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  1. kkeith

    Thread Anyone tried substratum?

    New to the world of non-Samsung phones and if i understand correctly, so long as we're rooted we should be able to use rro layers on our phones. I just would like to make sure this is correct as I just installed substratum and found a theme if like to try but when I opened the app up it gave me...
  2. kkeith

    Thread [Themes] TWRP 3.0.0-0, New Carbon Fiber!

    Update: no longer just cyan! 6 different color ways to choose from, I am working on getting them all updated now so they all include the new icons. Started playing around with theming TWRP, here's a couple for now, both cyan, figured I'd share them for now. As/if I make more I'll post them in...
  3. kkeith

    Thread [Q] How to do single homescreen wallpaper

    Hi, i only use one homescreen and was wondering if its possible to use a portrait wallpaper that focosed on the single screen. Ive googled and tried myself for a little while today but couldnt find a solution, any help would be greatly appreciated.