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  1. apexashwin

    Thread Poco x2 camera & touch dead

    So my poco x2 which was running latest stock miui with locked bootloader had the "cannot connect to camera" issue for two months but I ignored it thinking it's a hardware fault but since yesterday the touch stopped working even though I never dropped my phone and today on twitter there were...
  2. apexashwin

    Thread [sharing][bootlogo][Twrp flashable][pubg]

    Note : i didn't create this awesome bootlogo, I'm sharing it.. All credits goes to the original creator This zip file contains pubg bootlogo,fastboot logo Flash via twrp https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o43c6CFLoWxltnWrEn0d9sGdX6dCJD24/view?usp=drivesdk For more awesome bootlogo join the...
  3. apexashwin

    Thread playstore error

    Anyone else have this prob? Whenever you try to download something from playstore it just keeps loading saying downloading...
  4. apexashwin

    Thread does mi al has multi colour led nonfiction light?

    The led always blinks white.. doesn't our phone support diff colour? Like green and red
  5. apexashwin

    Thread is it possible to flash twrp without pc

    Is thr any possible way to flash twrp without using a pc? By any apps like flashfire?
  6. apexashwin

    Thread 8.1 oreo for mi a1?

    Will mi a1 get Android 8.1? Any ideas?
  7. apexashwin

    Thread free back case in the box?

    I saw few YouTube videos about 5t whr they got free back case's Inside the box.. does the retail units have em too? Or is its only for reviewers? Sorry for my bad english
  8. apexashwin

    Thread How to increase multitouch point in my micromax A89ninja

    Hey guys can any one make a app or something that can increase multitouch point in micromax ninja And for your information A89ninja has all the specs of micromax a110 except 5"screen and 8mp camera
  9. apexashwin

    Thread Micromax a89 had multitouch problem in most of gameloft games

    Hey guys yesterday I downloaded few gl games like Avatar HD,Gang star wch,hero of Sparta and more for testing in my micromax A89ninja for my surprise all games run smooth without any single lag but whenever I use two fingers simultaneously the game force closes I am annoyed of my device and...