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    Thread Nillkin (Synthetic) Leather smart case

    Hi, I've stumbled on this http://www.nillkin.com/En/NewsView.asp?ID=1820 and it looks interesting... I found it on AliExpress http://www.aliexpress.com/item/MTK6575-3G-Phone-B79M-Android-Smart-phone-4-3-inch-capacitive-multi-touch-Screen-new-MTK6575/493024469.html but they are sold in...
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    Thread [Solved] On the problem of broken bookmarks

    I have added detailed instructions at the end of this post for those willing to try this solution Hi, this post is meant to be as a place to discuss the "missing bookmark" problem, spread the findings on its causes and, if possible, find a solution. As many of you have noticed, the stock...
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    Thread [Solved] Help starting B&N standard Reader from Android Launcher

    Hi, I am trying to start B&N Reader app from ADW (or any other launcher...). I found the 'am' command that should be able to send an intent to an app but, being an absolute beginner with Android coding and its inner working I am not able to use it as I want. What I am doing is: # am start -a...