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  1. glennd

    Thread Zenfone 3 Deluxe stock firmware

    I thought I would post this link for the stock firmware now so that some developers could maybe check them out to get a head start while we wait for Root access [emoji12] Just select android for os and then you will find the firmware link. ZenFone 3 Deluxe (ZS570KL) | Phone | ASUS Global...
  2. glennd

    Thread [Q] Cant flash recovery via fastboot after upgrade

    Upgraded my bootloader to with WW_epaduser10_6_1_14_10_UpdateLauncher thru TWRP recovery. I was running CROMi-X_ODEX_5.4_Signed and now I cant flash the TWRP recovery again or any recovery, Fastboot keeps saying cannot open TWRP.blob and my device is still unlocked. I tried to...
  3. glennd

    Thread (Q) Modem/ Baseband

    What is the latest Telstra modem/baseband? Sent from my GT-I9505 using xda premium
  4. glennd

    Thread RUU upgrade

    If I flash a stock RUU from a different carrier will this change my CID? I am on Optus CID
  5. glennd

    Thread Get back 4G/Lte icon in status bar?

    I am on Omega rom and after flashing the me2 stock and then Omega I have noticed my 4g icon has gone and it has been replaced with 3g. I know I have 4g because have done a speed test and it is around 3.5mb to 5mb per second compared to 1.2mb or so on 3g. So is there a way to get my 4g icon back...
  6. glennd

    Thread Q How to update lock screen weather?

    How do yoy update the lock screen weather widget do you need accu weather widget installed? Sent from my GT-I9300 using xda premium
  7. glennd

    Thread Telstra branded Sensation

    Tried to s-off my wifes sensation but no good thru revolutionary.io ( Thanks to Telstra ****) so I used the htcdev method and unlocked bootloader with s-on. Using twrp recovery tried to flash a Ics Rom and got stuck in boot loop. Can someone please point me in the right direction, been searching...
  8. glennd

    Thread [Q] [Theme Request] Alienware or Ufo style theme for Sense 3.0 Evo 3D GSM

    Tried having a look at making a Alienware or Ufo style Theme my self but have no idea when it comes to XML,I wish I was tech savvy enough to do it my self but I,m not so I thought I would ask.Even a Skin would awesome.Thanks in advance would be greatly appreciated.:o
  9. glennd

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to run three networks ie GSM,3G,4G in the same rom

    Is there a way to use all 3 networks because 4G is now in my area and it would be nice if i could use that network for better speeds. But it seems that most roms are either GSM and 3G or 4G and Wimax is there any solution?
  10. glennd

    Thread Help need S-Off for H-Boot 1.49.0012 so i can overclock

    Im running Leedroid Rom which is great but i can not overclock without s-off. I used the htc method to get permanent root but thats as far as i can go.
  11. glennd

    Thread [Q] Were to put 3D Movies on Evo 3D and What Format

    Tried to put Resident Evil Afterlife 3D on my Sd card as normal but wouldn't play at all and glitched the phone bad thru the gallery.The video format was mp4. So i put the movie in the HTC Watch folder but it did not reconize it either. I have read about 3GP format for 3D videos for the Evo does...
  12. glennd

    Thread [Q] H-Boot 1.49.0012 Telstra GSM Cant get root

    Need help to get S-Off cant use revolutionary.io yet and Htcdev method dosent find the fastboot folder on my computer