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    Thread {v20 ls997 sprint} unclock code for stock sprint rom {for non-sprint sim}

    1st I checked for any posts or threads for my question no results so here we go I have 3x ls997 one bricked (100% my fault I did something stupid to brick it), one (my 1st one) santa rooted & custom rom (sim-unlocked) today I got 3rd one (again ls997 still full stock out of the box) as...
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    Thread LS997{Sprint}TWRP stock backup boot,system and data images needed

    Does someone has them please PM me I will give you credit$ because I'm in dead end with unusable anymore ls997 device. I have lost my backup (pre-santa pre-rooting pre-custom roms) it was on my sd card which I formated after a while not thinking. later I did other mistakes: on my dirty santa...
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    Thread removing corrupt message (pre-booting) on rooted & custom romed v20

    Okey I'm on ls997 sprint, but using (perfectly fine) the old deodexd us996 rom (dirty santa'ed'). I do find hateful the corrupt message each time power up or reboot. I couldn't find ready decision of removing it for any other similar device to v20 that way I declare I will donate anyones work...
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    Thread [solved] ls997(sprint) unable to open twrp (static screen) after step3 in dirtysanta

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niTlq4Qjhh4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niTlq4Qjhh4 Okey I have done my 1st v20 phone perfectly well. my 2nd one (my wife's) is stuck after step3 in dirty santa (flashing twrp - ok, starting twrp - won't start) it won't open. Follow the instruction (volume...
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    Thread [SOLVED] [ls997 sprint] doted screen after custom rom

    ls997 (sprint) https://youtu.be/jYglDD5gMIk (video of the doted screen after root and new rom) I have sound and picture but dots above it (they are moving also the picture is moving and sound is ok). sound is ok when move rockers. also voice assistance works (jump to 2:14 on the video) (a women...