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    Post [APP][Android 4.4+][iOS 8.0+] XVacuum Firmware (Xiaomi Vacuum - Roborock v1/v2/v3)

    Hi, thanks for the great app. I have purchased a Roborock S6 in Taiwan. I'm aware that this is 3rd generation, so only Xiaomi signed packages may be flashed. My question is about voice packs - in both the Mi home and Roborock apps, I'm only able to download Chinese language voice packs (except...
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    Post [ICS][App][Modded] ICS Browser - fixed rotation issues

    This doesn't do anything. It doesn't work in Domination because it is an odexed rom and this app is deodexed. I odexed the app myself and bundled it into a flashable zip. I haven't tested the zip but I know the procedure works, let me know how it turns out. Remember to clear dalvik cache after...
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    Post [ROM][CM9][ICS 4.0.4][JUN27] Nova HD Rebuild v1.1.0 | LG UI 3.0 | Highly Customizable

    I'm pretty sure you didn't get arcee's permission to do this; not only have you published pretty much his work under your name, but you've also bundled gapps which is illegal - It's kept separate for a reason.
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    Post Camera mod on Optimus 2X, is it possible?

    The O2x's camera module is clearly different though, as you've pointed out. -.-'
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    Post [KERNEL][CM9] ironkrnL - vork's bastard stepson

    ironkrnL32-20111202h23v1 working smooth as a whistle, been going for a whole day no crashes no BSODs with some undervolting as well :)
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    Post [RECOVERY] CWM-based Recovery for Internal & External SD Cards

    In the internal version, change "choose zip from internal sdcard" label to "choose zip from external sdcard"
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    Post [Q]Extract boot.img on Windows

    It's not a yaffs filesystem.
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    Post [Q] Be Honest. :D

    If you don't use A2DP or FM radio then go for it. And if you don't know what they are you don't use them.
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    Post [Q] why a2dp and radio on modaco and not cm?

    Modaco's is based off LG's release, rather than publically available sources.
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    This commit effectively obseletes the ext4 flag, correct?
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    Post [SOLVED] Updater-script How to flash userdata in "data/data" with cwm???

    mount("MTD", "userdata", "/data"); package_extract_dir("data", "/data"); set_perm_recursive(1000, 1000, 0771, 0644, "/data/app"); unmount("/data");
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    Post Data-safe Disaster Recovery via NVFlash

    You can flash entire partitions with the nvflash download command.. There's even a guide to flash clockwork recovery using it on the G2x forums.. I assume you'd just change the 5 to a 7 to compensate for the different partition layouts but don't quote me on it. Sent from my Optimus 2X using...
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    Does this commit effectively obsolete the internal flag? Also, the 725 baseband is out and a ril is available.
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    Google translate really butchered that eh... Well the flags are simply awk scripts and shell scripts etc. You can easily figure it out from updater-script.
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    Post Working GTalk with Video

    Talk isn't on the market; the app I was referring too is a Talk 1.3 installer. I'm pretty sure it grabs the same modded apk.
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    Post Working GTalk with Video

    I'm using it fine, I think you're getting it confused with the Skype with video support which uses NEON instructions.
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    Post Italian v10d update with Baseband 0725 is coming soon.

    Correct me if I'm wrong... But 2.6.35 will finally have CPU governor support.
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    What region are you in? Maybe it's something hardware specific; not every batch had identical components. But if stock CM kernel works but vork doesn't, I can only assume perhaps some compatibility for certain components were dropped?
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    Are you unable to read? He said release. MIUIUIUIUIUIUIUI is a piece of **** anyway.
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    Post Working GTalk with Video

    There's also a market installer if you'd rather not flash a zip; it has a couple of features like version selection: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.brainwashstudio.talkinstaller
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod-7 for Optimus 2X - NIGHLTIES [05/01/2011]

    How quick was the LED blinking before anyway? For me it was like once every 5 seconds, which I don't think constitutes "Fast pulse"... :/
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    Post [DEV] Voodoo Sound for Optimus 2x and G2x

    Ah yes, I see, my bad.
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    Post [DEV] Voodoo Sound for Optimus 2x and G2x

    supercurio, I use an app called irssi connectbot for a ssh client into my irc shell.. It's open source, but I wanted to highlight it because it manages to intercept volume button keypresses to change the resolution of the terminal. Source is here: http://code.google.com/p/irssi-connectbot/ Maybe...
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    Skinny != Slim. I'm talking like, scrawny like.
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    Post [DEV] Voodoo Sound for Optimus 2x and G2x

    Hiss/noise ratio of digital and analogue volume levels.
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    Here's the best analogy I can provide: Fat guys get tired easily, skinny guys get tired easily, somewhere in between is where you get athletes/bodybuilders/etc. Think of weight as voltage. Makes sense?
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod-7 for Optimus 2X - NIGHLTIES [05/01/2011]

    Flash video has been working for a long time now. Any way to change LED notification blink rate? Somehow once every five seconds doesn't seem enough... Sent from my Optimus 2X using XDA Premium App
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    Post [DEV] Voodoo Sound for Optimus 2x and G2x

    Great quality on this supercurio, top notch. Just a couple of bugs to report. When you use the map vol keys hack, and press vol down, the indicator shows the digital volume going down by one, and vol up increases it to max again. Seems limited to only the penultimate digital volume notch...
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    Post Newbie Here :-) MIUI Question!

    MIUIUIUIUIUI is *dogshite* awful, but the installation process still remains the same. Flash zip. You do not need an external SD, you just need to read a bit more on recovery mounts. Personally, CYANOGENMOD ALL THE WAY.
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    Post [MOD] Mount SD card as a folder of internal memory for CM7

    It works fine; you're doing it wrong.
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    Post vorkKernel-OC/UV Kernel for CM[20111105]

    Although you say ext4 isn't supported, is there any good reason it doesn't convert /cache? I mean, I can do it manually, but that's a pain.
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    Post [ROM] Unofficial P990 CM7 Kang Thread

    The reason there isn't a switch is because in the US, it's illegal to have a shutter-sound-less camera.
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod-7 for Optimus 2X - NIGHLTIES [05/01/2011]

    Depends on where it's broken; I'd assume USB drivers, so you can't simply just add a toggle.
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod-7 for Optimus 2X - NIGHLTIES [05/01/2011]

    Great work on the O2x guys, real impressive. Rusty: Is there a freenode channel you guys frequent?
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    Post Skype 2.0 for Froyo

    It's not gonna work for this phone because the Tegra chipset can't handle NEON instructions.
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    Post [APP] [Live Wallpaper] Motion Timer Live Wallpaper

    Hey, just installed this, it's great! But how's battery life? :)
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    Post Return to manufacturer

    Been 10 days now, and I've just been able to find out that it's "Awaiting parts"... For now it just seems like I'm being dicked around. Less than pleased -.-
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    Post What ever happened to the Unreal 3 demo??

    Stop asking in every single thread; buy it or don't, we don't care
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    Post Phone shuts off!! Automatically!!

    Stop making useless posts, use the search button
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    Post Return to manufacturer

    It's been just over a week now, and they told me I'd receive it yesterday... I've been calling LG Support nearly every day.
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    Post Return to manufacturer

    Well at least they were generous enough to send me a pre-paid Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery package.
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    Thread Return to manufacturer

    Hey all, I've been experiencing the dreaded LG freezes and reboots. Coming from CM, I used NVFlash to go back to stock, stock recovery, stock rom, etc. I've got it all packed up to send to LG tomorrow for a warranty repair, I'll keep you posted and tell you how it goes, because I know a lot of...
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    Post LG Update CM

    Not necessarily, the update may be baseband also, which controls the radio and low level stuff, which is independent from CM
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    Post [ROM][NIGHTLY][GWK74/2.3.7] CyanogenMod 7 Nightly Builds

    Try taking the battery out when the device is already powered on, but plugged in via power plug.
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    Post [Recovery] ClockworkMod v4.0.1.4 (with offmode charging/advanced backup)

    Yeah, it's not like signatures are checked or anything.
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    Post [Guide]Access to /system, wireless dual mount, wireless root shell

    Why do this over wireless ADB? AFAIK adb push is faster than ftp, scp, and sftp.
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    Post [Q] miui ROM for Wildfire?

    It's not possible because it needs ARMv7 and it's closed source too, on top of all the LCD density stuff as well. It's crap anyway.
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod-7 for HTC Wildfire (Buzz) :: V7.0.2 (25/04/2011)

    It's a bug that nobody cares about/can be bothered to fix.
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod-7 for HTC Wildfire (Buzz) :: V7.0.2 (25/04/2011)

    There should be a tickbox underneath saying something like "Set as default". The alternative is to forcefully delete /system/app/ADWLauncher.apk from recovery.