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    Post [ROM][SEMI-OFFICIAL?][6.0.1][Nexus4/Mako] CyanogenMod 13 Nightlies

    After an Full Wipe i didnt have problems with boot. Only thing that cause problems with my Snapshot instalation was the weather widget service for the clock app. i tried many weather providers but i didnt get the weather on the clock app... with nightly 17.08.2016 everything was ok...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1]CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightlies Nexus 4 (Mako)

    Which Nightly? Im on 04112015 and have no Problems with SimCard...
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    Post [KERNEL] Bricked-Kernel Grouper/Tilapia

    Hmmm.... OK! I was only confused and want to know what you think and say. THX for the answer. Kind regards
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    Post [KERNEL] Bricked-Kernel Grouper/Tilapia

    I know that quadrant Sucks as benchmark. There are to much possibility to fake the benchmark. I was only confuse because with standard-kernel we get I/[email protected] points and with your only 1500 points :( .
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    Post [KERNEL] Bricked-Kernel Grouper/Tilapia

    Hey Bricked, first of all i have to say i love you kernels. I love it for pyramid and for the hox and i want to love it for the N7 too but there is one thing i dont understand... why is the I/O performance of your n7 kernel so bad??? I run a lot of Quadrant-Benchmarks... first i use your kernel...
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    Post [KERNEL][JUN.24]Bricked-3.0-AOSP|3.0.36|v1.31|cmdline|Sweep2Wake|mpdecision|ba dass

    Hey Show-P wollte auch ein Dankeschön aussprechen für deine Arbeit für uns Sensation-User ! Mit deinem Kernel hat das pyramid einfach sooooo viel Mehrwert!!! DANKE, DANKE, DANKE!!! Wir sind deiner nicht würdig :)))))) ! THX for everything you do for us Sensation-User!!!
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    Post Sensation bricked! Stock ROM, S-ON Never Flashed before and no cwm Recovery...help

    Hmmm.... that sounds not good... Softwarebrick or perhaps Hardwarebrick??? You have only 2 choise: First: Try again to boot in Bootloader (Volume down + Powerbutton) Go to this Link Use only STEP 4. WRITE SUPER CID After that go to this Link and download...
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    Post [ROM][Official] CyanogenMod 9 Nightly for Sensation

    - Capture a Video over SMS/MMS-App not possible - MSM8660 not has 100% performance yet (CF-Bench show you)
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    Post [ROM][Official] CyanogenMod 9 Nightly for Sensation

    Yes you are right, but only if you want to record video over the SMS/MMS-App. Take a Picture over SMS/MMS-App is no problem here.
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    Post Help Please

    You have installed the Eng-Hboot??? If so, you dont need to flash the new clockwork-recovery. Go in Recovery and install the Wipe.zip. After that you can install your Rom.
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    Post Help Please

    .... Oh man, I hate it so much.... everybody talks only sh.it and nobody thinks about helping??? @prootc1 Please try to flash the Eng-Hboot " link " like all PG58IMG.zip and than flash over fastboot " this " recovery. After all, wipe everything in Recovery or use " this " to wipe all...
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    Post [S-OFF] BLACKROSE (Custom HBOOT) [2012.04.21]

    Because the XTC-Clip makes Radio-S-Off... I want to have it too... :p
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    Post [S-OFF] BLACKROSE (Custom HBOOT) [2012.04.21]

    Blackrose must be uninstalled... that was the reason why it doesnt work... thx anyway.
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    Post [S-OFF] BLACKROSE (Custom HBOOT) [2012.04.21]

    Hmmm... If I typing "fastboot boot go.lol" my N1 reboots, but it stays on the Bootscreen and do nothing... "fastboot flash hboot hboot.img" waits than all the time for sending to device... what i'm doing wrong??? Can I put the engineering hboot in the binary-folder from blackrose, rename it as...
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    Post [ROM] Passion_Google_WWE_3.13.1700.1_GRK39F_release

    WTF??? Oh man... Thx Football
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    Post [S-OFF] BLACKROSE (Custom HBOOT) [2012.04.21]

    You mean 0.35.2017??? It would be great for all of us if you would upload this version.
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    Post [GUIDE][Nov.6] CM7 Bible - How-To & Fixes - Radio Bootloop Fix, Browser Fix and MORE!

    For everyone who not seen it... https://plus.google.com/113702637309752822154/posts ... SelfKANG4 !!!
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    Post [ROM]Sensation CM7 SelfKang Alphafied Number 10 (11/1) - 2.3.7

    For everyone who not seen it... https://plus.google.com/113702637309752822154/posts ... SelfKANG4 !!!
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    Post [Q] Pyramid 1.18.0000 *UNLOCKED*/Revolutionary as "HBoot.img" ???

    I am a little scared about that: (Thats not my picture but the error looks like it... but i root it from 1.45.xxx.x) And there are some guys that have an HBOOT 1.18.0000 unlocked with revolutionary .... So please, are there somebody perhaps can upload the .18 Hboot unlocked??? :(:confused...
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    Post [Q] Pyramid 1.18.0000 *UNLOCKED*/Revolutionary as "HBoot.img" ???

    And if you are on the 1.45.xxx.x ??? Which Hboot version have you after running latest revolutionary on stock 1.45.xxx.x with stock HBOOT 1.18.0000???
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    Post [Q] Pyramid 1.18.0000 *UNLOCKED*/Revolutionary as "HBoot.img" ???

    Everyone run the latest OTA or RUU and start latest Revolutionary have then HBOOT 1.17.1111 ????
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    Thread [Q] Pyramid 1.18.0000 *UNLOCKED*/Revolutionary as "HBoot.img" ???

    Hi all, could someone please upload an 1.18.0000 unlocked HBoot.img for the Sensation??? I and much others have the problem that after update 1.45.401.2 and run the Revolutionary.zip, the Revolution-applikation lose the conection to the phone and then the Sensation writes revolutionary HBOOT...
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    Post [YESS!!!]Revolutionary S-OFF&Recovery Tool (TMOUS 0008 Fixed)

    Number 6 ... Try it with HTC-Sync-Mode !!! Normaly that works !!!
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    Post [Q] Clockwork Recovery solve the problem... Sent from my Nexus One using XDA App
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    Post [Q] Clockwork Recovery

    Yes sir, I am in a Bootloop if i want to go in the recovery ( Now i am again on and all is fine.
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    Thread [Q] Clockwork Recovery

    Hi all, i would like to ask if anyone have experience with this Recovery!? I have try to install and it worked, but i dont have access on it. It boot and boot and boot..... Anyone have a solution??? thx