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  1. Hannibal226

    Thread [OTA] OxygenOS 10.0.11 (INT) 10.3.3 (India)

    Hi guys! Here you see the info about newest OxygenOS version for the OnePlus 7T: Changelog System - OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z can now be integrated with Dolby Atmos for better sound quality - Optimized the volume adjustment to improve user experience - Improved system stability and fixed...
  2. Hannibal226

    Thread [ROM][Official][8.1.0][Hammerhead] Resurrection Remix Oreo v.6.x.x

    Included Main Features Changelog Installation Instruction - Download the latest build - Download Gapps - Take a nandroid backup - Recommended - Full wipe and factory reset - Flash ROM using latest TWRP recovery - Flash Gapps - Reboot. - Enjoy! Update Insturaction - Download the latest build...
  3. Hannibal226

    Thread [MOD][stopped]FoxHound 2.3 Modifications (NavBar)

    Sadly development is stopped by raffaele88 and as there also was some problems on latest build I'll stop this project at this point. U always can modify the navbar by urself. For this u only need the 'Android multitool' and from the specific Rom the 'framework-res.apk' and 'SystemUI.apk'...
  4. Hannibal226

    Thread Home button little noise [10.5]

    Hey guys, Bought my tab today and now recognised that the homebutton is fine at all, but when u really light pressing it (for me on the right half side), there is a noise/sound appearing... Anyone else can confirm that it's not just mine? CHEERS EDIT: As more as I checking this, I also see...
  5. Hannibal226

    Thread Cloud Storage Services

    Hey ladies and gentlement! As I'm already recognized a high resonance via G+, I thought I'll start a OT-Thread here related to the topic - Free Cloud Storage - As for sure a lot of ppl has another priority and subjectiv opinion on different cloud services, but I think we all are fair and...
  6. Hannibal226

    Thread [Q] Icon size back to stock size after reboot

    Hello together, I already asked this question in N5 section, but I want to open the circle as I think it's not related to the device and maybe some more minds needed ;) Please check this thread here for my prob: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2641256 Thanks in advanced for...
  7. Hannibal226

    Thread Icon size won't change after using xposed

    Hey guys, long time gone since I asked something in Q&A section, but no idea anymore... I tested xposed framework again after some time. Problem always was the icon themer module which always want to get activated, even it already was. This time I could change the icon theme once and...
  8. Hannibal226

    Thread [Kernel][JellyBean] ♦ Siyah vsync v4/5 ♦ [Mali patched][gokhanmoral,mcm811,Rush85]

    [Kernel][JellyBean] ♦ Siyah vsync v4/5 ♦ [Mali patched][gokhanmoral,mcm811,Rush85] ♦ Update♦ [2013/06/07] I talked with Rush85 about new releases and changes. He would lovly update and work on kernel again, but for now he is to busy and so there aren't any updates. As far as time and with it...
  9. Hannibal226

    Thread [Poll]♦RootBox Theme?♦

    Decide if the RootBox should get it own theme. If yes, should it directly be integrated or only available via theme chooser as a `third-part-theme`. Please only vote if u use the RootBox urself! Thanks for voting. :good: CHEERS ;)
  10. Hannibal226

    Thread [ROM][4.2.2] RootBox ♦ Support ♦ Help-Index ♦ Discussion [i9300]

    Welcome to the official Support Thread for the RootBox Rom build by Bajee11!!! In this thread you can ask any question which relates to the RootBox! Before you start please take a bit time and read the following... ♦ Team ♦ First we want to introduce the team behind this thread...
  11. Hannibal226

    Thread [ROM][4.2.2] RootBox ♦ Support ♦ Help-Index ♦ Discussion [i9100/i9100g/n7000]

    [ROM][4.2.2] RootBox ♦ Support ♦ Help-Index ♦ Discussion [i9100/i9100g/n7000] Welcome to the official Support Thread for the RootBox Rom build by Bajee11!!! In this thread you can ask any question related to the RootBox official builds! Before you start, please read the following...