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  1. chrisfales

    Thread Ad on lockscreen

    I searched first but couldn't find anything. Anyone know how to disable ads from showing on lockscreen after few seconds of turning on phone? It won't go away. I can still unlock like normal but the ad is there hiding my lockscreen wallpaper.
  2. chrisfales

    Thread S-off but bootloader shows "locked"...

    Any issue with this? or should I try the HTCDEV unlock method again? I was unlocked but not sure when it went back to locked. Had to be during flashing something I guess. Thanks Hboot is 1.15
  3. chrisfales

    Thread 4g San Antonio!

    It's on...sorta. Dropping out a bit but working. Just fyi peeps. Sent from my LTEvo
  4. chrisfales

    Thread HW versions?

    03 here. Really just seeing if there are any different ones out there. If nobody else cares, just let it slide on down in the list. :) Sent from my LTEvo
  5. chrisfales

    Thread Flashable Sony sketch font...

    I've tried to flash every version of sony sketch font I could find in these forums and no luck! Anybody have one that they could get to work and how did you get it to flash? I have only tried the ones you can flash through recovery but it never seems to take when I boot back up after. Thanks
  6. chrisfales

    Thread Hope someone can help...

    Figured it out...phew!!!!! Freaked out a bit
  7. chrisfales

    Thread Reverting back to a nandroid of 2.3.3 after updating?

    So i've updated to a pretty stock 2.3.4 and did everything but the HBOOT. Is it ok to revert back to a nandroid of a 2.3.3 rom that I liked just as well? thanks
  8. chrisfales

    Thread Amazon appstore app...

    Anyone else not able to login? Sent from your face
  9. chrisfales

    Thread [Q] Keypad/Lockscreen notification issue...

    All of a sudden I can barely (and i mean barely) hear the little click when you lock and unlock the phone. And the key tones when dialing are hardly audible as well. I have checked to see if all my volumes are up and they appear to be maxed out. I didn't mess with any settings at all that I...