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    Post Can't flash AOSP roms after MIUI 12 Android 11 roms.

    flash last fw in rom chanel after reset recovery and flash rom
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    Post LG G6 oreo don't show google asistan animation

    I think lg broke it again
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    Thread LG G6 oreo don't show google asistan animation

    Google assistant animation doesn't work after new update.can you help me
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    Post help please

    Tr It's not even a version of. The problem is a loaded application but I could not find which one. With Greenify, it stopped right now
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    Post help please

    I am using G6 tr. Bootloader lock does not open. I can not do it because of him. Why it might be
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    Post help please

    I've done it before, but it happened again. the third time it happened.no other solution
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    Thread help please

    When I install or update a new application, the application opens automatically. Can you help me
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    Post Oreo beta December Update

    a little look at the home
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    Thread LG V30 Oreo

    plss make video v30 oreo vs nougat
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    Post Huawei Ascend Mate 7 stock browser

    past "priv-app" allow for https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4zPfqMtc6FxUVpIWUJCX2NaRkk
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    Post [UPDATE] Ascend Mate 7 not-stock-derivative ROMS development status

    What is the situation. when it will go out :)
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    Post Mate 7 come Android N ?

    Yeah. According to sources in Italy in February will be updated :)
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    Thread Mate 7 come Android N ?

    Mate 7 come Android N ?
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    Post Xposed 2.7 experimental version feedback

    5.1.1 will it support :crying: