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  1. lseidman

    Post [APP] 3DM

    Not just them, no. More than one source, therefore listing multiple sources likes it's a book report I think is irrelevant nor anyone's business. However, before you can do anything in the App, you're asked to login with it if you'd like to search via Thingiverse (which also allows you to do...
  2. lseidman

    Thread [APP] 3DM

    3DM will let you search and download 3D Objects to print with your 3D Printer.
  3. lseidman

    Post PiCAST, Chromecast-like Pi Device

    I don't know what that is, but from your explanation, I will say no, unfortunately. Any screen your Pi is connected to, will have processes performed on it remotely.
  4. lseidman

    Post PiCAST, Chromecast-like Pi Device

    Actually yes, the whole project has gotten a re-design in general. Less requirements, faster loading and only need a single web page. Using Sockets, so the project is smaller and a lot safer.
  5. lseidman

    Thread PiCAST, Chromecast-like Pi Device

    What is PiCAST? I couldn't get a Chromecast cause it was sold out, so I tried to build my own and within 3 Days I decided to release the PiCAST and now almost a week in and we have [YouTube] Video! So, I am trying to make it like the Google Chromecast BUT completely open, free, and hopefully get...
  6. lseidman

    Thread Wireless Power & Charger (Android, Windows Phone, & Raspberry Pi?)

    So, I have been playing with Wireless Power for a bit with my Nokia Lumia 920 but now I am kick-starting a project to make a cheap edition BUT also letting those who do NOT have WP built-in, the ability to hookup a Micro USB plug to have Wireless Power. Anyone have any suggestions on if they...
  7. lseidman

    Post [App+Hardware] Pulse Monitor

    The problem is, each watch/wristband is different on how it receives and permits connections.
  8. lseidman

    Post [APP] Waitlist

    Waitlist Packaged & Deployed! Here's some photos from the updated App... The App supports all 3 Tile sizes... App also supports ARM & 1080P? Yes... But guess more of that info to come out in a few Months.
  9. lseidman

    Post [App+Hardware] Pulse Monitor

    I definitely would, just I don't have any of those devices. Maybe they'd let me borrow one, I will look in to it.
  10. lseidman

    Post [App+Hardware] Pulse Monitor

    Thank you and actually I do make a Smartwatch, called the WEDA. Completely open platform. Works also with all Bluetooth enabled Tablets, Android, and yet to test with iOS. Unfortunately, not enough people backed my original Indiegogo but I have my last attempt coming up but waiting for great...
  11. lseidman

    Post [App+Hardware] Pulse Monitor

    Thank you so much!
  12. lseidman

    Thread [APP] Waitlist

    Ever want to go to that special restaurant or place in general but usually too busy and never know when to go or stay? Waitlist is here to help. We'll tell you the right time to 'GO' and using our algorithm, try to predict the best times to go as well and also allow patrons at the location to...
  13. lseidman

    Post WEDA Smart Watch

    See the Demo of the WEDA in Debug mode... http://youtu.be/AYjvThoKqBI Check out the TechCocktail review: http://tech.co/wearing-digital-introduces-an-open-platform-smartwatch-for-developers-and-students-2013-04
  14. lseidman

    Thread [App+Hardware] Pulse Monitor

    Hi Everyone, As you may remember, my last project was making the Bluetooth RC Car Controller for WP8 (Get the project at: https://github.com/lanceseidman/iRacer_Controller; Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af6iGyM64Gk). I've now taken my Base Project...
  15. lseidman

    Thread WEDA Smart Watch

    Hello, My startup and I have been working on an Open Smart Watch (we call a glorified Lifestyle Notification Center), more details shortly but will work with any Bluetooth Devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Surface, Raspberry Pi, Laptop, Desktop, etc). It is lightweight, flexible, it...
  16. lseidman

    Post Any chance of getting FM receiver to work on WP8?

    Let's pretend it doesn't exist. However over at the TechMeShow I was making an FM Transmitter and now uses my Bluetooth module for "FM Radio" streaming. It's hardware, not just Software.
  17. lseidman

    Thread [App+Hardware] i-Racer Controller (Open Source)

    Ready to use your RC Car with your Windows Phone? I was and have made my own small controller based on the i-Racer. My project/App is OPEN and allows you to configure it for your RC Car. https://github.com/lanceseidman/iRacer_Controller See it in Action...
  18. lseidman

    Post Homepage on Internet Explorer?

    Easy answer? Unfortunately... It's no. :(
  19. lseidman

    Post Using an Arduino via Bluetooth to Windows Phone

    FULL PROJECT ONLINE: https://github.com/lanceseidman/Arduino-Bluetooth-WinPhone8
  20. lseidman

    Post Using an Arduino via Bluetooth to Windows Phone

    7.8 is not compatible with most Bluetooth functionality, it's extremely basic. Only 8 has actual decent functionality. If you had 7.8, I would recommend using WiFi+Web Server and have a page with all the commands you want and would obviously be accepted/used via Web Browser.
  21. lseidman

    Thread Using an Arduino via Bluetooth to Windows Phone

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been very active for awhile but only because I am trying to do big things for Windows Phone and Hardware Hackers alike. I've been making Hardware to interact with my Arduino/ATTiny/ATMega Projects. Why use Arduino? They're very popular and one of most open...
  22. lseidman

    Post [REF] NEW WP7 D&H "Sticky" Thread | Read Before Posting | Leave Sticky Requests Here

    I have not forgotten you guys, please keep my sticky :).
  23. lseidman

    Post [GUIDE] Install Windows 8 to a Tablet/Slate from USB

    First I recommend you remove the stick from any device and only plugged straight in the stick. Also, did you create the USB Stick with the Microsoft USB Stick Creator? If not, try it and also let me know what you used previously.
  24. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    One more update coming, actually 2.
  25. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    Ah I see... Uhm, I can put something like that in, somewhere. I'll check out the YouTube API.
  26. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    What do you mean the next video? Also, the update has a Channels UI :)
  27. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    Absolutely! It's in the Windows Store now. :)
  28. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    Awesome, hope it works for you... Also, don't need translating yet but the next version when you can login and so forth will probably need your expertise.
  29. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    Currently in 40+ Countries... If it's not available, most likely the country doesn't permit YouTube. A bunch of Countries deny my App.
  30. lseidman

    Post Recommended WP8 Apps

    Hmm, doesn't seem to be true at the moment.
  31. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    The App is now in the Windows App Store... http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/mytube/0fd0d07b-4fe1-4bc6-8553-b38ec52e8da9 I am still working on a side-loading option that doesn't expose the important parts of my App.
  32. lseidman

    Post Recommended WP8 Apps

    You should be able to modify sounds in your Settings. As for the LIVE Tile for a Clock? I would say, give it a Month and I am sure something will come out. Just recently we got the SDK (well, the general public). Also takes forever to get these App's accepted.
  33. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    Just to give an update... Working on getting the code encrypted... I was going to leave it unencrypted till I figured out one minor process and my whole App Source becomes available for stealing... Which the big problem with that is? Besides all my work gone to hell, my API Keys/Secret Key...
  34. lseidman

    Post [APP] Health Center

    Available now for download!
  35. lseidman

    Post [Q]Hacking Windows Media Center on Windows 8 Enterprise RTM

    I understand that his method it wasn't successful but on SOME Enterprise TechNet Key's it HAS worked. You can "Google" that. Also, since you both use Google, you'd notice Microsoft never claimed WMC would work on Enterprise. If you're Norweigan, it'll work on Enterprise (without TechNet...
  36. lseidman

    Post XDA-Developers app not available in Market? [edit]

    A new WP XDA App will be coming soon I feel.
  37. lseidman

    Thread [APP] Health Center

    This App was designed to be a quick and easy Pill Search for Brand/Generic pricing.
  38. lseidman

    Post [Q]Hacking Windows Media Center on Windows 8 Enterprise RTM

    This actually belongs in Windows 8 General, not here. Nevertheless, I will answer this for you... Did you visit http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/feature-packs? I assume you did since you say you have a Serial Key, correct? When you actually get that email, press Windows-W...
  39. lseidman

    Post [Q] Best Language to Create Metro Apps

    C# by far. VB is getting better though...
  40. lseidman

    Post [Q] Change Account Type from Hotmail to Outlook

    I don't get it? You visit outlook.com via IE and it doesn't obtain your Hotmail Account and/or it sends you to Hotmail and not Outlook? Let me ask you, did you go to Outlook.com, log out of your current logged in Hotmail account and login to your Outlook account ([email protected])?
  41. lseidman

    Post Developing Win8 App - How to create tiles/buttons?

    You should lookup an example for Styles. Using styles prevents you from having to constantly do that and call it via a StaticResource in binding. As for animating buttons? That's something you'd most likely have to build on your own.
  42. lseidman

    Post [XDA TV] Show your Free App!

    Good news everyone, I have reviewed all your App's and shortly look for them in a future episode. :) Also, have a WP8 App? Let me know!
  43. lseidman

    Post Windows 8 Start Menu Hack

    I made a video recently showing different ways you could have start-menu LIKE experience without the Orb on my TechMeShow video (http://youtu.be/10aKOuF6hXA) but at the same time? I also show you how Classic Shell can be used and different options. Only reason I am offering the video here is...
  44. lseidman

    Post Developing Win8 App - How to create tiles/buttons?

    Hi, If you're looking to do a transition, you should be writing it in XAML for your App. In this case? You could use EntranceThemeTransition Class. How exactly would you do that with a button? Like this: <Button x:Name="btnNameHere" Content="My Button" Margin="0,15,0,15">...
  45. lseidman

    Post [tool] BreakIt - Enable Sideloading on Windows 8 Pro / Standard

    FYI: You can side-load App's as follows (w/Dev License ASAP): 1). Run PowerShell as Administrator (Find PowerShell, Right-Click, Left-Click Run As Administrator (bottom left). Note: You may need to run: Show-WindowsDeveloperLicenseRegistration 2). In PS Type: Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted...
  46. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    FINALLY Issues with the upload + obfusicator.
  47. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    Package has been made! I'll upload it today.
  48. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    Sure going to try :)
  49. lseidman

    Post [APP] Tube (YouTube) BETA - 10/18

    Actually thinking I have to export it as a non-App Store App. Trying to see how an installer may be needed and done via Desktop or not.