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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    I can not install magisk as it gives errorafter installation "failed to mount /vendor (invalid argument" And after installation magisk is not installed. I have tried twice. Another issue is that it is taking ages for xplorer and files app to read WhatsApp folder and delete it. Currently it has...
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    Post ROM][10.0][SURYA][UNOFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/11/20]

    I am on 12.0.3 Should I flash 12.0.2 first before flashing 20.10.2020 evo rom ? Thanks
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    Post Oneplus 8 pro touch latency is bad for gaming

    Well I have turned the display resolution to FHD+. The touch response is better now than QHD+.
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    Thread Oneplus 8 pro touch latency is bad for gaming

    Hello everyone. I have converted from Rog Phone 2 to Oneplus 8 Pro as the bottom port of my rog phone 2 got damaged and was giving hot temperature warning all the time. My model is IN2020. I am a gamer and I have noticed that as compared to rog phone 2 the touch is slow as I do not think it to...
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    Post Don't buy Asus ROG Strix Go 2.4hz for your ROG II

    I am using it for a month now. The only hiccup is tweaking eq via pc Armoury crate. I have mailed Asus to add it on Mobile Armoury Crate as well. It sounds great. Not regretting my decision at all.
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    Post Any way to set data to use LTE only (and not 2G/3G)?

    Yes. Ihave realized that it doest not set phone to LTE only.
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    Post WW 1910.64 RAW FULL & OTA update download links + root img link, notes & instructions

    What do u mean by put on root. Which folder are u talking about ? Just downloaded the full rom. I am currently on 1910.44 and rooted. Will I be able to tay rooted after update ?
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    Post WW-16.0631.1910.44 - why isnt anyone talking about the major bug?

    I always use face unlock and I do not have this issue.
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    Post Any way to set data to use LTE only (and not 2G/3G)?

    If u want to play game while having mobile data only mode activated then use option mobile data only in "game genie" while playing a game and option appears on either side of the phone to activate no calls no alerts option along with the one you are looking for. Hope it helps.
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    Post Phone not reflecting in ADB

    I think you are missing Asus drivers. Install these drivers as I encountered same problem and in device manager I found out that drivers were missing. ---------- Post added at 09:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:07 AM ---------- Drivers are given in Guides section under thread "Latest...
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    Post RAW WW 1910.44 download

    How to update from 10.35 and stay rooted without losing data ? If I use cmd "flashall-AFT" will it update my rom or i will b wiping my data too ? Kindly point me in the ri8 direction.
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    Post Guide to check and change fingerprint from CN to WW with final Android 9 1910.64 RAW

    Magisk is giving error " your device needs additional setup for magisk to work properly" Solution please
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    Post Guide to check and change fingerprint from CN to WW with final Android 9 1910.64 RAW

    Where can i find to install drivers for win 8.1 pro as windows not recognising phone and an excailmation mark on "Android" under other devices. I typed the cmd fastboot devices but device is not being recognized. How to setup path etc Kindly guide me Thanks Edited: Just saw two posts above and...
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    Post [ROM][S9+/S9][LineageOS 16.0][UNOFFICIAL][17-07-19]

    I have tried several apps including ur method but it does not work for voice assistant for one press whereas it is working fine for long press and double press (voice assistant does not work on double press and long press). Other functions and tasks work
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    Post [ROM][S9+/S9][LineageOS 16.0][UNOFFICIAL][17-07-19]

    Kindly share link of Asus Rog Phone Camera port
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    Post [ROM][S9+/S9][LineageOS 16.0][UNOFFICIAL][17-07-19]

    Installed this rom. Very smooth experience. I have encountered some bugs. Camera lags in WhatsApp. Phone stops charging while using google maps and playing pubg and even battery decreases while charging and using these apps. Pixel launcher crashes (using stock. Installed micro gapps ) Features...
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    Post [ROM]-[OFFICIAL]-[26.09.18]-Havoc-OS-[8.1.0]

    Hello guys. I am encountering a problem. I turned on game mode and my phone turned into expanded desktop mode. Now I have turned off game mode and tried everything in havoc settings to get out of this expanded mode but no success. Can someone help me with this. Thanks
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    Thread Best Aosp kernel

    Hello everyone. I am currently on RR 709 build. I play pubg a lot and it lags and phone heats up while playing pubg only otherwise its temperature is normal in other usage. Suggest me best AOSP kernel which can resolve heating issue as I play and charge at the same time. When it heats up, game...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1][6/01/18] ResurrectionRemix 6.0 for S9/S9+ (Exynos)

    I was having same issue as you on 1101 build. I installed vendor first flashable zip from soldier. If u go 2-3 pages back u will find the link. Then I installed 709 build and mini gapps package. Now camera works fine for me. Google port of Idan v4.1 fix for pie is working as well.
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    Post How to flash vendor via odin

    I am on rr 1101 build right now and vendor is in tar format. I have tried flashing it via odin and it stucks at vendor.img. https://ibb.co/5LFb5ZL
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    Thread How to flash vendor via odin

    Hello. I am on rr 1101 build. For camera to work i need bre5 vendor image. I downloaded from afh in .tar. Kindly guide me to flash it via odin. I have tried flashing flashable twrp zip of soldier but no success.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][8.1][6/01/18] ResurrectionRemix 6.0 for S9/S9+ (Exynos)

    I am having same issue as fares70. Can't get any gcam working on the latest final build (1101) Tried so many cams. Can someone please share any working gcam link ? Thanks
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    Post [08.01.19][Guide] ROOT S9+(Exynos)Magisk + OEM fix + EFS Backup Tool

    Same problem with me. KGB state says checking. When I turn on oem unlock, it prompts me to reset phone. After resetting twice, It is still off but it says bootloader is already unlocked. What to do ? Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Thread What have I done to my phone

    I tried to root my phone and forgot to flash Samsung anti root zip. When I was setting up my device, I got error "only official binaries are allowed to be installed " and so i flashed stock rom. Now camera app is not showing 4k UHD rear video option and is stuck at FHD. When I enable oem unlock...
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    Thread Device is on July security patch and not updating

    Hi Everyone, I bought s9+ today which is on July security patch. When I check for updates, it says latest update already installed. Can u guys tell me which is latest firmware and security patch.
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    Post [OMS][ROM][9.0]LiquidRemix[v10.010][OFFICIAL][07/16/2019]

    Is it just me whose google cam keeps crashing when switched to front cam and not showing complete settings ?
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    Post [TOOL] Deuces Bootloop-Recovery & Flashing Script v5.0 [05/29/2019]

    My mistake guyz... Script was not updated... I used v4.4... Thanks...
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    Post [TOOL] Deuces Bootloop-Recovery & Flashing Script v5.0 [05/29/2019]

    Hello Guyz. I am having weird issue. The script was working perfectly for me every time I used to revert back to stock rom but it seems that after using it on September and October stock images I get error "Your device is corrupt " . After using script It shows error and reboots and in second...
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    Post advice needed for swapping Pixel 2 XL with LG V30

    Thanks for reply. Much appreciated.
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    Thread advice needed for swapping Pixel 2 XL with LG V30

    Hello Everyone. I would like some input from V30 users as I intend to swap my Pixel 2 XL with V30. Reasons of swapping Pixel 2 XL. No headphone jack. Bluetooth earphones very expensive. (The one Having no sound delay in pubg mobile). Charging time. Reaons for switching to V30. Headphone jack...
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    Thread I would like to know Carrier of my device and I have other questions too

    Hello. I would like to know Carrier of my device plus stock rom link. I also have further questions. 1. Can I install other carriers rom (sprint on US Cellular). 2. If I install custom and and soft brick my device. What are the chances of recovering it to stock rom compared to Pixel 2 XL (I use...
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    Post [TOOL] Deuces Bootloop-Recovery & Flashing Script v5.0 [05/29/2019]

    I am on P DP2. I want to flash 8.1 may build using deuces script. Has anyone tried it ? Is it working on DP2 ?
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0.0_r33] ► [taimen] ► Nitrogen OS Pie ► Substratum ► (07.Feb.2019)

    I am on Android P public beta... Can I flash it over P or Do I need to go back to 8.1 May to flash it ?
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    Post z2 force US Cellular bootloader unlock

    Thanks guys. I am going to buy z2 force..
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    Thread z2 force US Cellular bootloader unlock

    I want to know if bootloader of z2 force us cellular could be unlocked ?/Or Can it be rooted ? Is there any custom rom available to install on this carrier ? I want to know before I buy this model...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] AquariOS 9 || taimen || VoLTE/WFC* || Theming || JULY 14th

    AI am on April 6 build and I saw my Verizon services running in background process.... How is it possible as I have not installed Verizon sim or app.... Just curious....
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    Post Edge Lighting

    I am on AquariOs....
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    Post Resurrection remix

    I see 3 builds on afh and i am confused.....:D
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    Post Edge Lighting

    Yes. It works.
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    Post Edge Lighting

    Edge Mask app on play store....
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix v6.0 [Android 8.1][05/04/18]

    Is face unlock working in latest build. I read in previous post that face unlock option is not included in smart unlock..
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0.0_r33] ► [taimen] ► Nitrogen OS Pie ► Substratum ► (07.Feb.2019)

    I turned off adaptive brightness and reduce it to minimum brightness and it is still fully bright on AOD.
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0.0_r33] ► [taimen] ► Nitrogen OS Pie ► Substratum ► (07.Feb.2019)

    Manual in settings u mean ? I have turned off adaptive brightness in settings or do i need to change something else ?
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0.0_r33] ► [taimen] ► Nitrogen OS Pie ► Substratum ► (07.Feb.2019)

    I am on latest build....and Always on display is fully bright and not dimming or anything with the change of light .... Other than that everything works perfect.....
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    Post Resurrection remix

    Thanks. Will report back...
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    Post Resurrection remix

    Is this the new build sir ?
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    Post Resurrection remix

    Do not change settings it will crash....