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  1. HoldMySoul69

    Thread [KERNEL] Pruh Kernel [EXYNOS7870] [ANDROID 10]

    Pruh Kernel for various Exynos7870 Devices... I am not responsible if flashing this kernel bricks your phone or causes thermonuclear war and ends the world as we know it. You have been warned. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO MAKE BACKUP OF BOOT PARTITION. If you take anything without my permission...
  2. HoldMySoul69

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] SpeedROM Mod for A3 2017

    Disclaimer I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if...
  3. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Bug or feature?

    See the screen and tell me, if you have it too! Device A3 2017 Android 8.0.0
  4. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Help.

    I'm new to this kind of phone, so i have 7.0 android and i want 8.0 android! Model is A3 2017 a320fl. What i need to do to sucsessfuly upgrade? (Sorry for broken english)
  5. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Help!

    I need help fixing camera on J510FN firmware for J500FN i have tried almost everything, but nothing works, i have all logcats .so files all i need to make it work but i don't understand why it isn't working. I got to the point where camera app just crahses. Any input will be helpful, hopefully!
  6. HoldMySoul69

    Thread [MOD] (DISCONTINUED) SpeedROM by Rooting_Pro18 V3

    [CENTER]Disclaimer: [CODE]* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before...
  7. HoldMySoul69

    Thread help.

    I use miui 9 on samsung j5 2015 and i want to overclock it, but all links are dead to kernel and i cant download them. If anyone can help me, i am begging you, please help poor guy with this. (I need Hardcore kernel 2.147ghz oc + gpu oc. Many thanks! Btw. Developer didn't answered me.
  8. HoldMySoul69

    Thread help.

    can someone tell me how to install drivers for this phone? (SM-G361F) I installed all versions of Samsung drivers but still my pc cannot recognize device. PC os is Windows 8.1
  9. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Development Question

    I currently building Kernel from Sourse witch is not mine or Samsung's . I want to ask about GPL v2 or something like that. I want to publish it. If someone knows what i have to do to make it public possible, reply please.
  10. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Solved unknown brick!

    I installed KangVip Rom backup and got unexpected bootloop! 1. It powers on starts boot after bootanimation aperance it dies (reboots) and loops again! Here is what i did to unbrick it. 1. Flashed Stock Rom (no success) 2. Flashed Boot Cust System in Fastboot mode (no success) 3. Restored My...
  11. HoldMySoul69

    Thread OTG support?

    Hi, I removed my back camera because it was broken! I installed Aida64 and got this! I never seen this before! What is wrong with my phone?
  12. HoldMySoul69

    Thread help.

    I need help. I cracked my screen recently, and it makes my Proximity sensor unusable, can anyone tell me how to disable it? It is really annoying making calls, and receiving them!
  13. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Helpp!

    Help me someone with this. In screenshot it have some error, i faced it first time! What i did you may ask? 1. I flashed B574 firmware to get 4.0 EMUI, for downgrade! 2. I flashed rollback package. 3. I flashed B132 firmware (ota small package) 4. Got Brick 5. Erased all data and flashed b574...
  14. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Great News!

    Magisk Root now Works on Nokia 3 Device! You can flash it on Twrp recovery, and no errors comes up! (Like software update stopped working and cust manager) it requires stock boot image. Link https://www.mediafire.com/folder/n2dmcnfjl7mz88h,4771ez9ddvccuim In link, there is Magisk and Boot.img
  15. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Recovery installation

    Just simple guide for twrp recovery installation Instead of using fastboot boot recovery.img use fastboot flash recovery recovery.img it will permanently write recovery in to your phone!
  16. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Viper For Android special Mod For Nokia 3

    Hey Nokia Users Today i will give you special mod for Your Nokia 3. Warning Warranty will be void, i am Not responsible for any damage caused to your phone!Make sure you have backup and TWRP recovery installed on your device! Do not PM me for solution, use this thread instead! First -...
  17. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Nokia 3 Oreo Android

    Edit: there will be no ROM in future! Sorry!
  18. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Hello!

    Does anyone know where I can find stock rom source code? Maybe kernel source? I making Team for ROM development, but unlikely i can't find any source code!
  19. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Help! Urgent!

    I want fasted External SD card, I tried formatting to EXT4 F2FT and other's likely nothing worked! So I came here to get some Experience! You have something to say? Say it! Negative comments and feedback I won't appreciate, and I won't answer! Have a good one!
  20. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Help.

    So, I use stock ROM, and i got problem, when I connect to BT and wifi at the same time and using them, wifi speed drops from 30MB/s to like 0.2 KB/s (same as not working at all). Using Custom ROM there is no such problem! Is there anything to do with it?
  21. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Okey! This is Not Good!

    Can anyone can help me with this? I tried to change shell path! - No Success I tried from PC - No success! I don't know what is wrong! I remember it worked fine, but now, it's not!
  22. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Development!

    Hello, experienced developers, I want to ask, how much RAM, CPU, GPU do I need for real development? I currently have Asus Laptop With 4 GB RAM 2.4 GHz processor (can be Overclocked to 3.2 GHz) GPU Intel HD Graphics, and External Geforse GTX 1050! If You think I lie, search on Google and you...
  23. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Hey!

    Hi, a long time ago I started to work on this phone, but... There is some issues and other things, all I ask right now is that called "overclocked" kernel, why? Silly question, but good answer. I will try to edit powercofig files to see what changes, also, will try to edit some other things, but...
  24. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Hey Everyone.

    I recently installed xposed v88 and I makes my sim card crash(cannot call or send messages) does anyone know solution for this? I love xposed and this kinda crash I got first time! P.s on other versions it crashes too.
  25. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Help.

    Does anyone use Software Called Kitchen ROM editor, or idk :D. I seen a lot of tutorials and they all was about HTC some other China phones! If Someone used it to Make Huawei Custom ROM, Let me know! I have no idea how to use it.: D
  26. HoldMySoul69

    Thread [EMUI] Need Help To Overclock

    Always check my latest response!
  27. HoldMySoul69

    Thread No os installed

    Sometimes we do crazy things with our phones, like accidentally deleted Phones OS, This steps will be easy enough to even don't have brain! WARNING - Do this on your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage caused by you! Step 1. Be patient person! Step 2. Download and flash latest...
  28. HoldMySoul69

    Thread helpppppp

    Can anyone help me with screen record app with internal audio recording? Google play store apps sucks as much my broken motorcycle
  29. HoldMySoul69

    Thread trouble with CDM

    Hey, I just updated my PC to latest version so I can't open cdm. It asks to open PowerShell Command prompt, witch I can't use to flash images! I searched in Google how to disable it for ever, but no answer. Can anyone help me?
  30. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Help

    Can someone explain me, why i have Mali 450 GPU not Mali 450(MP4)?
  31. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Hola

    Hey, i hqve problem with battery and i wanted to calibrate my battery, but at 3% it shut down, so i can't, is there any xposed module?
  32. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Biggest Question And Biggest Problem Revolved.

    All Of Huawei P8 Lite Users want to know why we see only 4 cores online! And now I am going to answer your question! In The screenshot you can see 0-3 core have 7 files and other 4-7 have only 6 files! So.. Now What file is missing? Cpu Freq file which cannot be written in to system! But We have...
  33. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Hey, all!

    I want to build Custom Rom, so I ask, what I need to build perfect ROM, P.s I bought new PC so now I can get to my ROM creation!
  34. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Solved problem! Downgrade Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21

    So, I had problems with my Huawei and I can't downgrade it! Me and persona78 tried to downgrade it, because I had "Hard" Cust witch means just file cannot be overwritten by fastboot or TWRP persona78) so I started thinking harder then ever! So, I managed I have 4.0.3 EMUI, but there wasn't...
  35. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Solved problem! Downgrade Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21

    So, I had problems with my Huawei and I can't downgrade it! Me and persona78 tried to downgrade it, because I had "Hard" Cust witch means just file cannot be overwritten by fastboot or TWRP persona78) so I started thinking harder then ever! So, I managed I have 4.0.3 EMUI, but there wasn't...
  36. HoldMySoul69

    Thread hellllpppp

    I want to downgrade my phone from 6 to 5 but I don't have PC to recover TWRP so I ask everyone can send me system boot and cust imagies? I will appreciate that!
  37. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Hey!

    I know i am annoying but, get to this path /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu4 and find out my 4-7 core is 0 not 1 that means they isn't working, real question is how I can change this file, some system files are not able to modify! Please help me!
  38. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Hey, Dev's

    I have problem, can anyone tell me, can I flash Official ROM Via TWRP? I tried but no success, so, I ask You for help!
  39. HoldMySoul69

    Thread 4cores?

    Hi! I seen post like this before but I wanted to know why my phone (ALE-L21) have only 4 cores? I tried to modify CORE File in system , but I Failed! Can anyone tell me is there solution? Flashable Zip file? .img file?
  40. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Bigest problem ever

    I have problem, I can't write emulated folder where is obb files for big apps like CarxDriftRacing, does anyone know solution? I can't change permissions!
  41. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Hey!

    Hi, i have a problem, I instaled Lineage on Dual Boot, but, i just can't install Gapps! Via In-app flasher/Twrp recovery! I just can't! But the tricky part is this, it changes all On my Primary Rom, not in Lineage! Soo, can anyone help me?
  42. HoldMySoul69

    Thread downgrade

    Can anyone help me to get back to 5.0 android? I live in Europe and i have B600 Firmware! I tried B132 or something like that, but i got Hard Brick! Now i restored all my ****, and i want to Get Downgrade, without Bricking my Device, I have Huawei p8 lite ALE-L21 Dual Sim!
  43. HoldMySoul69

    Thread IDK

    I don't know what is that in Screenshot! Can any one tell me? I can't modify it, and can't view that!
  44. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Help!

    Can Anyone Tell me, witch app is best for gaming boost? Like L Speed, but that isn't working for me!:( So, if You know best app, share it! Thanks!?
  45. HoldMySoul69

    Thread error

    I have problem! I gain Root access to Sb Game Hacker but, i got Permission denied! I uploaded screen shots from Sb game haker and Superuser Record log! Can anyone help me? I have Huawei Ale -L21 B598 firmware.
  46. HoldMySoul69

    Thread Root Method

    Beginning - 1. Step First Unlock Your Bootloader, and Flash TWRP recovery! 2. Step Boot in to recovery and Flash SU 2.62v systemless mode,(Search in google for it) 3. Step Wipe Cache, reboot. Update Superuser to lastest start app and Update Su binary, reboot 4. Step Now start app And Make sure...