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  1. sToRm1nG

    Thread [Q] Restore EDL Functionality on an A2017G after flashing Universal Oreo BootStack

    Hi @ all I switched to the latest official LineagOS 15.1 and everything works like a charm. I realized that the Button Combo for EDL does no long work as already mentioned in the LineageOS thread. No problem so far since I can reboot to EDL via adb. However, I would really like to restore this...
  2. sToRm1nG

    Thread [Collection][GUIDE] HTC One Stock Recoveries

    I will provide the different Stock Recoveries for the HTC One which hopefully suit your Nandroid Backups. ;) Credits Thanks to crushalot who provides the RUUs and OTAs on htc1guru.com and at xda-developers.com: [COLLECTION][GUIDE] HTC M7 RUU, OTA, and Stock Nandroid Downloads Thanks to Guich...