro

    Post Can't Boot to Download Mode Or Recovery

    Problem solved for now, I'll update the thread later!
  17. rakeshbro

    Thread Can't Boot to Download Mode Or Recovery

    I've formatted the tab using latest twrp recovery after that I did a restart using recovery and it was taking long to boot back to recovery and force restarted it by holding power button. Now I can't boot to reocovery or download mode by holding volume down + power button & up + power, it does...
  18. rakeshbro

    Post Xperia z2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not turning on

    Still running kitkat? Try using Lollipop Or Marshmallow version rom!
  19. rakeshbro

    Post [ROM][P51xx][4.4.4] SlimKat

    Many Thx Android-Andi for the update, back to kitkat rom :D Last rom was cm android 6, which was giving certificate error on stock browsers(I now the reason ;))
  20. rakeshbro

    Post flashtool eror when flashing rom on my Z2

    Which version of windows you are using? and did you install the necessary drivers?
  21. rakeshbro

    Post Magnet Charging Cable Question

    Update : Looks like battery or device mb screwed!! Battery won't charge after 96-97-98% and display goes on/off on/off when it reach 96-97-98% and after that green indicator + charging indicator goes on/off as well. Not going to touch magnetic charging cable anymore XD
  22. rakeshbro

    Post Magnet Charging Cable Question

    I know now :laugh: Don't know if, I've to replace magnetic flex cable to fix (battery not charging after 96-97% and device goes on/off when battery is charged with green indicator on/off as well) I also did a fully discharge on my device today and charged it when device was off. And it charged...
  23. rakeshbro

    Post Magnet Charging Cable Question

    Well mine lights up blue just by connecting it to device and without any power source from any usb device. I think it happend right after connecting it in wrong direction.:cyclops: :(
  24. rakeshbro

    Post Magnet Charging Cable Question

    You are lucky then. And now I'm having charging issue. Device display goes on while charging with usb charger and doesn't turn off automatically! :crying: Btw does your magnetic cable lights up if you connect it to device without any power source?
  25. rakeshbro

    Post Magnet Charging Cable Question

    Your device magnet charger still working? I think mine went dead or have to buy another to test if the magnet port is dead or not!(The led on the magnet charger,lights up blue when I connect it to device wihout any power source:laugh:) However I don't live in UAE I just imported it from dubai...
  26. rakeshbro

    Post Magnet Charging Cable Question

    F**k. Shouldn't have connect it :laugh: But I'm happy that Device booted without dissembling the device. F##k Magnet charger/cable XD
  27. rakeshbro

    Thread Magnet Charging Cable Question

    I've got this http://uae.souq.com/ae-en/z3-titanium-magnetic-charging-cable-with-smart-led-color-change-indicator-for-sony-xperia-black-7770328/i/#Reviews cable a few days ago. And It was charging fine as it should. But today I did something stupid/funny. I've connected the cable opposite side...
  28. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    Answers : 1. No bro it won't unlock your boot-loader And this rom is for D6503 so if u are going to flash it on your D6502 Make sure u flash the D6502 patch right after flashing the rom, which can be found here on xda on other stock based rom thread. 2. As your device is already running the...
  29. rakeshbro

    Post [ROM][P31xx][5.1.1] Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 AOSP-Project

    Is it possible to fix hotspot issue? Can't use shareit :P Other than everything on this rom is working great :D
  30. rakeshbro

    Post (Tool) (Locked & Unlocked BL) root and recovery for 23.5.A.1.291 WITHOUT downgrade !

    1 - Download flashtool from Here and set it up, If you are using windows 8/10 then I'll suggest you to boot windows using driver signature verification off(If you don't know how to do that, You can ask google about it :p), Otherwise usb drivers from flashtool may not install, And you can find...
  31. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    Download Kingroot and root your android stock lollipop rom : Link Then Install recovery from here : Link I think you've already unlocked your device bootloader by flashing an Aosp rom. And LB/UB On the Tittle Bar Means, Locked Bootloader/Unlocked Bootloader, Which means It's for both LB/UB Z2...
  32. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    You will need to have a recovery to flash this rom, Which version of rom you are using at this moment? Maybe I can give you instruction to install a recovery! ;)
  33. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    You will have to flash a stock rom then root/recovery it and flash rom + bootloop fix again. I've also faced this issue, After that I've always used that bootloop fix.
  34. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    Nope! Are you trying to create your own or trying to flash mine? I am using it from 4th August 2016 and dirty flashed over previous version of MM Build. Not a single unwanted reboot yet. :cowboy: If you are having random reboots, Try doing a clean install, Maybe you are using custom modes...
  35. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    You don't have to format storage, Unless u want to :) Just format cache, dalvik cache, system, data.
  36. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    There's a button for it, Anyway You are Welcome.
  37. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    By using this two apps ;) Internet Speed Meter And Insta Premium (theme) Nah as I said I don't use Xposed.
  38. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    I don't have those issues, that u are talking about and I did a dirty flash over 575. For Me this Build is better than all previous mm build for sure. If u are using Xposed or some other mods, Makes sure to remove them 1st then try flashing the Rom, Good Luck!
  39. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    Yes. For Me it doesn't matter from which version of rom I'm coming from , I can't get it boot unless I flash the bootloop fix. If it's working for you without the fix, that sounds good. ;) Do u even know what error means? :laugh: 1st of all I don't use xposed stuffs :p Here's a list of my...
  40. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    Yeah I saw some feedback on "23.5.A.0.575" build as well that some ppl didn't flashed bootloop fix and they got it boot. But for me I'd to flash bootloop fix to get into os. I remember Last time when I was on MM build "23.5.A.0.570_R4D" I've like 350+ apps installed on my z2 and after a few...
  41. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    As I already said "RecRootV4_combined" Includes Root + Recovery. So u don't need anything else. ;) Except Bootloop Fix :p
  42. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    "RecRootV4_combined" Include all of those stuff as well as recovery ;)
  43. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    Can't say since I don't have a D6502 Model. Try and let me know if it works ;)
  44. rakeshbro

    Post Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    Because that's a life saver for Z2 with Prerooted rom. That's the only bootloop fix exist here on xda for now. Can you try flashing without it at see if it boots? And report back here! Unless u wanna waste some times on re-flashing LP rom and rooting it again to get back on a rooted mm rom :D
  45. rakeshbro

    Thread Sony.Z2.D6503.PreRooted.Customized.AU.1281-9715.23.5.A.1.291 (Root+Recovery)(LB/UB)

    Info : Greetings and Welcome. Here's the latest firmware update for Sony Z2(D6503) Build23.5.A.1.291_R4D with (Recovery + Root) Enjoy! How To Flash : Method 1 Clean Flash : 1. Download Prerooted Rom + Bootloop Fix and place them on ur device storage, 2. Reboot to Recovery, 3. Do A Full Wipe...
  46. rakeshbro

    Post Official Marshmallow 6.0.1 For Xperia Z2 Discussion

    God Damnit, Stuck on 50% always XperiFirm download interruption, But I'm Not Giving up untill I finish downloading,, XD
  47. rakeshbro

    Post Official Marshmallow 6.0.1 For Xperia Z2 Discussion

    Ohh yeah. Downloading............................
  48. rakeshbro

    Post Flashtool and Windows 10 v1607

    Try restart Windows 10 with Disable Driver Signature Enforcement from advance startup and install the drivers from there, and reboot to normal usage, this should fix this problem.