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  1. ropinco

    Post [Canadian Guide] - Complete Source for the LG G4 H812. Linux VM/Root/Tools&Files

    If you're downgrading to lollipop on a Rogers G4 then you should use the H81210h image. Rogers devices should stick to Rogers images or you will lose VoLTE if not.
  2. ropinco

    Post [Canadian Guide] - Complete Source for the LG G4 H812. Linux VM/Root/Tools&Files

    Not that bad when having root and Xposed on Lollipop Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know my experience with a Rogers LG G4. I've been using this phone since 5 months now and I was (and I'm still, but a bit less) disappointed to know that the canadian version of the LG G4 has a locked...
  3. ropinco

    Post [New] MXIII-G REVIEW

    The easiest way to install xposed To install Xposed your don't need any custom recovery installed. Just follow the next steps and make sure you have root enabled. I tried this by myself and it's working fine. I'm using lollipop (5.1.1) 1. Download Xposed framework (xposed-v74-sdk22-arm.zip)...
  4. ropinco

    Post [Q] Soft-bricked LG G3 D852

    Try to re-flash it again with the LG Flashtool and be sure to follow all steps correctly. It should work. Don't disconnect the phone until the process is finished. If the process freezes at 85% it's ok, it means the phone is rebooting and wait until you see a blue screen with a "3" on it. Then...
  5. ropinco

    Post cloudyg3 or cyanidel rom?

    I tried the following roms for the LG G3: crDROID (AOSP Based Rom - Android 5.1.1) Cloudy3G 2.5 (Stock based Rom - Android 5.0.X) Fulmics 1.6 (Stock based Rom - Android 5.0.X) My opinion: crDroid : It was the smoothest rom I've tried until now but the I was disappointed by the battery life...
  6. ropinco

    Post Cube i7 Stylus

    Did you guys try the HDMI output feature? I tried it today for the first time and it didn't work. It just didn't detect my TV, I was wondering if it has something do with the BIOS I flashed and the clean install of windows 10 pro that I made. I read somewhere I had to enter in the BIOS while...
  7. ropinco

    Post Cube i7 Stylus

    I got mine from gearbest as well. I got the expedited shipping for free (I guess it was a promotion). The shipping was fast. The tablet is good. The only problem I had is that the windows installed in my tablet was not activated. So I asked for a license key or a partial refund and it has been 2...