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  1. reddead66

    Thread Which is the latest build for the Indian unit?

    I want to move back to stock and the naming of firmware is a little confusing. Can someone specify the full name of the firmware i should download?
  2. reddead66

    Thread Stuck at 'Your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted'. Can't enter recovery

    I was flashing a rom and followed all the steps correctly: unlocked bootloader, flashed twrp, rooted and then flashed. Everything worked fine on the first go but the phone app was foreclosing instantly so i rebooted into recovery to wipe data and cache. After doing that my device is now stuck on...
  3. reddead66

    Thread Are there any Stock roms based on 6.0+ ?

    I only see the stock factory firmware collection by lost which are fastboot fw with no modifications.. I was wondering if there are rooted,zipaligned etc.. Roms for indian moto g?
  4. reddead66

    Thread Bought a new Moto G.. Moto Display unlocks to black screeen, should i return?

    I recieved my Moto g 3rd gen today and after playing with it for a while, i figured out that when i use the 'drag down to unlock' on moto display, the phone unlocks to a black screen...i can feel vibrations when i touch the screen but can't see ****...pressing power multiple times also doesn't...
  5. reddead66

    Thread The Homescreen Thread!

    Post all those dope homescreens!
  6. reddead66

    Thread Error in a few modules

    I have just started using xposed and been trying a lot of modules... i wanted the heads up hide module and it gives me an error "Downloaded file is not a valid APK(Incompatible)".. i got the same error in one another module...i forgot its name though. BTW i am using a Redmi note 4g and i am...
  7. reddead66

    Thread can samsung camera work in CM/AOKP roms?

    as the title says, can samsung camera work in CM/AOKP roms?
  8. reddead66

    Thread Menu and Back key Not working

    i gave my old g3 to my sister and now the back and menu keys won't respond.... they stopped responding a long time ago but i didn't do anything since i was busy... i doublt reflashing might help? but still will give it a go... any help/advice?
  9. reddead66

    Thread [COLLECTION][WALLPAPERS] Wallpaper Stash

    Hey guys! I am a avid collector of wallpapers and i am constantly searching for new ones, from now onwards i will be sharing all of them here:victory: Do let me know if you like them:good: NOTE:ALL IMAGES ARE NOT OF SAME SIZE 1st BATCH! |Click the image to view original size | |Download...
  10. reddead66

    Thread Jelly Bean 4.1 Wallpapers

    i extracted Jelly bean wallpapers pack.... pack has 12 beautiful wallpapers....ENJOY:D --------------------------------
  11. reddead66

    Thread Instagram for Android !

    So Instagram is out for Android Features
 ☆ 100% free custom designed filters and borders ☆ Lux works its magic by making your photos more vibrant and brings out details in your photos you couldn't see before ☆ Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare (Flickr coming...
  12. reddead66

    Thread [APP] Instagram for Android - Apk

    Finally Instagram is here! Link to Play store: HERE [SHOWS INCOMPATIBLE] Link to MediaFire: HERE CONFIRMED WORKING ON GALAXY 3 :) My Instagram
  13. reddead66

    Thread One S coming to india in may!

    it has been officially confirmed by HTC that one S will be launched in india by next month(may) yippe....who else is exited:D source
  14. reddead66

    Thread Post Your Homescreens!!!

    Since HTC one S has been launched in a few countries already! its time we have our own HOMESCREENS thread..... Mod speaking Please be so kind to name what apps, widgets, mods, etc. are used on your screenshots regards kurniawan77
  15. reddead66

    Thread [CM7 Lock] MIUI Lockscreen LDPI - WORKING

    I just tried this and works perfectly fine with cm7 just download the zip and flash zip via CWM and select the lens style in cm7 lockscreen style... download http://www.deviantart.com/download/262885452/miui_locks_for_cm7_by_zdunex25-d4cijpo.zip credits to ZduneX25,[CM7 Lock] MIUI...
  16. reddead66

    Thread [App]MIUI Lockscreens

    Everyone Loves MIUI right? and also their beautiful Lockscreens Till the time MIUI is ported to our phone.. we can enjoy these MIUI lockscreens without MIUI Rom... MiLocker is free app by original developers of MIUI which lets anyone with any android phone use the MIUI lockscreens... this app...
  17. reddead66

    Thread Galaxy R Gaming Discussion

    hey... Galaxy R Gaming Discussion lets discuss all about gaming in this one thread...
  18. reddead66

    Thread APPS2SD on CLASS 2 SD CARD!

    i never tried APPS2SD coz i had a class 2 8gb SD card... but now i am getting tempted to try it as my app needs are more than the phone's storage....:D i read somewhere it will cause a lot of lag:confused: should i use it or not??? any class 2 SD card users who tried apps2sd??
  19. reddead66

    Thread Sense 3.0 lockscreen for galaxy 3

    Get the sense 3.0 lockscreen for galaxy 3[confirmed working] SCREENSHOT FROM GALAXY 3 FREE version PAID version ALSO POSTED ON MY BLOG: get-sense-3.0-lockscreen NOTE: THANK ME IF I HELPED:)
  20. reddead66

    Thread Difference b/w i9020 & i9023

    So iam thinking of getting a nexus s slcd i9023 indian version.... And would like to know if there are any other differences besides the screen..... Sent from my GT-I5800
  21. reddead66

    Thread stock music player and gallery

    hey i need the stock music player and gallery,i kinda miss them now:rolleyes: if someone has these files please give me a link or upload i will be very thankful:)
  22. reddead66

    Thread Music starts automatically

    Since few days my mobile starts playing music automatically.but only on other players not on stock.I have tried WINAMP,MIUI,player pro. It happens after I listen songs. And also when I select winamp it starts playing even on pause. I was on ddjp2 earlier and now on greenmods pox,but the problem...
  23. reddead66

    Thread Call drops and No signal

    So here iam with yet another problem....here goes my story Purchased the phone in nov 2010 and had airtel connection at that time....happiness ended in just 2dayz after facing some serious Call drops,went to service centre and all they did was a factory reset,nothing changed.....everyone...
  24. reddead66

    Thread wipe battery stats

    guys i have been getting very poor battery after i flashed my phone multiple times on a day... i already tried the calibration app but it did nothing.... now how to wipe battery stats manually??
  25. reddead66

    Thread problem solved[delete this thread]

    i was trying to flash but i am not getting the recovery menu....i am getting "forced upload by pressing key" i am on jpm....can anyone help?? EDIT:GOT IT RIGHT,I WAS ONLY PRESSING UP VOLUME KEY
  26. reddead66

    Thread [Q] [kernel] noob help!!

    hey? so there is much buzz about fugumod kernel blah blah so as a noob representing the noob g3 users community [i hope there are some other than me:p] my questions: q1,differnece b/w rom and kernel?? q2,how to use one?? q3,if it overclocks then does it drain battery too fast?? q4,are...
  27. reddead66

    Thread need urget help!! stuck at bootscreen

    i tried to put up a new gingerbeard theme on my i5801[india] but did something wrong and now my phone is stuck at boot screen.... i am a noob and need help in reflashing my phone.... i had 2.1 stock and now i am thinking of flashing with 2.2 or other rom??[suggestions needed] i read that you...
  28. reddead66

    Thread miui rom for our phone

    guys i have been looking around and trying out new things on my galaxy 3 .... already rooted it,changed boot animation etc etc but now iam keen to try out a custom rom ......and there are many options available for our phone but the best looking rom i found was miui rom... my question to devs is...
  29. reddead66

    Thread root apps

    just rooted my i5801 with z4..... i heard we can increase the battery life after rooting by clocking???how?? and also can i use rom manager app to install custom galaxy 3 roms??? any other apps which are must have for a rooted phone??
  30. reddead66

    Thread Gaming on g3

    we all bought galaxy 3 happily bcoz of its low price and the fact that it will support froyo but in a month or so after trying out some games on g3,i felt like i should have gone for some other phone[even g5 does better]:confused: android market has lots of games,but most of them are just...