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  1. HundalRedXtreme

    Thread [ Review ] Htc Desire 828 Dual sim - Selfie King

    HTC Desire 828 Dual SIM HTC Desire 828 belongs to HTC’s range of camera smartphones where the UltraPixel camera, first introduced in the original HTC One, is now in the front. With UltraPixels, HTC says the sensor size is bigger and captures better selfies, even in low-light and has a 26 mm...
  2. HundalRedXtreme

    Thread Is there any chance Htc Desire 828 Dual sim will get a Marshamallow update?

    As you all know that HTc launched a list of devices that were going to get android 6.0 but that that list was launched before the launch of desire 828 running on lollipop along with Htc one A9 running on 6.0 So, i just wanted to know is there hope?
  3. HundalRedXtreme

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Htc Desire 828 dual sim Htc Desire 828 dual sim
  4. HundalRedXtreme

    Thread (Htc Desire 828) Hey Developers! Could You Please make A forum for HTC desire 828

    So many people have bought this phone including me.....everything Good with phone but no forum on xda and that bugs me....so i just wanted to let developers know that we too want some custom roms for the phone and necessities....So Pls Create a NEW DEVICE FORUM
  5. HundalRedXtreme

    Thread Leaked iPhone 6 motherboard has NFC chip

    Leaked iPhone 6 motherboard has NFC chip Some new images of the iPhone 6 motherboard PCB have leaked from French website NowWhereElse. The PCB is bigger than the one on the iPhone 5s, hinting at the larger size and the screw slots align with the previously leaked case designs. But the...
  6. HundalRedXtreme

    Thread [Q] [COC] is it possible to hack clash of clans upgrading time by hacking its clock

    ahhhh ...i m just really fed up of coc now....because of time it takes to upgrade anything.....so I was thinkin If the clock in the game could be hacked somehow to upgrade things instantly... Possibe or not I would really appreciate some replies.. :)
  7. HundalRedXtreme

    Post [ROM][Nokia X] Vanilla AOSP/Code Aurora [4.1.2][2014-04-08]

    in call audio solution mic SOLUTION To activate microphone for incall use you MUST: 1. Plug in a headset 2. Open the FM app 3. Go to settings in FM app and select to use speakers 4. Close FM and disconnect headset 5. Profit You must repeat this after each reboot click thanks if helped
  8. HundalRedXtreme

    Post News about CM11 - Nokia X

    I installed it earlier....and it was an awesome rom....but it would be nice if they fix RIL soon....that's the main feature of a phone...I think they will fix it...hope so.. :)
  9. HundalRedXtreme

    Post [Q] [Nokia X] in call audio mic not working after flashing custom rom by dhacker29

    Thnx rizwan.....I'll try it :) :) :) Sent from my Nokia_X using XDA mobile app
  10. HundalRedXtreme

    Post [Q] Android 4.4 kitkat for Nokia x

    miles away from being called as stable its not at all stable....camera not working,sim not recognised,wifi not working, and biggiest thing long press home button not working LIKE IF HELPFUL :)
  11. HundalRedXtreme

    Post [Q] Vanilla AOSP/Code Aurora [4.1.2] - whats app device not supported

    got a soultion buddy hey buddy use whatsapp chats widget to get into chats...jUST double click on widget.. like if helpful :)
  12. HundalRedXtreme

    Thread [Q] [Nokia X] in call audio mic not working after flashing custom rom by dhacker29

    HELP NEEDED when I flashed custom ROM by dhacke29 to my nokia x... My mic in phone calls is not working ...no one is able to hear me..whereas it was written in the thread.. that mic issue is solved..but it wasn't . :mad: :mad: so I wanted to know how can I resolve it...there was no problem...
  13. HundalRedXtreme

    Thread [Q] [Nokia X] how to restore the backup made by stock nokia recovery

    Help Needed When..I was to install the AOSP VANILLA custom ROM by dhacker29 on my Nokia X RM 980 ... I made a backup using nokia stock recovery and installed new custom ROM..when I wanted to return due to b bug that caused ..no voice of mine was being heared by the other person... I flashed...
  14. HundalRedXtreme

    Post [guide][how to][no root] how to make your android device to run iOS 7

    Screenshots Sent from my Nokia_X using XDA
  15. HundalRedXtreme

    Thread [guide][how to][no root] how to make your android device to run iOS 7

    :) Today everyone cannot afford an iOS 7 device but they can afford android... So everyone wants to experience the iOS 7 ..... By just installing few apps you can do so...guys for downloading remove space before ( com ) and remove space after (https:\\ ) in every link as im new I cant post...