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    Thread Group texting issues

    Anyone having issues with group texts? Mine all keep coming on separate I don't see any settings for group MMS in the message settings.
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    Thread 65W charger on X2 Pro

    Will the 65W charger from the Reno Ace charge the realme x2 pro faster than the standard 50W?
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    Thread Data speeds

    Anyone test there data speeds on this phone? WiFi is super fast but my data isn't like it was on my iPhone. Been pulling like 5mbps on T-Mobile normally average 30-100 depending on time and location. I also don't see LTE on the phone just 4G. Im gonna swap back to iPhone and run test and then...
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    Thread Phone version

    Hi guys, just picked up a realme X2 pro. I noticed some devices have Google assistant and all that built in. I had my device sent from China but I had to add the play store and all that. I have a breeno Assistant built in instead. Also when I swipe down to search it's in Chinese still but the...