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  1. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Need to Wipe Samsung Chromebook 3 V.94.0.4606.28, 64 bit

    I have an issue that I think calls for as clean of a wipe as I can do, and start again with Factory Settings. But I will take any advice anyone may have for me. The problem I am having is caused, I've read, because I put it in Developer Mode when I first bought it. On powering on, I get the...
  2. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Installing a web-app onto Fire 7", 9th Generation

    Probably not a whole bunch of fans of Bigfish games but I love them ;) What I am wondering is if it's possible to get the same Bigfish Game Manager on my Fire 7", 9th Generation? I looked around after reading about downloading from Google Playstore, which of course ;) I have on my tablet, but...
  3. G0ldengirl68

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V23.0

    Somewhere, I think in the Amazon Fire Toolbox installation site, I read if you didn't find the name of your Fire (version) to ask for help anyway. Meaning that they would see if they could figure something out, was how I took it. But I'm sure you'll get a response to your question. I found it...
  4. G0ldengirl68

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V23.0

    (y) Looks good on that bigger screen too. Pickin some different icons, and looking for a wallpaper that'll suit me, sure love that toolbox, Dern, good job @Datastream33 , thanks much!
  5. G0ldengirl68

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V23.0

    I love my Nova Launcher I added on my Android phone, but wasn't sure if I was going to do that on my Fire 7, but I think I will ;) Good reminder I can do that @Datastream33 ;) I like the Tooney icons I got at android looks. Here's my girl'y Home-screen.
  6. G0ldengirl68

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V23.0

    I saw that, and that's the one that I decided not to disable!! Thank you @Datastream33, you have a great day too :)
  7. G0ldengirl68

    Post [WINDOWS][TOOL]Fire Toolbox V23.0

    Hey @Datastream33, Anyone having issues with the bloatware showing up again on Fire 7", 9th generation tablet, after Fire did an update? I did use V. 17.1 and it worked. Several hours later in the evening, I opened the tablet and all the bloatware was back, and the Fire indicated it had...
  8. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Toolbox to remove Bloatware..

    ..from Amazon Fire 7" (9th Generation) tablet. I downloaded the Toolbox app V.17.1 and it worked great. Removed all the apps I do not need or use. This was early afternoon, and when I opened my tablet in the evening, all the apps were back and there was a message saying Fire updated. So when...
  9. G0ldengirl68

    Post Kindle Fire 7", not HD, won't download and install apps..

    solved: For whatever reason, it just downloaded, and installed so who knows ;) It's working. I don't see where to mark "solved" so left this message ;)
  10. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Kindle Fire 7", not HD, won't download and install apps..

    ..even after a complete reset. Is there anyone around that might help me figure out if it's "done for" or it can be fixed? I've tried other apps to make sure it was just the app, and also, the wifi is very good. I tried in different rooms, and the one where my router is. Very, small...
  11. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Wipe out Chrome OS on Samsung CB 3, replace with Windows 10

    I have tried to like this Chromebook but I don't. So before I buy a tablet running Windows 10 I want to try and replace the OS on this CB. I can't find any input for this year, 2019 so I want to check around for directions that are up to date. I realize my CB hasn't changed since the year it...
  12. G0ldengirl68

    Post Removing Verizon presence on my Moto G6, need help

    Thank you so much! I think this will work for me :)
  13. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Removing Verizon presence on my Moto G6, need help

    I have gone with another carrier and my Verizon Account is closed. The new carrier ported over my phone number, and this a.m. I got to update to PIE version. All has gone smoothly. I do have to ask for help getting rid of the Verizon Apps. For example, "my verizon" has no "uninstall". Since...
  14. G0ldengirl68

    Post Moto G6 update to Pie (9.0) re hotspot

    I just updated this a.m. to Pie. I don't use my phone as a hotspot, but I did go into settings to see if it would work. It does except I don't have it set up with a password (haven't set up a hotspot account with Verizon) so I'm thinking it would still work. That's all I can add, but maybe...
  15. G0ldengirl68

    Post GSM/CDMA question, Want to switch from Verizon to..not sure yet

    They will unlock, so that won't stand in the way;) I'll google what you said, and take a look, ty again!!
  16. G0ldengirl68

    Post GSM/CDMA question, Want to switch from Verizon to..not sure yet

    Really great news! I have a XT1925-12, that should work I hope?? Can't thank you enough for your reply!! I'm good to go then ;) Thank you again Nooljaw!
  17. G0ldengirl68

    Thread GSM/CDMA question, Want to switch from Verizon to..not sure yet

    I'd like to find out for sure, if I can use my phone I've purchased through Verizon, with another company. It's a Moto G6 and in the settings, it gives the option for either GSM and CDMA. I am confused because a person I called (customer service) said I could not use that phone. Can someone...
  18. G0ldengirl68

    Post Anyone have calls dropped using Nova Launcher?

    The Verizon rep didn't say Nova Launcher was the cause, he said the same thing you did basically, that some apps can cause issues. I was the one asking you or someone, if the Nova Launcher could cause issues like I was having. I'm going to go ahead and put it back on, and would like to use...
  19. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Anyone have calls dropped using Nova Launcher?

    I've reset to factory settings on my Moto G6 because Verizon customer support said some of my apps could be causing my calls to drop intermittently. I also had my Nova Launcher installed which I love, but had never used before this phone. I also had ads coming up when "waking" the phone and...
  20. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Chromebook 3, need help with possibly a sync issue, but not sure

    I have a Chromebook 3 and I have Facebook Messenger on it, as well as my other devices like my phone, and PC. My PC is on all day, and so is my phone, so that is where I use the Messenger the most. Later on I may open my Chromebook to play on it for awhile and all the Facebook messages I...
  21. G0ldengirl68

    Post [Q] How can I test an .apk to see if it's "safe" to install?

    I love the apk I got from androidlooks.com, here a pic. I'm running Nova launcher and the theme is Toony:
  22. G0ldengirl68

    Post [Q] How can I test an .apk to see if it's "safe" to install?

    I tried this site and I like it because it goes into a lot of detail after analyzing and sends me a report in email. It was mentioned, and it is still available to use: https://apkscan.nviso.be/ Thank you for the heads up on MB, I use that on my PC and works great:)
  23. G0ldengirl68

    Post [Q] How can I test an .apk to see if it's "safe" to install?

    This threads out of date, but it has me thinking I want to use something as mentioned in several replies to OP. Are there any sites, or apps that can warn me if an .apk (for example) has malware etc.? Thanks in advance for any help, including a link to another discussion that may have my...
  24. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Using Nova Launcher, and adding .apk for theme

    Hi all, I am loving Nova Launcher, and found a few themes I like in Playstore. I also found a site this a.m. that I would love feedback on, Android Looks There are tons of themes to choose from but I am not sure about the .apk files. I've used them before as I installed them for Google Play...
  25. G0ldengirl68

    Post Need a case for G6 XT1925-12

    I did find a case, and it really is perfect for me. I'll share the link here for anyone looking in the future. This one is a transparent type, but I like it. It didn't come with any extras, but still good delivery time, and packaging:) I would buy from this seller again. Thank you all for...
  26. G0ldengirl68

    Post Want to make my own Icon Pack/Theme..

    Thank you, I'll check it out. :D
  27. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Want to make my own Icon Pack/Theme..

    ..and really enjoy designing both online and off. Is there a sort of "beginners" guide to making an Icon Pack App, and maybe a whole theme? It may be way over my head to actually do this, but I would really enjoy trying. Any help, or advice much appreciated, Denise PS I don't have a lot to...
  28. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Need a case for G6 XT1925-12

    I can't seem to find what I want for a case, just very few on Amazon, Walmart sites. I would like to find a reputable site where I can have an account so I can find these things, besides just those stores. My phone is 6" x 2.75" by my best measurements. An odd-ball, which is usually the...
  29. G0ldengirl68

    Post Moto E 2nd Generation user, wanting to buy a G6

    Hey all, thought I'd let you know I ran into all kinds of hassals with Verizon because I bought the Samsung through Walmart. Long story short, I just exchanged the Samsung for what they had in a Motorola (at Walmart) which was a G6. I really like it, and feel so much better "driving" a...
  30. G0ldengirl68

    Post Moto E 2nd Generation user, wanting to buy a G6

    I feel pretty good about my decision after reading and watching a couple of videos and especially from hearing person to person from you guys thank you so much!
  31. G0ldengirl68

    Post Moto E 2nd Generation user, wanting to buy a G6

    Ok, I had to check, but mine will just be a Moto Z3, pretty sure. Because that's what Verizon is providing for me and I don't think Verizon sells the Z3 Play. Also, I am hoping I can update to the Pie, because I really like pie, lol!! I think it's pretty amazing per the video I am watching, I...
  32. G0ldengirl68

    Post Moto E 2nd Generation user, wanting to buy a G6

    Thanks again MB, it looks like I'll get the Z3 instead because they are running a deal that brings the monthly amount of the Z3 down to the same amount as the G6. I might as well go for it. As far as I'm concerned, you are right on with your comment of Moto's are just solid performers. I've...
  33. G0ldengirl68

    Post Moto E 2nd Generation user, wanting to buy a G6

    This is great! I wondered about the Moto Z3 but that's the one that has mods, which I probably would never use. I guess you have to purchase them of course. But I like the idea of Verizon having the same, monthly payments. Is that a 0% APR for 24 months? Again, I am so glad to talk to Moto...
  34. G0ldengirl68

    Post Moto E 2nd Generation user, wanting to buy a G6

    Sounds good madbat, I take "play" means game play which I don't do on my phone? So I could get the non;) Glad to find another Moto lover because when you find a good product, stick with it I think, until they screw it up, LOL! Can you tell me what a soak test is? Is that like Beta or...
  35. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Moto E 2nd Generation user, wanting to buy a G6

    I recently had the misfortune of taking a phone for 18 dollars with a Verizon plan, and now, find it doesn't compare to my Moto E 2nd Generation. I am looking at a new, Motorola though, and thinking the G6 might be a good phone to upgrade to. Are there other Moto lovers that have gone from an...
  36. G0ldengirl68

    Post Need tutorial on Samsung Galaxy J337V.04, Version 8.0

    I found it!! This may help others, I hope! I went to Samsung Site and was given a link to my "older" Samsung Galaxy, but it also has other phone simulators. This is awesome if you need to find step by step to your phone settings: This link is a few step into the simulator but you can find...
  37. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Need tutorial on Samsung Galaxy J337V.04, Version 8.0

    Question: Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial, specifically one that covers "settings" for this phone? Samsung Galaxy J337V.04 Version 8.0 I searched the web, and all I find is Samsung S9. Talk about "left behind" :(
  38. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Verizons "new deal" on old version, Samsung Galaxy J3 V

    Edit: I'm sorry, some other issues have come up so while I haven't seen a way to delete this post, I'll just put this note. I'm going to exchange the phone due to further issues, Denise I just bought into Verizon for better service/coverage (I can only hope). Phone info below: Samsung Galaxy...
  39. G0ldengirl68

    Post Installing Google Framework/Playstore without Root 5th Gen Amazon Fire 7in 2015 ONLY

    Not sure where I can post this would help the most, but I just downloaded the apk files and installed them on my Kindle Fire HD 10, version Working great!
  40. G0ldengirl68

    Post HD 10 (2017) google play store and other .APK installs after Nov 4th update.

    I know this was posted quite awhile ago, but in case anyone shows up here with a V. allows the download of the apk's and Google Play is up and running on my tablet (Kindle Fire HD 10, 7th Generation I so appreciate finding this post though, in case I'd run into that:) Denise
  41. G0ldengirl68

    Post [TUT] ROOT HD10 (2017), HD8(2016-2017) - EASY SuperSu

    Will do, and thank you for your reply intence:)
  42. G0ldengirl68

    Post [TUT] ROOT HD10 (2017), HD8(2016-2017) - EASY SuperSu

    Got stuck on "link" for #7's step(please see attachments). I got the following instead of a download:
  43. G0ldengirl68

    Post [TUT] ROOT HD10 (2017), HD8(2016-2017) - EASY SuperSu

    Thank you Dan, I'll go read them now:) Really appreciate your reply, Denise:good:
  44. G0ldengirl68

    Post [TUT] ROOT HD10 (2017), HD8(2016-2017) - EASY SuperSu

    Update on my situation: I found answers on and also, on page #16, someone is saying that the kindles are all "still" rootable. So I am going for it with my Version, I think. I'm going to read more;):good: Found this thread, and looks like there is nothing on my Kindle Fire...
  45. G0ldengirl68

    Post How to enable Google Voice Typing?

    Thanks to this thread, I now have my Voice to text working great on my new Kindle Fire HD 10, 7th Generation (10.1"). Here's what I did: Installed the .apk files to get the Google Play Store (did that the first thing I got the Kindle) Downloaded the GBoard, or Google Keyboard Downloaded the...
  46. G0ldengirl68

    Thread So ready to wage war on robocalls, need an app that works..

    ..to block "any" number that is not in my contact list. Can someone give me some recommends to try? Free or "one time price" ok with me. I imagine any app that's any good, allows you to add a contact to your list, and give them access. Thanks in advance for any help with this. I've had the...
  47. G0ldengirl68

    Post [HOW-TO] Installing CM10.x Internally on Nook Tablet

    I so appreciate the chance to upgrade my NOOK Tablet BNTV205A. I used your instruction Digimax, plus a lot of help from nmyshkin. Everything works, it takes patience, a lot of patience, and re-reading the direction (for me anyway as I tend to charge ahead full-speed without making sure I have...
  48. G0ldengirl68

    Thread Searching for App to customize Homescreen Folders..

    ..and I will attach a photo that shows what I am looking for as far as the "folders" which are on the left side of the screen. These to me look so much neater than my apps strewn all over the homescreen. Can someone direct me to an app from Google Playstore that might do the job (or a widget...
  49. G0ldengirl68

    Post Nook Tablet 8GB, Model BNTV250A, Version 1.4.3 needs alternative to Cyanogenmod

    For anyone who is seeing this thread, I should have let you know before this, but I am trying to install the CM 11 on my Nook Tablet. Been working at this a few days or so, but I have some wonderful help from people at this forum:) I am learning to dig deeper on my own, and I am learning a...
  50. G0ldengirl68

    Post Nook Tablet 8GB, Model BNTV250A, Version 1.4.3 needs alternative to Cyanogenmod

    Thanks for this Digimax, really appreciate it:) I'll head over there now.