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    Thread Can't install apps

    Hi I upgraded to the new 1.33 rom yesterday and all is great with my T-Mobile Dash, on T-mobile in UK. Wifi and everything is working well. My only problen is that I've tried to install the WM6 office cab file and skype cab file, and my dash immediately reports installation unsuccessful. Any...
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    Post WM6 Rom Download from HTC site

    Ooh err Missus! The problem with search is that you have to be quite precise to get the results. I did actually use the search facility, but can you describe to me exactly what to search for in this case? And what exactly do you mean when you say "All your questions are answered many...
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    Post WM6 Rom Download from HTC site

    Hi, will this work on unlocked T-Mobile Ameo? Super CID? Want to get the full version of wm6 with VOIP components. Cheers in advance Joe
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    Post T-mobile Ameo Black Screen after unlock

    Nope, didn't realise I had to.... Is that the common factor in it failing? Joe
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    Post T-mobile Ameo Black Screen after unlock

    Thank you so much for your help, got WM6 running on it now, everything's v good. Cheers Joe
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    Post T-mobile Ameo Black Screen after unlock

    Hi, thanks for your advice: Here's what I'm doing: Bootloader (Camera and reset hole) Bootloader shows ATHE100 SPL-v1.20. Olipro USB I'm then running mtty tool and can get a connection with: Cmd> I type Task 32 and it states Level=0 do I then use the lnbs command? I'm sorry, I dont see...
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    Thread T-mobile Ameo Black Screen after unlock

    Hi Guys I've been reading this forum for two days now, and still haven't found the answer to my solution. I used Olipros unlocker on Saturday, but after step 1 the screen went black and it wont reboot. I can get into bootloader (by pressing the camera button and the reset pin at the same...