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  1. J

    Post smartphone screen suffering from artifacts in dark secnes (macroblocking)

    Yes, I think the screen is just allowing you to see more of the compression losses in the video.
  2. J

    Thread Touch screen problems? Maybe actually proximity sensor (which is terrible).

    One of the touch screen issues I sometimes experience is when swipes are "broken" and register as shorter swipes and taps. This makes me think maybe the accidental touch protection, which is supposed to be triggered by the proximity sensor, is being triggered when it shouldn't. We all have read...
  3. J

    Post AOD issue after update to Android 11

    Do you mean that the AOD doesn't change its position every time the minute changes anymore? I just watched mine for a while and it definitely moves, but not very much. The battery icon is also close to the FP sensor, and it also moves. They probably just wanted the changes to be less noticeable.
  4. J

    Post Android 11 update fixed the touchscreen issue (for my S20FE Exynos) & the phone feels faster as well

    I can now say the unresponsive/skipping issue is not fixed for me. It's hard for me to even say it happens less often. Seems to be able to not occur for days, and then it will happen anywhere from 1-3 times per day for 1-3 days and then I don't see it for a while again. I do not have the...
  5. J

    Post Android 11 update fixed the touchscreen issue (for my S20FE Exynos) & the phone feels faster as well

    I tried the touch screen test a couple of times after getting Android 11. None of the N-shaped patterns anymore. Too early to tell if the unresponsiveness or "skipping" problems are gone though.
  6. J

    Post Question for S20 FE owners using Prime Video and/or Plex

    Prime video also just goes to the edge of the cutout. Unless I go into Android settings and force full screen for Prime. Then it goes all the way to the bezel. Plex does not appear to do that. It appears there are multiple ways an app can go full screen because I have seen games that extend...
  7. J

    Post Fingerprint Scanner is disappointing slow

    I am coming from the LG G6 with the fingerprint sensor in the power button on the rear. I really prefer that setup because you can use it by feel, and it was really quick (could have my phone unlocked before having it out of my pocket, if I wanted). But I find the S20 FE just fine. A tad slower...
  8. J

    Post Proximity Sensor Issue

    I noticed the AOD stays on in my pocket as well. I thought maybe it was by design that way, even though it makes no sense. Have not had a single pocket wakeup though. It does seem that the proximity sensor (which is really the camera) doesn't work especially well though, from reports of people...
  9. J

    Post Anyone experiencing touch issues?

    I've been getting ghost touch issues (where things just go crazy, not just a random touch) about once a day since the second day. Sometimes I have to reboot to make it stop. It seems to most often (but not always) start happening if I am in a game and I swipe in from the edge to see the status...
  10. J

    Post Front camera hole-punch

    Yes, I don't understand why they put that chrome ring around the camera. I would think they want to make the cutout less noticeable, not more. But it turns out to be one of those things that is more annoying in principle than in reality. As Moxie3000 said, the ring itself is not too noticeable...
  11. J

    Post LG G6 fingerprint option gone

    Try squeezing the phone a bit in the area between the power button and cameras. I've heard multiple reports of this working. Seems to be a not-so-great physical connection to the sensor. The newer software may be more picky about it.
  12. J

    Post LG G6 Moisture Detection Fix!!

    So, yesterday I cleaned the usb port out with contact cleaner. This initially seemed to fix my problem: when I powered on my phone I did not get the moisture warning so I plugged in the charger and it fast charged, but only for about 15 minutes before giving me the warning again. It would toggle...
  13. J

    Post Disabling Moisture sensor?

    Turning this setting off did not make any difference for me and I've seen other reports of that as well. Someone said you can kill off "LG System Services" - yeah, that stops the notification, but for me still doesn't let the phone charge. The first time this happened a couple days ago I was...
  14. J

    Post LG G6 Moisture Detection Fix!!

    Interesting approach in light of what seems to be an increasingly common problem. Of course, it brings up some questions. Most importantly, we don't know for sure what is causing the warning to be activated. It is there for a purpose and if you really have some conductivity between pins that...
  15. J

    Post Call switching to loud speaker by itself

    This is probably not it but just an idea because a similar thing happened to me on my last phone. It turns out I had an app (AutomateIt) which is like tasker in that it does things in response to other things. In this case, I didn't realize it had a task setup that was supposed to automatically...
  16. J

    Post Problem with charging - moisture detected in the USB port.

    It is starting to sound to me like there is a quality control issue with the USB ports and this has nothing in a lot of cases to do with moisture. Yes, the warning is a good safeguard. We don't want to short our chargers. We don't want power going to pins that are not supposed to connect to...
  17. J

    Post Lg G6 thinQ

    Combined with your scrambled text in your earlier post, I'd say you have something quite messed up due to the update. A factory reset might help.
  18. J

    Post Rectangle in status bar

    Actually it means you have auto-rotate turned off.
  19. J

    Post [OREO] - No lockscreen weather animation ?

    I've never had this work right for me. For the longest time, nothing. A month or so ago it showed me rain every day for a couple weeks. Now it's back to nothing.
  20. J

    Post Call services, data/voice services blocked

    Reviving an older thread here.... I started getting these notifications a couple weeks ago on my AT&T H871, after about 10 months with the phone. They would sometimes pop up when I'm home where cell service is spotty. When I saw the notifications, I'd notice the "AT&T" label was not being shown...
  21. J

    Post LG G6 USB issue

    I had this happen just yesterday and my problem was a buildup of lint in the usb port which prevented the cable from being fully inserted. The connection was good enough to charge (sometimes slow charging only) but usb communications just didn't work. I used compressed air and the pointy end of...
  22. J

    Post random soft reboots

    I had this happen on stock. After much reading of logcat output I was able to determine some kind of system table was getting exhausted. Proceeding on the theory that some app must be misbehaving to cause this, I disabled or uninstalled as many apps as I reasonably could, concentrating on what I...
  23. J

    Post Google Voice not working

    Sounds like you didn't actually get it to work, you just worked around the problem :) I'm on AT&T and GV calling works fine for me. So I can't provide any direct data here and I don't have any need for a solution. But I would still prefer to see an explanation for why this wasn't working (and...
  24. J

    Post Is the G6 the end of "notchless" flagships?

    I don't mind the notch myself, probably because I don't use my phone for much full-screen stuff. I do prefer the small one of the Essential though. I am sure manufacturers are working hard on ways to maximize screen-to-body ratio (which is a real consumer desire even though not everyone cares...
  25. J

    Post LG G6 is now included in Android Enterprise program. Oreo update imminent.

    I'm a little bit skeptical about the reality of this. Right now it's good publicity for the phones without them having to actually do anything. The G6 is almost a year old and if it never gets beyond 8.0 or even if it gets dropped from the list after 6 months because of not complying with some...
  26. J

    Post [ODDS] Better Battery Life

    Lower resolution means less pixels to draw on the screen which means less work to be done which means less battery usage goes to displaying things.
  27. J

    Post Bluetooth earphone connectivity issue!

    You might be able to change the channel on your router and find one that doesn't interfere with bluetooth as much. If you google "bluetooth wifi interference" you should find some things to try.
  28. J

    Post Text Messaging Question

    What could very well be happening is that that sender is sending you RCS messages. Right now textra doesn't handle them but the stock messaging app does. To deal with this, go into the messaging app settings and turn off Advanced Messaging (not sure of the exact option name). This way your...
  29. J

    Post music player

    Google play music is not without its flaws but it will at least do this (as long as you can live with uploading only from the PC or by using workarounds like a cloud storage synced folder). I never noticed Amazon had disabled uploads for non-paying customers - there were things I liked better...
  30. J

    Post Horrible Input Lag / Touch Latency

    Uh, no. What you complained about was pretty serious: While it is true that some of us are more sensitive to this sort of issue, if it's really that bad, there would be nobody NOT noticing it. I am not terribly picky about some kinds of lag, but any kind of scrolling issues drive me crazy and...
  31. J

    Post EQ apps on lg g6

    The one called "Equalizer" by Smart Android Apps, LLC works for me. Sent from my [device_name] using XDA-Developers Legacy app
  32. J

    Post more camera flaws - color balance issues

    This is quite common. Digital cameras can either automatically or manually decide what is white. It can be hard to get this right in all situations - usually there are some assumptions made in auto mode, but "white" obviously varies based on lighting. In manual mode, you can additionally turn...
  33. J

    Post Ugly Green Call Screen

    I use the black theme. I didn't like the borders around the icons either. I read that is an option in the display settings but I don't have it on mine -- maybe it is dependent on the theme. At any rate I installed Nova so I can be rid of those icon borders. So if your main objection to the...
  34. J

    Post Oreo update starts rolling out today!

    Oh sheesh... so that particular comment was meant as a joke that went right over my head!
  35. J

    Post Oreo update starts rolling out today!

    In comments on articles about this, people have been reporting even the original Moto 360 is already getting this. I'm not sure the relationship between android version and android wear code but maybe it's pretty easy to merge the Oreo updates with the manufacturer's code now that they are on AW...
  36. J

    Post Screen Problem

    Is it temperature-related?
  37. J

    Post LG G6 Wide Angle camera with 2 versions and the one has poor image quality!

    Interesting, I am more inclined to believe that poor quality is from some other defect (dust or something else on the lens or inside of the glass, or who knows what), but it could be something that happens more often with one choice of assembly. If your phone is taking demonstrably worse...
  38. J

    Post Sent my phone to LG to be fixed and. . .

    It could - there is software involved in managing the charging process and that could have been screwed up. It seems unlikely to me that it could get screwed up without there being some hardware problem (corrupting the flash or problems reading/writing it properly) but hopefully they actually...
  39. J

    Post Holo Effect on Supershieldz tempered glass

    Did you reinstall the old one, or put on a new one? If you reinstalled the old one, the dust is going to stick to it and there's no way to really get it off. You need a brand new one. If you installed a new one, one of two things is going on. Either you are not cleaning the screen as well as...
  40. J

    Post How to clean safely usb port and speaker holes ?

    For the charging port I've used the pointy end of a small zip tie to get out whatever won't come out with canned air. I almost said "compressed air" there but we have to remember don't use an air compressor for stuff like this (I use mine to clean off the lawnmower though!).
  41. J

    Post Holo Effect on Supershieldz tempered glass

    Those are the same protectors I got and I only had some very mild amounts of this around the edges, most of which I was able to smooth out. There's just a tiny (1mm) spot that remained and it doesn't bother me. I followed the video instructions they reference rather than their printed ones and I...
  42. J

    Post LG Home+ Launcher

    I wanted to use the stock launcher just because it seemed to work well and stock launchers tend to provide better integration with the OEM's other software. But I gave up because I couldn't turn off the icon borders option (AT&T model - the option just doesn't seem to exist). While I get that it...
  43. J

    Post Max Amperage

    Well, kind of. The phone will not draw more current than it is able to handle. Using a power source that's capable of 2.1A will not hurt a device that can only draw 1A. The rating of your powerbank is merely the maximum current it can supply while maintaining its rated voltage.
  44. J

    Post Slow charge with original charger

    The scrolling lag sounds like there might be something making the phone work hard. Heavy usage would also make it charge more slowly than expected, because some of that power is going to operate the phone rather than into the battery. BUT I don't think it would prevent the "fast charging" text...
  45. J

    Post Anybody using the phone without a case ?

    I am currently caseless. Sometimes I put a case on my phone but after a while, when I take it out to clean out the dust, I remember how nice it was with no case and leave it out for a few months. I have a thin TPU one which is nice, and a real wood one which looks amazingly good even though it...
  46. J

    Post Experience with the device

    You said in a later post that the G6 just has nothing special to compete and I agree with that. But not that the processor has anything to do with it. The average consumer doesn't know or care about the processor in their phone, or most of the other specs that we obsess over. The average...
  47. J

    Post Moisture In USB Port Warning

    I would say various kinds of debris could get in the charging port and have enough conductivity to be detected as water. I always hated USB port covers, but at least they prevent this problem.
  48. J

    Post ChromeCast using up all my download limit

    What I ended up doing was making it a habit to remove the CC's power when not actively using it. I couldn't get it to actually stop sucking data when it wasn't in use. Sent from my SM-T810 using XDA-Developers Legacy app
  49. J

    Post Searching tempered Glass for Backside

    For your other phones did you have the equivalent front+back set? That looks pretty cool but while it is not clearly specified, I'm guessing only the front screen protector is glass. In their article on 'glass or film' : "If the counts for us full protection of your phone to choose...