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    Post [MOD][Xposed][LP/MM/N/O/P] Unlimited CallLog

    Hi, I have been using Redmi SD phones eversince their launch of Redmi 1S in India around 5 years back. For unlimited Call Log, it is the best device I have ever used. To be more clear my phone, right now had a call log history of around 38K (you heard correctly, it is 38823 entries as of this...
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    Post [Tool] RedMI Note 4 EDL Mode W/O removing Back panel or W/O using Deep flash Cable

    Redmi Note 4 SD, 4/64EDL Mode Nothing happened bro.. My phone still shows the fastbbot bunny and did not enter edl mode. I am on miui9.0.5.0 USB debugging enabled in dev.opt.. also.
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    Thread Redmi note 4, 64gb rom

    Hi Team, I have the mentioned device with me and it had a problem of not turning ON the screen once turned off.. The exact problem is. The set normally turns on and able to use by keeping the screen always ON. by selecting Settings---->Lock Screen---> timer has been set to NEVER. If once we...
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    Thread Whatsapp

    I have changed my phone and I have taken the backup of my whatsapp data also and stored it on to my PC. Now I have the only 2files that were stored by name: msgstore-2017-10-17.1.db.crypt12 msgstore.db.crypt12 Both files are of the same size,(about 77MB) and is only text data. Now when I...
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    Post [HOW TO] Fixing a hardbricked Yuphoria (lettuce) using an external SD card

    Give me your contact number to discuss this further
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    Post [HOW TO] Fixing a hardbricked Yuphoria (lettuce) using an external SD card

    YU5010 hard or soft bricked That's what I am saying Tito.. In Device manager also nothing is shown. Without SD card.. See I am attaching the screenshot of QFIL and also Device Manager For qfil, this is the log data FLATBUILDPATH:H:\Compressed\SW_T86519A1_V011_M21_MP_MMX_CM_YU5010_signed_qfil...
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    Post [HOW TO] Fixing a hardbricked Yuphoria (lettuce) using an external SD card

    YU5010 hard or soft bricked Dear Mr Titokhan, I bought yu5010 on olx when the seller said that it is soft-bricked. It shows qdloader9008 when connected to PC As per your guidance, I did download the image file as mentioned by you, wrote it to a 16gb memory card using disk image loader and when...
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    Thread Redmi 2 Prime charging issue

    My redmi 2 prime showing as Reverse Charging. I enclose the image please suggest. Stela so far I have talen 1. Changed the CC flex 2. Changed the strip feom flex tp main board Reqiest your attenrion on the steps I have already taken. See the image. The usb adopter not connected to the...
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    Post Flashing problem with bootloader

    Command is olay bro.. issue is my tab is not even switching on but recognized by PC when connected. Any possibility to get back my tab??
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    Post Zuk z1-no network fix

    Zuk z1 network issues At last I came to understand that my device is in CDMA mode. the ROM installed is "Lenovo Zuk Z1 Android 5.1 Snapdragon 801 Firmware 160224 191240" Can anyone suggest me how to convert from CDMA to GSM mode ? Otherwise, is there any patch file for conversion of CDMA to...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][Z00L/Z00T][7.1.2] Resurrection Remix N

    i have flashed it on my ZE550KL, Zoold.. Unable to see VOLTE .. can anybody plesae help how to enable it ?
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    Thread TWRP Backup file for ZUK Z1

    Friends, I am in need of working (both sims and without Airplane mode error) stock rom back up file for my ZUK Z1 mobile. If any of you found it anywhere of if you have the handset, please arrange to send me the link to download (better if it is google docs link)
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    Post Zuk z1-no network fix

    This patch did not work for me. Always my phone's Airplane Mode is ON and not turning Off, I have flashed 9/10 ROMs so far, be it Stock, CM,AOSP, NuclearRom, AOSP etc but did notwork out With every ROM, I used to flash "Lenovo Zuk Z1 Network Fix" zip file.. No use at all.
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    Thread Airplane mode on ZUK Z1

    Surprisingly there are many a developer on this extra-ordinary forum and none of them are able to find a solution or create a patch for Lenovo ZUK Z1 mobile?? My problem is: Tilll now I was under impression that the aeroplane mode in OFF only but not getting the signals. Casually,even without...
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    Post Micromax Canvas 4 major problem.

    Nobody here to assist ??
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    Post Flashing problem with bootloader

    I had a small problem now bro. Instead of thw command "fastboot erase boot", I gave the command "fastboit erase bootloader" Niw the tab is not turning on anymore. Can you suggest me any solution ?
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    Thread Flashing problem with bootloader

    Guys, I have the nexus 7 grouper tab and I have been trying to flash bootloader-grouper-4.23 from azoller1's post and my tab does not seem to be flashed, steps I followed. Vol- and power to enter fastboot mode,it is showing C:\adb>fastboot devices 015d188422200619 fastboot then with the...
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    Post [GUIDE] Flashing a Factory Image with fastboot / return to stock

    Nexus 7 Flashing back to original state with image ""image-nakasi-jdq39.zip"" C:\adb>fastboot oem unlock ... (bootloader) Bootloader is already unlocked OKAY [ 0.022s] finished. total time: 0.023s C:\adb>fastboot erase boot erasing 'boot'... OKAY [ 1.015s] finished. total time: 1.017s...
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    Post Error opening '/data/media' (no such file or directory)

    Most unfortunate. Nobody is there to help on this ?
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    Thread Error opening '/data/media' (no such file or directory)

    I got a Google Nexus 7 WIFI ONLY tab and it was in non operating condition by the time I received Somehow managed to turn on by boosting the battery for a few hours. It turned on but struck on Google in the middle of the screen and with a lock symbol at the bottom, Then Flashed...
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    Thread Coolpad note 3 with direct volte

    Friends, Now the problems regarding the volte facility to Coolpad Note 3 are over. Just flash the stock rom V22 and you will get the VOLTE facility. After flashing the rom, just enable ENHANCED 4G LTE MODE from. Settings ---->More---->Cellular Networks. That's all done. Understood that users...
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    Thread Samsung Grand 2 touch

    I have the mentioned mobile for which the touch is not working, we changed the touch, lcd and lcd connector also but no luck. Software also downloaded from sammobile.com selecting the country code of INU & INS. But no luck. Sent from my GT-I9152 using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post [ROM][32Bit]MIUI8 for YUPHORIA by xinkid [Beta][long-term updates]

    Custom ROM on YUphoria Dear Xinkid, I am able to successfully falsh the rom, but this rom does not include GAPS. Deskclock is working as a clock but alarm is not working. All downloads are from wifi only. Evenif wifi is disabled when click on ACCEPT from install button from any app on...
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    Thread Micromax Canvas 4 earspeaker problem need diagram of ear speaker ways.

    In my MMX A210, ear speaker is not working. Ear speaker is there but there are no some components and diodes. for this I need the help of diagram of ear-speaker ways for my handset.
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    Thread Micromax Canvas 4 major problem.

    Folks, My friend was using this phone for a long time and 1 day when the charging was around 20%, he connected the charger and had been using the mobile with Whatsapp and net also. Suddenly the phone was switched off and this was never ON again. But able to connect to PC, being recognised by SP...
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    Post Huawei G700-U10 modem.img

    Thanks a lot bro. Similarly, please see whether you can help me with the solution for Samsung s7562 issue also. Please see my post under my name so that you can have a good idea to my issue.
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy s Duos S7562

    I have the above said device with me, it was working very fine and due to monkeytest virus, I tried to full format the the same with the stock rom and with the pit file also. I used these 2 files for flashing and enabling (tick mark) re-partition option also. The name of the PIT file and MD5...
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    Post [GUIDE] Increase internal storage for Grand i9082

    internal storage of grand duos 9082 Hi SVR, Can you just come out with a FLASHABLE ZIP file for increase of internal storage for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082 ? This will help many many members to get rid of their phones bricked in case of they become so... ---------- Post added at 11:04 AM...
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    Thread Dany genius talk t4

    Dear team, I have been waiting since months to have the original stock rom of this device and none of our friends responded so far. Once again request you people, to please provide us the software downliad link. Sent from my Huawei G700 - U10(with MIUI7 ROM)
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    Thread Huawei G700-U10 modem.img

    Dear Team, Many of the developers have posted some ROMs for the Huawei Ascend G700-U10 in this forum and also on needrom.com. But many of them have come up with the problem of network stating BASEBAND: UNKNOWN. The reply for the problem is said to be that of flashing modem.img of the stock rom...
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    Post [Q] Micromax A110Q signal problem

    Sent from my 2013023 using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post [HOW TO] Fixing a hardbricked Yuphoria (lettuce) using an external SD card

    Please give me your contact number Sent from my 2013023 using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Thread Modem flashing

    In many custom roms of Huawei Ascen G700-U10, after flashing the custom roms, due to BASEBAND unknown error, sims are not working. Many people ask to take the backup of original modem.img from stock rom. Please let me know how to flash the modem.img to device after flashing the custom rom...
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    Post [Help] Port Color OS for Huawei G700-U10

    Can you please develope Samsung s7 rpm for Huawei g700 ? When xda developers made it for micrax a116, sure they can do it for huawei also. Waiting very eagerly....
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    Post Need help flashing CWM and MIUI Rom on Huawei Ascend G700-u10

    cwm and miui7 Hi, the link given for cwm, the cwm is givong problem. You have to download from needrom. Contact me if required on 9059927728 WhatsApp..
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    Post Please Help me : My Huawei Ascend G700 device has a big problem!!!

    BOOT LOOP Huawei G700-U10 Hi, If your problem is not still solved, you may please reply back. I will try to bring your G700-U10 back to stock rom with full functionality
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    Post [HOW TO] Fixing a hardbricked Yuphoria (lettuce) using an external SD card

    Thanks for the reply, If you can give me your whatsapp number, I want to send you the screenshots thro' that. Infact, yesterday, Rajat (refer post #5 of this thread) and myself tried a lot by connecting Team Viewer also. But no use. Please give me your contact number so that we can discuss and...
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    Post [HOW TO] Fixing a hardbricked Yuphoria (lettuce) using an external SD card

    Dear Mr Titokhan, I have done the same exercise as was mentioned in post #1 of thsi thread, but nothing has happened. Let me come with my exercise.. * I have downloaded all the 10 files from google drive and made it 1 image file with 7Z * I have downloaded win32 disk imager and wrote the image...
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    Post [HOW TO] Fixing a hardbricked Yuphoria (lettuce) using an external SD card

    Hi bro, I am trying to reach you on your mobile but you are not picking up the phone. I have downloaded all the 10 zip filrs, made an image file and tried to write to the micro SD card of 16 GB class 10. But I saw about 67 files in my 16gb memory card and can't find the 25+ files as mentioned in...
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    Post [HOW TO] Fixing a hardbricked Yuphoria (lettuce) using an external SD card

    I have my friend's Yuphoria, due to some problem, I was asked to re-flash the stock rom, I tried to do the same. At that time it was in working condition, successfully entered the fastboot mode, flashed he file, while flashig I saw some message asking me "" volume up to Continue"" or "" volume...
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    Post [Soft Brick] [Flash Stock] [Recovery] [ADB Driver] Yuphoria [Solution]

    due to some wrong flash, my YU got bricked, not even detected wehn connected to PC through USB cable, not able to switch on, . Can anybody help me ?
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    Post [Port] S7 Edge ROM [Beauty+MM UI]

    Hi Abhi, If I can know the entire process how you did, I will be able to help you. The other way is, just flash the original stock rom, root it, install philz recovery (better CWM only) copy all the S7 ROM related ZIP files to SD card start the process again. Else, you may call me on...
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    Thread Dany Genius Talk T4

    I own above said mobile and due to some mistake, I did a wrong flash and now the handset is not switching on anymore. Maby people say that it will be repaired with original stock ROM. I am in need of the original software for this Dany genius talk T4 mobile I will be more thankful, if anyone...
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    Post [Port] S7 Edge ROM [Beauty+MM UI]

    Did you solve your problem? If required, i will help you Sent from my SM-G930F using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post [Port] S7 Edge ROM [Beauty+MM UI]

    Thanks a lot for the awesome rom. But when I am trying to install the Telugu language from the Samsung keyboard from Languages and Input menu, it is giving error and FCs. Please correct this error and please post the PATCH for this immediately. Sent from my SM-G930F using XDA-Developers...
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    Thread DANY Genius Talk T4

    Friends, I got this phone to me from a friend to block the pop-up ads and auto updates and auto installtions of unwanted software in this phone. I tired a lot but could not find the original ROM for this phone through out the web. I have connected the phone to PC and when I accessed the phone...
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    Thread S7562 new problem comes out ..

    Dear team my s7562 have new fault comes when I making call incoming-outgoing sound ok but after 13-14 second it's muted or no sound in incoming or outgoing and same happened while using handsfree. But the call continues.. And after 3-5 seconds of the MUTE, again the call restores. Original OS...
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    Thread S7562 new problem comes out ..

    Dear team my s7562 have new fault comes when I making call incoming-outgoing sound ok but after 13-14 second it's muted or no sound in incoming or outgoing and same happened while using handsfree. But the call continues.. And after 3-5 seconds of the MUTE, again the call restores. Original OS...
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    Thread [Q] HTC Desire 816G

    Hi, My friend has HTC Desire 816G with 1gb RAM and 8gb ROM. For some reason, the mobile was reset. Since then, the IMEI numbers were gone. No the phone is idle. Understood from my friend that he purchased this from a person and it was working perfectly at the time of purchase. After some time...