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    Post HTC ALBUM - New Version - HTC.Album.1.0.1030.720 - download here...

    Dear Everybody, I would like to install HTC Album on my phone without success. It doesn't load at all. Just waits a little, then nothing happens. The phone is a HTC Touch 3G clone and I would like to install this application to be able to use a camera program. How can I find out what...
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    Post Jade / Touch 3G Hard-SPL Unlocker

    I have an HTC T3232 clone phone which I have some questions about. I don't really know which is the tricolour screen in this device, but I can call Flash ROM mode: Volume up + volume down + power - it searches for a file."Downloading mode"... Volume up + center button up + power I don't know...
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    Thread Jade clone & HTC Album

    Hello, I've tried to install HTC album on my phone with many, different cab files, but none of them worked. When I click on it's icon, waits a little, then it closes before anything is appear on the screen... so just like if I didn't click on it's icon. I would like to install it because an...
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    Post think I have received a clone t3232 =-(

    Thank you, I haven't found it yet.
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    Post think I have received a clone t3232 =-(

    Hello, I hope somebody can help me. I've searched for hours but I still don't know a solution for my problem. Recently I've copied some files from an original HTC phone to my phone's Windows directory, !without! any files overwritten on the phone. It became very slow after the copy, so I've...
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    Post HTC Touch 3232 Blocked! :S

    May I ask you how did you do a hard reset?