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  1. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Thread Is the brickbug error existing in 4.0.3

    Is the brickbug error existing in 4.0.3 ??? And can you make a debrick img??? I am now on lineageos and want to revert to stock. This is the firmware i will be using: "I9100XWLPD_I9100XXLPW_I9100OXXLP" it is stock 4.0.3
  2. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Thread [REQUEST] S3 accuweather widget for s4 mini.

    Could someone port s3 wether widget to our galaxy s4 mini??
  3. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Thread [CYANOGENMOD 10,11] [I9195] [MIRROR] SNAPSHOTS&RCs

    Hello there, Since most people miss cyanogenmod :( and it is hard to find a working mirror i copied some serranoltexx roms from my hdd and uploaded them. (When they shut down the servers i grabbed as much as possible:)) DEVICES I9195 THIS ROM WAS NOT MADE BY ME THESE ARE JUST MIRRORS Your...