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    Post Can portrait mode be ported to the pixel xl?

    From what i can tell: Back Camera: obviously uses the dual sensor (NOT dual camera but two sensors). The phone then does some processing with information from second sensor to give you that "portrait mode" effect. Some say it's better than with dual cameras...idk about that Front Camera: now...
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    Post Lg g6 hidden menu!

    I still don't quite understand the inner workings of how LG makes the app scaling work. If you switched DPI to <500 via adb it basically stops working, BUT so far I've not seen one app with weird graphics, even netflix: all i have to do is press the maximize button a second time when the video...
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    Post Can We Enable System UI Tuner

    I really can't understand why companies like LG find it necessary to remove these things...I mean, it's not like it's a feature that can confuse some people (which is the only good reason I've heard for this type of thing) cuz this is pretty hidden to begin with.
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    Post [ROM][Dec10][7.1.1]MegaPixel6P - Doing what Google should have...(discontinued)

    Wait..google has two feeds? I've NEVER seen two feeds in my google, and I just moved from stock w/root.
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    Post Any hope for the WiFi?

    Hmm, it may be. I've heard of a few people RMAing their device for this, but it was okay with 6.0 (it came with 6.0), i think; So i'm holding up hope.
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    Thread Any hope for the WiFi?

    I recently purchased this device. And Wifi has been, not just abysmal but downright non existent. It was okay in 6.0 but when i upgraded it became worse now with 7.1 Beta it is unusable. I don't even care about having 7.1 Beta or Wifi speed anymore, what version or ROM will give me workable wifi...
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    Post Went to see the new Nexus 6P yesterday didn't get it...

    THIS exactly this for me. It's good I guess, stops me goon spending money. Though I getting a little worried that nexus line may move completely away from anything over 5.5-5.7" ...time will tell I guess. Also I had no idea about the 810 being crappy I, like the OP was almost ready top pull...
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    Post Root done right

    That answers it perfectly, thank you. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post Root done right

    Not installing this, asking if THAT root does odd things like reload selinux? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post Root done right

    Thanks for the answer so: 1. the complex part of things does mostly come in when you need to do things on non-Nexus devices (which is what I thought as well)? 2. A rom like CM nightly which has root "built in", wouldn't need to do any weird haxor type things then? (like reload or circumvent...
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    Post Root done right

    Thanks for answer, actually I root for only one reason: lcd_density change. And yea what you say makes sense. More to the point, I was looking for a more specific answer, why do we need to "reload selinux"? Wouldn't rooting just be as simple as installing a Rom that has the "missing stuff...
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    Post Root done right

    Stupid question warning <warning> This is a dumb question and I know it. I AM NOT asking this to be a troll, or to incite a war (which i 95% guarantee will happen). I am genuinely asking a question that has bothered me for YEARS and have not been able to answer it myself with any amount of...
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    Post [ROM]&#12304;7.1.1&#12305; N6F26U -&#12304;Stock&#12305;&#12304;Lite&#12305;- 03/14/2017

    Well, I couldn't find m bootloader and radio anywhere, do had to do the other way. I'll upload it somewhere in a bit though Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM]&#12304;7.1.1&#12305; N6F26U -&#12304;Stock&#12305;&#12304;Lite&#12305;- 03/14/2017

    Yep, I wasnt sure though.. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM]&#12304;7.1.1&#12305; N6F26U -&#12304;Stock&#12305;&#12304;Lite&#12305;- 03/14/2017

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=63146153&postcount=1003 (not verified but from what the post says it's noforce encrypt created from MRA58K). Make sure you do this AFTER updating ofc.
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    Post [ROM]&#12304;7.1.1&#12305; N6F26U -&#12304;Stock&#12305;&#12304;Lite&#12305;- 03/14/2017

    Depends on if your phone comes with 6.0, likely not SO: Update to M You can manually flash M, doing it the easy way/following Google's instructions will wipe data... Unlock bootloader Flash TWRP Wipe Flash boot.img (no force encrypt version..I'm not sure this is necessary though) Flash...
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    Post [ROM]&#12304;7.1.1&#12305; N6F26U -&#12304;Stock&#12305;&#12304;Lite&#12305;- 03/14/2017

    Omg you're Canadian too? Now all the more reason to never use another ROM.. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM]&#12304;7.1.1&#12305; N6F26U -&#12304;Stock&#12305;&#12304;Lite&#12305;- 03/14/2017

    Wow,I had no idea, cool Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM]&#12304;7.1.1&#12305; N6F26U -&#12304;Stock&#12305;&#12304;Lite&#12305;- 03/14/2017

    What new image? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM]&#12304;7.1.1&#12305; N6F26U -&#12304;Stock&#12305;&#12304;Lite&#12305;- 03/14/2017

    Anyone tried the new franco yet? How is it compared to hC if you have? Btw, idk if it's MM or hC or what but holy crap I've never seen so much battery life on a phone I own..I finally have as much as those inexplicable jerks who post battery life pics I'm always jealous about [emoji12]
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    Post Nexus 5x Camera

    "SOL"? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post Nexus 5x Camera

    Finally got through doing that. Copied the apk into /system/app/GoogleCamera and the .odex into the folder inside there that contained the previous .odex. Rebooted and still cannot find the app in drawer/search or anywhere...any help?
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    Post [Marshmallow][6.0][Q] Smartlock completely broken after M update

    Ok so consensus seems to be that location at least IS broken for a lot of people...I'm not sure why though, at least it's not just me.
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    Thread [Marshmallow][6.0][Q] Smartlock completely broken after M update

    Hi all, I updated to android-M (completely wipe then installed stock rom). Since then, all the ways of smartlock do not work at all. I checked location access all the apps have it, including system apps (in app permissions). Please help. Has anyone sucesfully gotten Smartlock to work with android-M?
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][N6] Chroma

    the same dac and cable that I have used with nexus 7 (2013), nexus 4, nexus 5 and oneplus one with absolutely no issues is absolutely not working. The dac plugs in, and gets charged (so the host mode etc is working) but the USB AUdio is NOT getting routed via the DAC.
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][N6] Chroma

    Heh ok. Well, basically "USB Audio" something that was advertised by google and touted as one of the "new" features in android L, and..I can't remember correctly but I am pretty sure "nexus 6 has usb audio" was either said or at least implied. As such, no such luck. Not being whiny...just...
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][N6] Chroma

    Actually my biggest issue is USB DAC. USB drives work (intermittently) though
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][N6] Chroma

    USB DAC Please can someone tell me how to get USB DAC to work? OTG works (albeit my cable is VERY loose, but it works), but my DAC does nothing.
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    Thread [Q] [Urgent] USB DAC support

    First off, the reason this is urgent, is that I only have a few days to return the device to get a full refund (really poor return policies where I live). Now to the issue: Does anyone know of any ROM or way to get my USB DAC to work? If it doesn't I have to return this phone because it is a...
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][N6] Chroma

    no OTG support? really? O.o
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    Post [Q] 5.1.1 Stock rooted

    yea I saw that, thanks. was just curious as to why thru stopped. between rooting, installing twrp and a kernel that doesn't encrypt, I was hoping to have a clean all in one solution
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    Thread [Q] 5.1.1 Stock rooted

    Hi, I just bought the nexus 6. I would like to get a hold of stock rooted 5.1.1 so i can install it. No such seems to exist? Not really sure why, did interest in Nexus6 die down in the last month or two? I was sure there'd at least be 3 different threads about 5.1.1 rooted or similar, but i...
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    Post [ROM] [5.1.1] Stock rooted LMY47Z - Init.d, Busybox, Decrypted boot.img

    link Not sure why interest in stock rooted all of a sudden died out, but the link on this one is broken and it seems to be the only one of 47Z stock rooted.
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    Post Battery Life Discussion

    See I don;t get it. I do the same stuff you are, maybe even less email TBH, i don't really look at the time that often, maybe 2-3 times a day...and i get 8-10%/hour drain (sometimes goes up to 15).
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    Post [17.04][ROM][5.1] CyanogenMOD 12.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    The # means su binary needs update, open su app and do that.
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    Post Moto 360 Indian Thread [Pricing, Availability,Discussion,Reviews, Support and More]

    I talked to moto about warrantly claims and they SPECIFICALLY said that moto warranties are NOT international. I went to the US site and tried registering my moto360 as a "device" in the "my devices" thing, and it didn't show up and the support guy in US site said that he couldn't even find the...
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    Thread [Q] REQUEST USB DAC support with lollipop

    Is it possible for anyone at all to build a rom or kernel with usb DAC support?
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    Post [Q] Android 5.1?

    The problem is, sometime early in the merge/cleanup process of CM12 they made the switch to NuPlayer and dumped all the work, codecs etc on that, I am not fully aware of the details, but it basically goes that as good or bad as NuPlayer is even at this stage Awesome Player is utterly unusable...
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    Post [Q] Android 5.1?

    Question: can it handle USB DACs? Because it doesn't look like CM12 is going to be able to. I feel your pain. Personally, it's not just the time thing, it's the random things that REALLY should be at least half working by now, but hasn't improved in "how well it's working" since CM12 branch was...
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    Thread [5.0]Official CM12 Nightly USB audio issue

    Am having issues with audio usb, is there anyone else using Cm12 with USB audio (specifically USB DACs)? The problem is twofold: Poor audio quality. Not even sure how this is happening, since i am using FLACs and a DAC - but audio quality is MUCH poorer/more staticy than same file/DAC combo on...
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    Post possible lollipop!!!!

    Is there a way to apply the update without adb sideload? (The .zip is currently sitting inside memory of the watch).
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    Post [Q] Mute connected phone not working for calls

    wear app 1.0.5 doesn't fix it, looks like this is YET another issue that will never get fixed.
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    Post possible lollipop!!!!

    YEa i know, i was hoping you would be able to capture the URL from where it downloaded it (not unlike the ones listed here) via adb logcat whilst it was downloading
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    Post possible lollipop!!!!

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    Post No Android Wear news

    LOL "next week" I like that..it's *almost* funny.
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    Post possible lollipop!!!!

    Hmm I swear I was told that the internal testing guys had 1.0.6 not 1.0.5, at any rate this app looks identical without the wear update, which - if what happened with the LAST TWO wear updates is any indication will never happen for me. Can anyone spread the word around on how to post a .img...
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    Post No Android Wear news

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    Post No Android Wear news

    At this point I am finding it more likely that I will find a live unicorn on wednesday