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  1. gbajzelj

    Post [OFFICIAL][ROM][ParanoidAndroid 5.0]

    I mistakenly have installed it while I tought I'm getting the 3.99 rc2 rom from this post. I installed the rom from the link at the begining of this thread and when I wanted to install gapps 4.3 recovery said not a compatible version of apps. I tried the 4.4 apps (link also provided in this...
  2. gbajzelj

    Post [ROM][21 Jul][AOSPA:Android 4.2.2] PARANOIDANDROID 3.68 [UNOFFICIAL]

    OK This now officialy is the slowest download speed of them all. I'm still downloading and am at abou 20%. I hope I can try thisd ROM out tomorow.
  3. gbajzelj

    Post [ROM][21 Jul][AOSPA:Android 4.2.2] PARANOIDANDROID 3.68 [UNOFFICIAL]

    I'm downloading with 100KB/s but it still willt ake 1h or even more to download this. But looks to be a great ROM. I wanna try it out.
  4. gbajzelj

    Post [ROM][GT-I9100][JB][4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 official nightlies // discussion thread

    the one from 28.2.2013 doesn't boot for me. no data wiping, no delvik chache... nothing helps. went back to 24.2.2013 this one works fine.
  5. gbajzelj

    Post How to use a usb keyboard

    Need USB port waking up app or shortcut. Hi guys. I have a N7 and I bought http://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Leather-Stand-Case-w-USB-Keyboard-Stylus-for-Google-Nexus-7-7-Tablet-/310518035300?pt=US_Tablet_eReader_Cases_Covers_Keyboard_Folios&hash=item484c513364 . The keyboard is nice since it's...
  6. gbajzelj

    Post Samsung galaxy s2 possible to add windows mobile?

    Wm 6.x.x is dead but would be nico to be able run several OSes. Just for the fun of it.
  7. gbajzelj

    Post [May 25, 2013][ROM][4.0.4][720p] NexusHD2-ICS-CM9-HWA V3.0b [NativeSD]

    PS.: The turn off, restart take screenshot... menu causes the touch to stop working for a random time I guess. Only keys were working but not the touchscreen. I only can tur off the phone by taking the batery out of the device. Couldnt eddit my post so i just made a new one.
  8. gbajzelj

    Post [May 25, 2013][ROM][4.0.4][720p] NexusHD2-ICS-CM9-HWA V3.0b [NativeSD]

    I have this rom now for abouth 5 hours. What bugs I have noticed: -Sometimes lockscreen pull to unlock button doesnt move. I dont know if that is an touch issue or the buttons itself issue... -camera stopped working a couple of times but i wasn't using it much so I think its quite unstable (I...
  9. gbajzelj

    Post [26 Dec 2011] (Ice Cream sandwich 4.0.2) [ICS MOD CM9 NOVA] BETA 6

    ics freezing before the setuo is finished I exected task 29, the i set the 200/5 partition (i can't set 200/10 in HD2 toolkit if there is a way please help me out). And phone freezes before i set up the phone and accounts... there something i did wrong?
  10. gbajzelj

    Post Ok, but why?

    WHY!? Cause you can. why do some people have like 10 hauses, 50 cars, 5 boats... 2 planes:). cause they can. thats why android, wm6.1, wm 6.5.x, mwp7,7.5, ubuntu... cause we can:)
  11. gbajzelj

    Post [12 DEC 2014][MAGLDR/cLK]TyphooN CyanogenMod v3.9.0[2.3.7][A2SD+][tytung r14]

    Just a Q. Why isn't there google maps included in this ROM. I got it from APKTOP because in my country you can't download it from market. but thisone doesn't get updates from marker since it wasn't downloaded from there.
  12. gbajzelj

    Post [Nov. 10, 2012][ROM][GB][2.3.7][720p] NexusHD2-Gingerbread V3.3a [tytung_gb_r16]

    had some problems with v2.9 so i went back to 2.3.4 v2.8. in 2.9 gallery mulltitouch zoom didnt work. is this fixed in 3.0? Sent from my Nexus One (Not realy :-) ) using XDA App
  13. gbajzelj

    Post [Nov. 10, 2012][ROM][GB][2.3.7][720p] NexusHD2-Gingerbread V3.3a [tytung_gb_r16]

    This ROM is great. I'm using it for 10 days now. its fast stable. i had error with the dialer once and when playing a 3d game and then get out of the game the 3d phone menu is flickering until I stop the game in the system panel lite (task killer). but otherwise the ROM is perfectly good for day...
  14. gbajzelj

    Post The hd2 the best phone HTC has ever given birth to :)

    Some girl I know has a galaxy s and when I bought HD2 a week ago and installed nand NexusHD2 and some apps and widgets on it se was like WOOOW!!! and IT'S SO BIG... and WHAT GREAT APPS... (yes shes one of those girls that somebody gets them a realy good phone and they dont know how to use it...
  15. gbajzelj

    Post how to update se xperia x2??

    try to make a hardreset of the phone then try to update again.
  16. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] What to get after HD2...

    For me there realy isnt any phone that beats HD2 (still). Im a WM6.1 ,WM6.5.x fanboy. the only hing that I miss at HD2 is harwware keyboard. but other then that it still is the perfect phone in my opinion. I never oliked phones that you get bored of quickly. HD2 has alot of development going on...
  17. gbajzelj

    Post Rom3.14 sucks!

    youcan also download any official rom from HTC site. just install older official ROM and youll downgrade it.
  18. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Hard SPL reward?

    I dont see it as loosing faith but as looking at it realisticly. Its SEs fault. If they would put snapdragon in it (and made a good upgrade to the X1) the phone would be much more popular and then there would be a chance of being interesting enough for developers to hack it. It would also be...
  19. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] [HSPL/HSPL2] HowTo flash X2 for up rom tuoch3d ?

    You cant flash X2. You should have gone for HD2 if the flashing is on your mind.
  20. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Hard SPL reward?

    then youll have to sell.
  21. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] fast x2

    X2 is a nice looking phone but its a strange one. I ceep it fast only bay hardreseting it every 2 weeks or maybe a mounth. plus I have clean WN6.5.3 with no pan els, no slideview and thats SE buggy stiff installed on the phone. This was the phnoe runs smoothere. and I have more space on the...
  22. gbajzelj

    Post HOW to change skin virtual keyboards

    Wow thanks man didnt even knew that was possible.
  23. gbajzelj

    Post [Dec 1][SD][BETA] desire hd2 [hastarin 8.5.1]

    hey. great ROM. ty.
  24. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Hard SPL reward?

    Dont think HSPL for X2 is happenig:(
  25. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.5

    no it cant be a panel. panels are unstable and take space. if you want to use spb shell you better make hardreset and use clean wm6.5.3 with no panels and slidewied. they boath suck. when you have clean wm6.5.3 ypu simpley instal spbshell 3.5.3 and its fine. i have noticed the batery life isnt...
  26. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.5

    i used spb 3.5.5. the performace of X2 with spb 3.5.5 wasnt the best. i mucjh like the 3.5.3 version.
  27. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] About flash player mobile 1.5

    installed it. tried in EI youtube oppened WMP as it did before I installed this file. then i tried it in opera 10 and it played ayoutube video wich before i instaled this wasnt possible. but the video ran very sloooow (might be the slow processor or to high quality of video). tried another vide...
  28. gbajzelj

    Post Phone with pontential

    yeah well if it was made by htc as X1 was we would already have alot of cosom ROMs but since it is not i dont have much fate in that.
  29. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] video call app

    Even if you find such app. it probbably wouldnt work on X2.
  30. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] angry bird for windows mobile

    You cant find it?:O Strange. Did you even search the web if a WM version of angry birds even exists? I think it doesnt. and dont ask for an android emulator to run android version of the game. Face it. X2 the lames phone there is.
  31. gbajzelj

    Post nueOverClockTest + Msm7kCpuSpeed = 1056 MHz !!!

    tried it. the prorams both said 1056MHz. but dont see any noticeble diference. the spin wheel in spbshell 3.5.3 still doesnt run totaly smooth.
  32. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Antivirus or not=?

    X2 is deffinetly not worth to spend 60€ on an antyvirus software for it. you would do better to sell X2 and combinethe money you get for it and the 60€ and get yourself a good phone.
  33. gbajzelj

    Post HD video recording for X2

    X2 cant even handle [email protected] thers now way of smooth HD.
  34. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Do xperia x2 is a good phone?

    well X1 is more fun then X2 for shure. 6.5.3 is more finger friendly but the touch respond is not good with fingers (if X2 had capacitve display this would be a totaly diferent song). plus 6.1 that is on x1 is more functional. more stuff works as it should. alot of programers did not rewrite...
  35. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Do xperia x2 is a good phone?

    shure X2 can be made farely OK (but not GOOD) phone with a little work and help from our friends from XDA. but just to reming you. this device when came out costed around 500€ ($600). at lunch (in january 2010) it had old CPU (qualcom msms 7200 came out in 2007, alot devices from 2008 had it)...
  36. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Hard SPL reward?

    mah! they dont even have english vesrion of the page. I dont usualy mock others but they got to be kidding. even if we knew the bootloader better we probably coud not read it:D is that indian language on the mobinnova.com?
  37. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] where can i get great games and app?

    search torrent sites. piracy will not be suported on this forum.
  38. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Hard SPL reward?

    we might wait a month or we might wait forever. anyone who bought X2 after MR2 update and knew that it is not highy popular phone, knew that is has stability problems... and if that one bought it with flashing ROMs in mind. he has wasted his money. its a bumb buy. it would be great to have...
  39. gbajzelj

    Post [Q]Help me with SEUS

    what windows do you use. is your pc strong enough to run SEUS, minimum specs are listed on the SE site? is your phone battery above 50%. test the usb cable if it works by transfering some data...
  40. gbajzelj

    Post camera software for x2

    Not yet. maybe there will eventualy be when/if we can flash x2 with some other phones rom. but there still is no flashing tool for X2. will be a miracle if there will be one.
  41. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Do xperia x2 is a good phone?

    well, it depends on what do you expect from a phone. but mainly, no it isnt a good phone. if your looking for a good phone buy HD2 (the second hand HD2 is around 80€ more then a second hand X2 but its worth every cent). its a year old model with still good hardware. you can instal on it...
  42. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Garmin Mobile XT on Xperia X2

    try some torrent search sites like isohunt or piratesbay. he cant just give you the link on this forum. its piracy. YEEEEY!!! 100th post!!!!!!! ta ta ta da ta ta da da...:D!!!!!!
  43. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] X2 with X10 mini pro ROM - it is real?

    no. not possible. read a little before asking dumb Qs its like asking if a donkey can ride a monocycle:)
  44. gbajzelj

    Post new games @ playnow

    im shure these games cant be played on x2 at least not with MR2
  45. gbajzelj

    Post Facebook Panel for X2

    As far as i know there is no FB panel for MR2. And even if it is the panels, the panel manager and the slideview are so buggy i dont even have them on the phone. if you want quick and farely stable X2 use the clean WM6.5.3 that comes with MR2 but instal only the esential cab files. heres the...
  46. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] WP7 Apps on X2?

    Hello. Its not possible. WM6.5.x and WP7 have nothing in common. they are totaly different OSs even the main core of the OS is not the same anymore. like a PC with windows 7 and another one with MacOS. cant run a WP7 apps on WM65x and also there will not be an emulator to have the wp7 apps...
  47. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Hard SPL reward?

    yeah. would realy be nice to be able to have android on x2. wouldnt even mind if its not froyo or gingerbread. even the donut would be nice if its fully functional. but on the other hand would love to have wm6.1 to use it with spb shell. also would love to be able to use spb pocket plus today...
  48. gbajzelj

    Post Camera X2 now says that the memory card is full

    did you install the sdfix.cab? check if you can see memmory card in file explorer. try a hardreset the device if you dont fing a solution. i do a hard reset every week or 2 and the device is always great no problems. afcorse font instal the panel manager and that stupid panels. and slideviev...
  49. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Hard SPL reward?

    cant realy imagine someone would build fashing tool for X2 from scratch. its way easier to take an existent tool and remake it for another phone. But if we find a developer who does it he is the man. hopping for the best.
  50. gbajzelj

    Post [Q] Hard SPL reward?

    dont realy believe x2 can have hardspl. Its not made on htc basics as X1 was. And if im not mestaken only htc devices or devices build on htc fundation can have hspl. cerrect me if im wrong. Had x1 and HD2 both great. both flushed with hspl. but x2 is totaly diferent. im sing on my x2 only the...