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  1. RamtheCowy

    Thread Any kernel at all?

    I've been on the lookout for a kernel for the ST21i for a while now. All I want is a kernel that lets me overclock it as the stock kernel doesn't. I have stock ICS (build 11.0.A.4.22) and unlocked bootloader (I think) and root. I haven't flashed the Enigma or Vengeance ones because they replace...
  2. RamtheCowy

    Thread Been getting strange messages while trying to unlock bootloader

    I've been following the official Sony method to unlock the bootloader, you can see that procedure here. I have downloaded and installed the SDK Manager, then replaced the fastboot driver for Sony phones like they say, then I can also successfully put my phone into fastboot and my computer also...
  3. RamtheCowy

    Thread Guys, an absolute noob at Android hacking here, I need help

    I really need help to start customizing my Tipo. I need a very trustworthy, safe one-click-root tool that will not be blocked by Norton and will not brick my phone. I'd be really grateful if anyone could recommend one. Then, I still do not understand how to install custom recoveries, as it...